I tried to hunt down the exact tweet I sent out into cyberspace, but alas I could not.

You see, a few months ago I tried the Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar and was repulsed. To me it tasted like dirty feet.


No, I haven’t actually tasted dirty feet but I have smelt my fair share so I feel that justified the comparison.

Everyone in the blog world had been raving about Quest Bars, heck, there were even Youtube shows created to demonstrate what you could do with them!

I felt bad because other than the White Chocolate Raspberry flavor, I was put off.


My dirty feet experience had me questioning what was wrong with all of my friends who went on and on about these as if they were magical protein bars.

After my tweet, Quest Nutrition was kind enough to send me a big old variety pack to try out. These bars aren’t cheap, so I wasn’t really up to spending my money on old gym socks. But since they were going to send me flavors to try, the least I could do was give them a second chance.

So I did.

A few weeks ago this big box arrived:


Along with a few other surprises! Who knew they made pasta? I didn’t.


Only 20 calories per serving, gluten-free and actually really tasty! A bit rubbery but holds on to the flavor of sauce really well!

Do All Quest Bars Taste Like Dirty Feet?

Are you ready for this?

Dear Quest Nutrition…

I am sorry that I compared your bars to dirty, sweaty feet. Well, some what sorry. I still think that the dark chocolate bar taste not so great however I am all about most your other flavors.

As you already know, I have always loved the White Chocolate Raspberry but now I can safely add some variety to my snack time.

The flavors I was blown away by? 


—> Banana Nut Muffin: I am not a fan of artificially flavored banana stuff, so I was shocked that this was so delicious!

—> Apple Pie: Reminded me of apple cinnamon Pop Tarts. Like the banana, I wasn’t sure I would like this. I love apples but not so much apple flavored foods. This was a great early morning pre-run snack!

—> Cookies In Cream: This one reminds me a lot of my beloved White Chocolate Raspberry because of the big old chunks of amazing goodness. There are “Oreo-like” chunks inside the bar and its awesome. I cut this bar into pieces and put the junks inside a protein smoothie bowl.

—> Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: I love cookies and I love cookie dough, but I wasn’t sure I would like this one since I thought it would resemble the dark chocolate. Not at all. It was really like eating raw cookie dough!

—> Coconut Cashew: To be honest, I didn’t get to eat this one. Dan devoured them but he said he loved it. Coconut is one of our favorite flavors and we fought over this bar. He won when he reminded me of all the flavors I get to try and he just wanted this one. Okay, way to guilt someone.

The flavors I wasn’t crazy about?


—> Vanilla Almond Crunch: Just bland.

—> Peanut Butter Supreme: I love peanut butter but this bar was a little dry and a little too “protein bar-like” for me in constancy and flavor.

—> Double Chocolate Chunk: See above. But Dan liked this one! So maybe I just have weird taste buds?

—> Have you tried Quest Bars? Which is your favorite? 

—> If not, do you eat protein bars? Which ones? 

Workout Recap

Ya’ll seemed to like my recap last week of my workouts, so I’ll keep it going!

Plus, it helps to keep me accountable and to look back over the week at my progress!

Sunday: Nothing. After watching my niece for the weekend, I worked all on Sunday and watched the Masters with Dan.

Monday: 4 mile run + Kettlebell Workout

Tuesday: MissZippy’s Track Workout with Tiny Terror & Katie

Wednesday: Kettlebell Workout + Easter Boot Camp <— this was so much fun!

Thursday: Filmed FWW Workouts (Body weight/finishers/kettlebell workouts)

Friday (Today): Boot Camp

Tell me about your BEST workout this week! 


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