Happy Monday!

Right now there is a good chance that Dan and I are flying high in the sky. We’re off to Philly to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and sister-in-law.

Thanksgiving Philly

We’re thrilled to spend the week with family but also to take a step back from work. We’ve been extremely stressed and busy these past few months. We will be using the week to refuel, reprioritize and refocus.

I might pop in to share a workout or two this week but I can not make any promises. One main goal is to reevaluate the blog and the goals I have with it. I love blogging but doing it 5 days a week is both stressful and rushed.

Several people have asked how I have maintained a 5-day blog schedule along with running a gym, staff and prepping a new studio, doing social media, along with living life. It’s hard, and areas are definitely suffering. I want to make sure my content is not just good, but amazing for you.

Which means I will likely cut back to 3 post (but epic posts) per week. My goal for the week is to organize my thoughts, so wish me luck!

We Built A Gym

Speaking of prepping the new gym, Dan and I worked all weekend finishing it up.

This was the day we were handed the keys:

new gym

Before I share a few pictures of our This Time Fitness Studio, let me clarify something…
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Lighten Up With This Fabulous Friday Fitness Survey

November 20, 2015

It’s been one heck of a busy week. Between the studio, the blog and getting the new studio complete, I’ve been a mess. We’ve held classes already at the new place, but our floors had not come in yet. Our members are awesome and incredibly patient. The floors are here and Dan and I have […]

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Total Body Kettlebell Workout: SHEESH!

November 19, 2015
Total Body Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells have a magical ability to humble you. Just when you think that you’re “in shape” the kettlebell can throw you on your butt and show you just how much you need to do. It also has the magical ability of turning an “easy on paper” workout into a “it didn’t look this hard” experience. […]

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Gluten-Free Acorn Squash Cranberry Cashew Breakfast Muffins

November 18, 2015
Gluten Free Acorn Squash Recipe

Before we jump into these muffins, let’s cover a few bases… Acorn squash is new to me. For years I’ve seen it sitting with the other squashes, looking intimidating and telling me to back off. It’s tough shell and unique shape sent chills down my back when thinking about cutting it open. I envisioned a trip […]

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Why I’m The Ronda Rousey Of Fitness & How You Can Be Too

November 17, 2015
Why I'm Like Ronda Rousey

“There are many elite fighters who don’t fight to lay it all on the line. They fight for points… I cannot stand point fighters. Points fighting is cowardly. Point fighting is fighting without honor… Point fighters are there to just compete, even if that means running and hiding the entire match. You should give 100% […]

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6 Week Deadlift Program For Women Wanting To Get Stronger

November 16, 2015
6 week deadlift plan

Of course men can do this too! But considering I think Dan and my brother are the only guys that read my blog, I’m going to say it’s for women. (If you’re a guy, speak up and say hey!). Back in 2006 when I started weight lifting, I remember being so intimidated by deadlifts. With […]

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Top 10 Exercises For A Tighter, Toner Tush

November 13, 2015
Best butt exercises

The week is coming to an end. And finally, I have a weekend where I can focus on accomplishing a ton around my house, my life and my work. It’s just what I need! What’s on your agenda? One thing that will be on my to-do list is deadlift day. Since getting the okay from […]

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Kettlebell Finisher: The Reversal Rep Challenge

November 12, 2015
Kettlebell Reversal Workout

Y’all… I have a HUGE announcement. I’m back to making videos! It feels so good to be back. I have a TON of workouts designed that I can not wait to share with you all. But I’m only one woman and my fitness is still recovering, so let’s take it week by week. Deal? Sweet! […]

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Fast & Simple Homemade Pumpkin Apple Ravioli

November 11, 2015
Pumpkin Apple Ravioli

This weekend I showed the ladies at the retreat how to make the easiest ravioli. Using won ton wrappers. As wonderful as it sounds to make homemade pasta, who has time for that? Especially during the week. I don’t, which is why I use these guys. The fall decorations are already being replaced by Christmas […]

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Hiking The Art Loeb Trail: Live Your Fitness Retreat Recap

November 10, 2015
girls retreat 2015

How many fitness minded women does it take to change a flat tire? Give it some thought, and I’ll give the answer at the bottom. This past weekend was close to perfect. My studio in Charleston, This Time Fitness, hosted it’s 2nd women’s Live your Fitness Retreat. What’s that? 10 women come hang out with […]

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Be Patient While I Live My Fitness

November 9, 2015
live your fitness retreat

Hello Friend! I wanted to quickly check in on this lovely Monday. I actually don’t have a structured post for you today. I was away all weekend hosting a Live Your Fitness Retreat for 10 amazing women (with the beautiful Ashton assisting). We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to recap all of […]

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