10 Crazy Confessions From An Imperfect Personal Trainer

It’s the first full week of August, which means it is time for me to confess my health/fitness sins and come clean.

I’m not perfect, I don’t try to come off as being perfect, and quit frankly, I am comfortable with my imperfections as a woman/trainer/fitness freak.

But I also love being 100% open and sharing with you my little secrets… which I guess aren’t secrets any longer.


SO without any further ado, here are…

10 Crazy Confessions From An Imperfect Personal Trainer

1. Shakes In The Morning, Shake In The Evenings, Shakes At Supper Time


If I wasn’t married, I would be completely satisfied living off protein shakes for every. Single. Meal.

I always throw in either spinach or a green supplement, so it’s not like I wouldn’t be getting real nutrition. While I am all about whole foods to get a whole lotta of nutrition, a shake is just so easy, fast, filling and delicious.

I’m pretty sure Dan wouldn’t go for shakes for dinner, which is probably a good thing. And I always stress to clients that supplementing a shake for a meal here and there is fine, but really aim for REAL food!

Hypocrite? No, because as much as I want to live off creamy, shakes… I don’t.

2. I own a pair of Reebok Crossfit Leggings.

Why do I need to confess this?

Because, sometimes my business kinda competes with Crossfit.

I sorta feel like I’m having an affair… on myself. But I love my new leggings, they are so soft and comfortable! I saw the at the outlets this past weekend and just had to have them. I was surprised when they were cheeper on the website than at the outlet.

I have nothing against Crossfit if it works for you, but I feel like I have to hide the logo when I’m teaching. Lol.

3. I have a hard time following someone else’s workout.

I’ve mentioned that my friend Amanda designed my half marathon running plan for me for my October race.

Well, I’ve actually been following it. Trust me, this is huge. It takes everything in me to do each workout prescribed. For example, yesterday she had me doing 5 minute intervals at goal pace… easy enough right? I really, really wanted to scratch that and do speed intervals instead at the track.

But I didn’t. And I felt great about it. I just keep reminding myself that Amanda knows what she’s doing and I am trusting the system.

Do you have a hard time following someone else’s workouts?

4. Pistol squats are possibly a thing of the past.

I love the challenge of pistol squats and I’ve mentioned many times that I feel like a fitness bada$$ for my ability to do them.

Well, I can’t do them right now, and perhaps ever again.

For the past few months my knee has been giving me trouble. I think there might be a meniscus tear. It doesn’t bother me when I run but doing certain exercises makes my knee scream.

Pistol squats is one of them.

So what does that mean? It means, I won’t do them. There is no point, so many other great moves!

5. I don’t care if your wrists hurt.


Okay, maybe I should restate that… I don’t care that much if you complain that your wrists hurt.

I have a lot of clients that complain of wrist pain during moves like push-ups and mountain climbers. They give me a sad face while shaking their wrists out…

My response? “Shake it out and keep going.”

Weak wrists don’t get stronger by avoiding floor moves. Suck it up Buttercup and on off days do some wrist strengthening and mobility moves.

For help check this out —> How To Strengthen Your Wrists

6. I eat rice… and encourage others too!


For years I was one of those “anti-carb” eaters. I avoided bread, pasta, rice, and white potatoes.

But within the past 6-months, I’ve learned more about nutrition and have realized that the nutritional profile of foods like rice and potatoes outweigh my carb fear.

While potatoes aren’t a regular in our home (we just don’t love them), rice is. Gluten-free, easy to digest, a great resistant starch and it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Of course I keep my portions in check though!

Grab some jasmine rice… show some rice love!

7. I hide chocolate in our freezer.

This past weekend I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookie bars with a peanut butter chocolate icing (they were amazing)! Of course I didn’t use an entire bag of dark chocolate chips, but I didn’t just leave them out for grabs either.

Nor did I tell Dan about them.

They are now hiding in our freezer, behind a lot of crap so that I don’t go in and eat them by the handfuls.

By hiding them, they are out of site out of mind… kind of. And by not telling Dan, they stand the chance of lasting long enough to make another sweet treat. <— Anyone else hide food from their spouse?

8. Adios early morning workouts.


I used to be an extra early morning workout bird… I’m not now.

I don’t know what it is, but suddenly I can’t wake up for early morning workouts. Getting up at 5am on a Saturday used to be no big deal…

But the past couple of months, I’ve chosen to sleep and run when it’s hotter. It might be miserable running under the sun, but that extra hour of sleep has done my body good!

Early morning workouts might be a thing of the past for this girl. And I’m okay with that.

9. I don’t just hand out modifications.


Here is a final trainer confession…

If you ask me for a modified version of an exercise, but I know you can do the real thing…

I won’t give it to you.

I would rather people rest a few seconds before pumping out a few more real push-ups then go down to their knees. And sometimes when people ask for a modified version, I’ll give them the harder one.

You’re with me to make you stronger, fitter, healthier… I don’t mess around with that responsibility.

10. Working out solo sucks.


I have access to some pretty awesome training equipment at my studio.

And since I am not training all day long, there are plenty of opportunities to get a pretty amazing workout in.

But it’s been quite the challenge and sometimes I still go to the gym down the road to workout.

Why? Because working out in a gym all by yourself is lonesome, quiet and it’s too easy for me to quit just a few minutes in. <— Yes I’ve done this several times.

I’m trying to change this, because dang it, I have awesome gear! I don’t need the gym down the road. I should be able to motivate myself to workout from start to finish.


I’ve gotten a lot better about this the past few weeks… thanks in part by sharing workouts with friends and pretending that I’m filming the workout (which always helps me bust it out).

But damn, working out solo sucks!

Now it’s your turn…

Tell me a recent nutrition or workout confession!


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