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lisa-cronin“Kindal is smart, funny and thoughtful, Lifting Revolution is like the New Yorker of healthy living blogs.  If you don’t want formulaic fitness, give Kindal a read.  She’s topical without being trendy and motivational without moralizing.  Awesome blog! Over the year that I’ve read Lifting Revolution, Kindal and I have become real life acquaintances. I appreciate how open and real she is.”

— Julia R | Real Blog Reader

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The Time I Did “Murph” On Memorial Day & Ab Update

I’m not big on many of the Crossfit benchmark workouts. The thought of doing 500000 reps of a single exercise makes me cringe. Plus, I’m hard headed and like to say “I don’t do Crossfit”. But the truth is… There are times when I pull from their repertoire. Aaaand if we’re being completely honest (which […]

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The “Yes” Stance That Can Instantly Increase Confidence

Does your confidence ever get in the way of living life? I mean, even in small ways? Maybe ways you don’t even realize (or try to ignore). Think of all the things you would do or say if you had more confidence. For me, I know it does. I let my confidence keep me from… Fully […]

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Some Badass Workouts From The Week

I get asked a ton… “How do you design so many workouts each week?” The truth is, I love program design. I really do. I love picturing people doing my workouts and trying to determine how long they will take most ladies to complete. I also play the “guess the hardness factor”. You know, where […]

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