10 More Jaw Dropping Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Can you handle the truth? Are you ready for what really goes on in the head of a crazy personal trainer?

A while ago, I made a few trainer confessions, if you missed them, you can read them here.

And today I think it’s time to confess once again. These moments are incredibly important because just like you, I’m not perfect. No one is.  I fight with my imperfections (and embrace them) every day.

So without further ado…


10 More Personal Trainer Jaw Dropping Confessions

10. I don’t work out at home.

I hate working out at home. For some reason, I just can’t bring myself to do a push-up, a pull-up or even a plank if someone (uh hum, Dan) isn’t watching me. I think it’s because exercise is my life, that when I walk through my front door, I want to leave it outside. I am actively working on this, trying to use the ab wheel every day.

9. I sometimes hate being trained.

Even trainers need to be trained from time to time. That’s why Dan and I workout together. He pushes me, motivates me and gives me training tips. Poor guy, sometimes I just don’t want to hear what he has to say. Sometimes it could be something as innocent as “squat down a bit more” for him to receive an eye roll. What can I say, I don’t take criticism very well. Luckily, I’m getting much much better about his training help!

8. I go weeks without seeing my hair down.

On Tuesday night, I had an event I had to be at. Because of cold temperatures I decided to actually blow dry my hair. While doing so, I realized it had been weeks since I’ve seen my hair down and done. The first thought: Wow, my hair has gotten long! The second thought: “Wow, that’s really sad that I’m surprised by my own length!” I’m going to try to do less ponytails!

7. I have a fear of bikes.

This is something I realized while in Kiawah. Bikes scare me, I am shaky and far too nervous on one for an almost 30 year old woman. They say you never forget how to ride a bike… not true. This fear actually has me on edge about training for a triathlon. Out of all the 3 events, isn’t this the one that is suppose to seem the easiest?

6. I workout to be better than my clients.

I love the fact that I help women get in the best shape of their lives. What I don’t like is when I see them getting into such great shape that they may out perform me. I would NEVER try to stop someone from progressing, however I do use them as motivation to push myself harder. Dan likes to use this to motivate me a lot… “Hey Taylor, I think so-and-so might be able to out push-up you.” Not. Cool.

5. I won’t take a class from someone who doesn’t look as if they’ve benefited.

This is a bit rough, but I’ve followed this rule for years and years. Before I was ever in the fitness business myself. I refuse to take a class (spin, BodyPump, Yoga, etc) from someone who doesn’t look as if they’ve reaped the benefits of their class. My thought is this… if the instructor isn’t see results then what makes me think she can help me see results? This confession also fuels #4.

Now, I think this deserves a quite note… I know this isn’t the right way to look at fitness classes. I’ve seen women that didn’t look in amazing shape do some pretty amazing things. And I’ve seen people that looked in fabulous shape, have to stop after 5 minutes of exercise. This is seen this most in races… I’ve been killed in races by women who were older and larger than me. And I’ve beat women who looked as if they should be able to kick my butt. However, I’ve also interviewed trainers for my program that weren’t able to do a push up correctly… I simply can’t have them train and represent my business. So yes, this confession is flawed, yet it’s my confession.

4. Burpees really are one of my favorite exercises.

I am pretty sure my clients think I’m kidding when I say I love burpees. They think I make them do burpees because they hate them so much. But the truth is, I really do love them. What other exercise can you do that delivers such a cardio and toning punch? I’m all about being efficient with time and fitness and burpees help! I did after all put together an entire post dedicated to burpee variations! Do them!

3. I cuss (really cuss) during competitive events.

I try to keep a pretty clean mouth. However, my competitive spirit sometimes brings out the sailor in me. The very first time my in-laws heard me cuss was when they took us to play golf. It was the first time I had ever played and I was so embarrassed at the words that were flying out of my mouth. I get a cussing disease when I get competitive… there is no cure, just have to wait it out.

2. I have no self control with baked goods.

When I bake (which is often), I only bake enough for Dan and I to enjoy 1-2 servings of what ever it is. If I want cake, I use half of a recipe and make them in small ramikens. That way I don’t have to practice self control. If I made a normal size cake or a dozen cookies, everything would be gone just as fast as if I did the mini servings.

 1. I’m not a “true” vegan. 

Ahhh, don’t kill me. About a month ago, I mentioned that I was experimenting with my diet. I was feeling exhausted, lethargic and I noticed that I was losing a lot of hair each day. Clearly, something wasn’t quite right and Dan being the worried husband he is, urged me to make some changes to the way I was eating.

Since then I’ve added fish into my diet on a more regular basis, about 1x/week and I eat 1-2 eggs/week. I’m feeling great and much more balanced. Why keep it a secret? Because my diet is for me, and I was worried that some people might criticize.


Wow, that felt good to get off my chest. Now I want to hear from you…

Would you like to confess to something?


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