10 Deadly Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Is it seriously time for another confessions post already? Not that I am complaining, these are perhaps my favorite posts to share with you. It’s very cathartic and at the same time, I love laughing at some of the stunts I’ve puled over the years. 

I hope that you enjoy my crazy confessions as much as I do! 

I share these, not go get laughs or attention but because we are all human. Even though I am a personal trainer, don’t let that fool you into thinking I am the picture perfect image of health and fitness. 

That’s just not me, and it would be insane for me ever to try to portray that image here! 

So with that, let’s get into this month’s: 

10 Deadly Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

I can eat an entire large pizza.


Okay, maybe not any more BUT when I was a kid and a gymnast I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. In fact, my parents used to encourage this behavior to try and get me to put on some pounds. 

Sadly, I grew out of this… just fyi.

But when I was 11 years old, my school would have pizza parties where most people would go in together with their friends a split a pizza. Oh no, not me. 

I always got my own pizza. And ate it all. 

Oh, and I used to eat 2 Big Macs at one sitting too. 

Trust me, I am not proud of this. And I am sure if I tried it now, I would be out of commission for an entire day! 

I can’t drink post race.

run with forrest

I love a good beer or glass of wine as much as the next person, but I do not get post race beer trucks.

The last thing on my mind after a tough race is grabbing a beer. 

In fact, I really can’t eat/drink anything for a couple of hours after a race. Just water. 

It works out though because Dan gets my beer tickets which is his prize for waiting at the finish line for me! 

I get really annoyed trying to lift weights in the gym. 


I was at the gym last week trying to get some extra lifting in and all I ended up doing was getting really annoyed. There were about 3 guys there using the dumbbells, and they won’t move!

They would grab their weights do a few pointless curls practically on top of the weight rack and act as if they were the only ones there.

Please, please… if you grab dumbbells, grab them and walk away a few steps! 

I lie about my weight.


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Every driver’s license I have had to get, I have always lied about my weight.

What women’s doesn’t? I don’t know why we can’t just tell the truth but it’s something we just have to do. My weight on my license is always bout 3 pounds lighter than what I actually weighed at the time. 

I remember that little tidbit because I think it it’s funny for some reason. 

Yea, I’m weird. Is your weight right? 

I’ve had a few road side emergencies when running.

Toilet Run logo-1024x0_thumb[3]

Image source

Every runner know what I am talking about. You think you’re going to make it through your run just fine only to get that “oh no” face about a mile in when you realize you HAVE to go to the restroom. 

And when you have to go, you have to go.

Unfortunately for me, that means I have indeed had to go in a patch of roadside woods a time or two. 

TMI? Sorry.

Now, I know where every single public restroom is when I go run! 

I have a 6-pack.

Okay, not really. But I have discovered from looking at myself in the mirror that if I bend just right, then rotate a bit to the side while crunching my abs… I do in fact have serious ab lines. 

Yes, even trainers try to manipulate their bodies in the mirror to see what is going on. 

Too bad I have to walk all Quasimodo like! 

I bought (and ate) real cheese!


I know you’re shocked! For the past 2.5 years I have been dairy-free and I still believe in it. However, last week I made pizza for a friend and as I walked up to get my normal almond cheese, I saw raw cheese on sale. 

I had to try it. Dan’s jaw almost hit the floor when he saw it in the bag. 

It was delicious and I have been using it all week but to be honest, I wouldn’t be upset if I never ate it again. Back to the almond faux cheese! 

I did wake up with boogers the next day… just goes to show that dairy and sinuses really go hand in hand! 

I run more than I have planned if Total Divas is on.


Image source

I don’t watch tv at home, so the treadmill is really the only time I get to catch up on trashy shows. I LOVE E’s Total Divas.

I end up running more than I originally planned if I get to the gym and the show is on, and if it’s back to back episodes… there goes the time I had planned for strength training. Any other show, I can walk away from in the middle but not this one.

I don’t know why, it’s not even that great. But it pulls me in!

Wow, I feel so much better getting that off my chest!

What do you have to confess today? 

Have you missed out on previous confessions? Catch up here! 


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