10 Jaw Dropping Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Is it really time for another Confessions? I can’t believe that we’re into March. And just incase you’re interested, today marks exactly 1 month until my big 30th birthday. Ugh.

But that’s not what I am confession today, I have some much juicer confessions to get off my chest!

Why do I do confessions? Because in the blog world, life can look a little too perfect sometimes. It’s always been my goal to present the truth on health and fitness to my readers, and part of that means being honest about who I am.

If you missed my previous confessions you can see them here:

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Without further ado, let the honesty start rolling freely.

10 Jaw-Dropping Confessions Of A Personal Trainer


1. I’m scared to death of the Palmetto 200.

At the end of the month, I am running the Palmetto 200 with 11 other ladies.

I’m scared to death for several reasons:

    • As the captain, will I have everything prepared?
    • Will everyone get along? <— Out of my control, yes, but still on my mind.
    • And most importantly… will my legs be able to handle the miles?

It’s no secret that running, while still an important part of my life, isn’t the most important. So I am hoping that the training I’ve done will be enough to help me handle the 20+ miles that I’m assigned to!

2. I skipped my track workout. 

After reading Katie’s post yesterday, I thought I should share this.

I’m not perfect, there are days when my bed is warm and cozy. On Tuesday at 5 am, I got up, put on my running clothes, laced up my shoes and sat on the couch thinking about how much I didn’t want to go run in the cold. Then my running buddy texted me that she wasn’t really feeling the cold either, and we decided forgo the run. I then peeled off my shoes, but unlike Katie, I left my running clothes on and went back to bed.

I’m human. And I hate cold.

3. I am a total omnivore.


Homemade venison fajitas!

A few months ago I filled you in that I was giving up my vegan diet for my health. It’s been a slow transition, and a period of trying of testing what feels good and what doesn’t. At that time, I was eating only seafood and eggs…

But I am happy to report, I am now following the no-diet approach.

No labels or restrictions. I eat what fuels my body and what taste good on my taste buds. The end. Of course there are still a ton of vegan parts to my diet, which is why I can’t wait for my copy of Oh She Glow’s Cookbook to come in!

4. I’m over dumbbells.

I don’t think I have used a dumbbell in my own workout for months (with the exception of when I workout with Jeanette). I just have no desire for them, and to be honest I feel like I get so much more out of my own body weight, from kettlebells, and even from barbells (I love bear complexes).

I think I am just a bit tired of them since dumbbells were such a major part of my strength training for almost an entire decade. I’m sure they’ll find their way back into my training one day…

5. I’m not a water chugging type of trainer.

I think I’ve confessed this before. Unlike most trainers who walk around with a huge Camelback water bottle, I don’t. In fact, I am hardly ever thirsty and have to almost force myself to drink throughout the day. This week I made it my goal to drink 2-liters of water/day. The first day I did it, you would assume that I was running back and forth to the bathroom all day, right? No, I peed 3x all day. A clear sign I HAVE TO DRINK MORE!


Right now, I am sipping on water with Nuun as I type.

6. Sometimes I surprise myself. 

This isn’t a confession, but more of a proud moment.

Last week I jumped on a treadmill to do a quick tempo run. I set it to what I thought was an 8-min mile pace and immediately covered the screen with a towel. My goal at that time was to do all tempo runs at this pace (it’s my half-marathon goal pace).

I was a bit surprised at how challenging it felt from the get-go but kept pushing forward.

I removed the towel to see I had completed my 4-miles. But upon review, I also discovered my pace wasn’t an 8-minute mile but a 7.30 minute mile.

Now that I know I can do it, it’s been the tempo pace I’ve been going after! It’s amazing what can happen when you just go.

7. My husband’s desire to beat me makes me work harder.

Dan informed me that his goal for our next trail race (this summer) is to beat me.

My response? Not going to happen! I will not let him take away the pride I get from knowing I am a stronger runner than he is (he’s better at basically everything else fitness related). I will train harder simply knowing that he’s going to be at my heels.

Are we the only really competitive couple out there? Please tell me, we’re not insane! But the thought of him beating me at something I work so hard for, makes me mad just thinking about it! Haha.

8. Early morning workouts aren’t cool.

I know people post up on Facebook announcing how amazing their morning workout was and posting pictures on Instagram of their 4:45am sweat sessions, but they have no affect on me. And let’s be honest… NO ONE likes waking up before the sun is up. Sure we do it because we have to, or because it’s habit, but seriously, waking up that early isn’t something we go to bed looking forward to.

I used to be a morning workout warrior, no more. Sleep has become a big goal for me this year, and if I am able to get 7 hours of sleep at night, I’m going to take it. The workout will come later. There aren’t extra bragging rights for a 5:00 am workout.

9. My dog doesn’t get the walks she deserves.


Most people probably think that trainers have the healthiest pets. We love to workout, so we love to walk our dogs so they get exercise too…

Um, not right now. In fact, poor Zoe (who turns 10 this month!) hasn’t been on a walk lasting longer than 10 minutes in weeks because of the cold. It’s been purely to take care of business. Luckily, she hates the cold temperatures too so she doesn’t seem to mind.

I’m a terrible pet parent.

10. I’ve added winter fluff. 

Dan won’t agree, but I think he’s just trying to be nice. The winter has taken it’s toll on me, like it does so many others. I am craving heartier foods, giving in more to cravings and have drastically cut my total weekly running mileage due to the cold.

Because of that, I am a little softer than I would prefer. But you know what? I am also adding muscle, so the extra calories are helping! I’m not worried about it. When it warms back up, I know my diet will naturally lighten up and I’ll get more action out on the roads/trails.

Adding muscle has been a huge goal for a long time. So I see it as a blessing. Muscle up now, lean out in April! That’s the plan.

Now that I have confessed, I feel so much better! Now it’s your turn…

Have any confessions to make? 


  • I don’t think I’m even capable of working out before 6. And I feel you on number 10, there’s something about cold weather that just makes me want to eat more.

  • SO glad you’re embracing your new way of eating! Fabulous. I bet you have a lot more energy. My Mom doesn’t really like drinking fluids either- it confuses the heck out of me because I drink all day long 😉 (water that is). I do actually like early workouts. I just like getting it DONE- especially when I have 20 things on my to do list for the day!

  • Amy

    Early morning work outs are SO not cool, I agree. Although I am always envious of those people who seem to find it easy. I don’t get nearly enough sleep as it is, so this is just not an option for me.
    Loved the confessions, but….I feel sad for Zoe…. :0(

    • I feel bad for her right now too. Its suppose to be warm this weekend, so I already put aside time to take her to the park!

      • Sheena

        My doggie is in the same boat, but even when we make the bathroom trips he’s dragging me back in to get out of the cold so I’m thinking he’s alright with the current situation :0

  • Kristin

    So number 7 hits me right on the head. I love to challenge myself to kick the dust in my husbands eyes (that sounds terrible) but last week after a run, I claimed I could out-plank him. He swore he would smoke me but turns out, I killed it!! BOOM! I can definitely relate to the drive to beat your husband!

    • Haha, I could have guessed you would be too! Boom!

  • Fiona MacDonald

    I look forward to these posts! so many of the hit me with so much truth! Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration!

    • ank you so much Fiona! Glad you like them!

  • Ugh to number 10, which is where I am. The combo of injury and not being motivated to do as much training if it wasn’t training I enjoyed has taken its toll! The good news is that I can see that it is starting to come off. And I think this winter and the cold has hurt the motivation of many, so you’re in good company!

    Enjoy the relay–I know you’ll more than hold your own!

    • Thank you! Next year we need to race together!

  • Sheena

    I hear you on every one of these confessions! Thank you for posting these because sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one that feels the urge to crawl back into bed with my workout gear on 😀 Or if when my boyfriend says he wants to kick my butt at something I’m not the only one that wants to kick his harder!!!

    • Sheena

      I have to add one of my own confessions, I self sabotage when I’m doing well. I weighed myself after having been rather diligent with my fitness and found I was down 5 lbs and since then I’ve been making bad decisions like picking up a 24 when a 6 pack was all I needed! I’m still working out but food is my best friend 🙁

      • I’m guilty too, DOn’t feel bad!

        • I am glad to know that other people do that… I sometimes self sabotage too. 🙁 Never thought about it that way… hummm. Food for thought. I eat so clean all day long, and in the evening, often overeat, and not even because I hungry but out of habit…

          • Yup, been there done that too!

  • Thanks for linking up! Sleep > early workout.

    Confession: I feel guilty that I’m only running about 10 miles total, especially when you’re running 20!

    • Def don’t feel guilty about that at all! you’re going to rock those miles out and I’ll need TONS of support!!

  • I always love love looooove these posts! It is so nice to see a blogger – especially a trainer – admit that she is human! And I’m 100% with you on morning workouts. Now that I have a 5 minute commute to work I feel pressured to make myself become a morning workout person and take advantage of that extra morning time. But I’d honestly rather work out after work like I’ve been doing, and maybe stay up a bit later and sleep in a bit later. I feel society telling me that I’m lazy for not being a morning workout girl but I just have BETTER workouts when it’s not really early and I want a better workout.

    • Totally use that extra time to sleep in! If you like evenings then stick to it! Cheers to later workouts!

  • Ha, love this! In fact, love all of your Confessions! Right there with you on dog walking and winter fluff! 🙂

    • Can’t wait to take her on walks again!

  • totally with you on the water! in fact, i have to have flavored water to drink only. and you will rock the relay! I’m cheering from afar and believe in YOU!

    • Haha, I am all about Nuun right now. Boring water just doesn’t motivate me!

  • Kim

    I’m right there with you on the winter fluff – and like you, I know that it will come off when the temps heat up and I quit craving bowls of comfort!! (plus the fact that I gave up all alcohol for Lent will help a ton!!)
    I agree – no extra bragging for working out at 5:00 am – it’s just what works in my schedule and the only way to guarantee that it gets done!

  • Cherie Wash

    This is why I love Kindal Boyle..admitting that even Superwoman has tiny flaws. Your confessions make me feel almost normal!

    • Oh Mrs Cherie, you crack me up!

  • Becky

    I could agree with more than one of these. I do not drink enough water…at all. When I try and force myself I just end up feeling like a bloated mess. My real confession is M&Ms. I’ve let stress get to me lately and have solved that with a bad, bad habit. I will fix that.

    • Oh M&Ms they would kill me too. Can’t keep them in my house! They’re like Pringles, can’t pop just one!

  • haha love these!

  • Well, I ended up getting a workout in Tuesday. I did Boot Camp with Anne Moore at the TrySports store and then a 4.5 mile recovery run with Andrew. I actually was glad I skipped the track bc I needed the rest (have not slept well all week) and I got to try the boot camp which otherwise I would have rested. I will be at the track next Tuesday though, and it’s fine to take a day off or just do something different. You have to admit none of us are exactly slacking here ;).

    My water drinking is weird. I drink it at odd times a day. I chug chug chug when I get up and in the afternoons but not really with meals.

    I like morning workouts but not super early. 7 AM is great. Maybe 6 in the summer, when it gets hot quickly and you just gotta go early. I see people waking up at like 3-4 to work out, I guess if you *have* to work out then due to work that’s one thing but if you’re sacrificing sleep I dont think its really good…

    Ah, winter fluff. This girly ate a whole hotel waffle with PB this morning, followed by a Shrimp Taco salad for lunch and some froyo tonight. Oh well, fuel for the next 3 hard days of training and running…

    • Haha, nice job on the waffles! Yum! I def made up for Tuesday too! Did 7.5 with jeanette today! it was great!

  • I’ll see your number 5 and raise you! I am that trainer who walks around with a water bottle…but I forget to drink it. Something I am working on, as well!!

    And number 6 – AWESOME!! Nice job.

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