Last week Charleston, and most of South Carolina, was hit hard. We experienced flooding to epic levels.

For days we listened to rain pound our house and prayed that our homes, friends and neighbors would be safe. Streets cracked, bridges fell and homes were destroyed.

Shocked doesn’t begin to cover it.

We were lucky, but many friends weren’t.

After days of being stuck inside, those of us that could leave our neighborhoods were itching to move. It was as if our city was crawling out of a cave and into the sunshine.

A blessing.

That first night back at the gym, I made it a point to dedicate my workout to friends that were still stuck. Whether because streets were closed or because their house was still lake front property.

And you know what? My workout was the best it had been in weeks.

I had passion and a reason to sweat beyond working my muscles.


Sometimes exercise can feel mundane. It still feels great but we fall into a rut of why we do it.

Having a reason, or dedicating it, lights the fire and helps give just a little more.

So while I share the workout below, I encourage you to find a reason or dedication to get your sweat on today.

Dedicated: A Total Body Dumbbell Workout #workout #totalbody

Cool, right?

It goes by fast. And before you know it the buzzer sounds.

In the 25 minutes, I made it through 3.5 rounds. My final round, I stopped at the end of dips.

Let’s cover the moves.
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