One of my favorite parts of the Live Your Fitness Retreat was the ability to share a few of my favorite easy and healthy eats.

Whether it’s gluten-free, vegan, paleo or “regular” cooking, my goal has always been to show that cooking healthy doesn’t mean spending hours in the kitchen OR sacrificing flavor. In fact, when you learn how to experiment with different types of diets, you open yourself up to a new culinary world!

I’m no longer vegan, but I still love vegan cooking and often incorporate many of the methods into our daily meals.

Most often, it’s my vegan cheese.

For the retreat, I needed to stick to a dairy free and gluten-free diet for many of the ladies. And I immediately knew I wanted to make my vegan goat cheese.


Above is a blueberry goat cheese topped with a seared scallop.

Can I just say, I was even blown away with these. So freaking amazing. They disapperaed in 60 seconds. No joke.

And for the rest of the weekend, all I heard was, “how do you make that vegan cheese, again?”

So here it is. Except this time instead of blueberries, I’m sharing an herb coated goat cheese.

Oh, and my favorite… sweet vegan cream cheese!

how to make vegan cheese

Because why stop at just one simple recipe when you can play around and make 2!

First things first…

Vegan Goat Cheese

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