10 More Jaw Dropping Confessions Of A Personal Trainer

Can you handle the truth? Are you ready for what really goes on in the head of a crazy personal trainer?

A while ago, I made a few trainer confessions, if you missed them, you can read them here.

And today I think it’s time to confess once again. These moments are incredibly important because just like you, I’m not perfect. No one is.  I fight with my imperfections (and embrace them) every day.

So without further ado…


10 More Personal Trainer Jaw Dropping Confessions

10. I don’t work out at home.

I hate working out at home. For some reason, I just can’t bring myself to do a push-up, a pull-up or even a plank if someone (uh hum, Dan) isn’t watching me. I think it’s because exercise is my life, that when I walk through my front door, I want to leave it outside. I am actively working on this, trying to use the ab wheel every day.

9. I sometimes hate being trained.

Even trainers need to be trained from time to time. That’s why Dan and I workout together. He pushes me, motivates me and gives me training tips. Poor guy, sometimes I just don’t want to hear what he has to say. Sometimes it could be something as innocent as “squat down a bit more” for him to receive an eye roll. What can I say, I don’t take criticism very well. Luckily, I’m getting much much better about his training help!

8. I go weeks without seeing my hair down.

On Tuesday night, I had an event I had to be at. Because of cold temperatures I decided to actually blow dry my hair. While doing so, I realized it had been weeks since I’ve seen my hair down and done. The first thought: Wow, my hair has gotten long! The second thought: “Wow, that’s really sad that I’m surprised by my own length!” I’m going to try to do less ponytails!

7. I have a fear of bikes.

This is something I realized while in Kiawah. Bikes scare me, I am shaky and far too nervous on one for an almost 30 year old woman. They say you never forget how to ride a bike… not true. This fear actually has me on edge about training for a triathlon. Out of all the 3 events, isn’t this the one that is suppose to seem the easiest?

6. I workout to be better than my clients.

I love the fact that I help women get in the best shape of their lives. What I don’t like is when I see them getting into such great shape that they may out perform me. I would NEVER try to stop someone from progressing, however I do use them as motivation to push myself harder. Dan likes to use this to motivate me a lot… “Hey Taylor, I think so-and-so might be able to out push-up you.” Not. Cool.

5. I won’t take a class from someone who doesn’t look as if they’ve benefited.

This is a bit rough, but I’ve followed this rule for years and years. Before I was ever in the fitness business myself. I refuse to take a class (spin, BodyPump, Yoga, etc) from someone who doesn’t look as if they’ve reaped the benefits of their class. My thought is this… if the instructor isn’t see results then what makes me think she can help me see results? This confession also fuels #4.

Now, I think this deserves a quite note… I know this isn’t the right way to look at fitness classes. I’ve seen women that didn’t look in amazing shape do some pretty amazing things. And I’ve seen people that looked in fabulous shape, have to stop after 5 minutes of exercise. This is seen this most in races… I’ve been killed in races by women who were older and larger than me. And I’ve beat women who looked as if they should be able to kick my butt. However, I’ve also interviewed trainers for my program that weren’t able to do a push up correctly… I simply can’t have them train and represent my business. So yes, this confession is flawed, yet it’s my confession.

4. Burpees really are one of my favorite exercises.

I am pretty sure my clients think I’m kidding when I say I love burpees. They think I make them do burpees because they hate them so much. But the truth is, I really do love them. What other exercise can you do that delivers such a cardio and toning punch? I’m all about being efficient with time and fitness and burpees help! I did after all put together an entire post dedicated to burpee variations! Do them!

3. I cuss (really cuss) during competitive events.

I try to keep a pretty clean mouth. However, my competitive spirit sometimes brings out the sailor in me. The very first time my in-laws heard me cuss was when they took us to play golf. It was the first time I had ever played and I was so embarrassed at the words that were flying out of my mouth. I get a cussing disease when I get competitive… there is no cure, just have to wait it out.

2. I have no self control with baked goods.

When I bake (which is often), I only bake enough for Dan and I to enjoy 1-2 servings of what ever it is. If I want cake, I use half of a recipe and make them in small ramikens. That way I don’t have to practice self control. If I made a normal size cake or a dozen cookies, everything would be gone just as fast as if I did the mini servings.

 1. I’m not a “true” vegan. 

Ahhh, don’t kill me. About a month ago, I mentioned that I was experimenting with my diet. I was feeling exhausted, lethargic and I noticed that I was losing a lot of hair each day. Clearly, something wasn’t quite right and Dan being the worried husband he is, urged me to make some changes to the way I was eating.

Since then I’ve added fish into my diet on a more regular basis, about 1x/week and I eat 1-2 eggs/week. I’m feeling great and much more balanced. Why keep it a secret? Because my diet is for me, and I was worried that some people might criticize.


Wow, that felt good to get off my chest. Now I want to hear from you…

Would you like to confess to something?


  • oh my word! we share SO many of these!! especially #10. just can’t do it.

    • Yup, not going to happen. What will happen instead though is watching old episodes of x-files on my couch. but no working out.

  • I see myself in a lot of these, especially #3! Can’t help it, the words jump out of my mouth!

    I am, however, a bit concerned about #5. Not taking a class from someone who doesn’t look like they have benefited from it. I am a CrossFit Trainer and while I’ve benefitted greatly from CrossFit, someone may not know that based on my appearance alone. I’m still overweight for my height and I certainly don’t have a six pack. But put me on the barbell and I can out lift and out work most girls in our box. It’s hard to know someone’s journey and where they have come from just by looking at them.

    • You’re exactly right. I should say that they performance is a must too. I might “try” a class or watch from a distance while I am else where in the gym but I have to watch the instructor. Not looking the part also means not acting the part. I had a trainer interview with my for my boot camp that couldn’t do a proper push-up or burpee… surely I can’t have someone teach that can’t do the moves appropriately themselves. Something tells me you’re a fabulous coach!

      • Thanks for the clarification, I was going to post similarly, I teach a yoga sculpt class, but am not a tiny yogi. I won’t take a class or hire a trainer who doesn’t have enthusiasm.

        • Enthusiasm is so important! I have been working hard to teach how to have proper “stage presence” to my trainers. It’s vital to have!

        • Enthusiasm is so important! I have been working hard to teach how to have proper “stage presence” to my trainers. It’s vital to have!

  • Becca

    I took a class recently at my gym and the trainer was overweight. I’m sure she’s qualified to teach the class, but I won’t be taking the class again. I want to go to a trainer that looks ripped, because if they can do that for themselves, then they can help me reach my goals.

    • Hi Becca, I’m glad I’m not alone in my thinking!

  • Helen Hawkins

    Hi as a personal trainer myself I can honestly say most of those apply to me it will be interesting how many trainers feel the same way 🙂

  • Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes, to #6, #5, #2 :). This is so me too! I have one client who loves when I workout with her. This past week I did and was so sore the next day, she has gotten so much stronger and I was afraid to ask her how she felt the next day in fear of hearing that she felt fine and wasn’t sore, lol.

    • PS…She was sore and I was happy :).

    • Haha, that’s happened to me before too! And I woke up the next morning going “please tell me they are sore too!”

  • Ah I added fish into my “vegan” diet a couple weeks ago too! I only eat it once a week or so but I too have been feeling the same way you have about criticism. “I told you that you can’t have a healthy diet without eating meat” etc. While I do not believe that to be true, my B-12 and iron have been ridiculously low so I decided to add in some fish and organic cage free eggs a couple times a week to see if that would help, and it has. Not sure about the long term, but I decided to give it a shot temporarily. Anyway- I say all this to say I totally get this confession. 🙂

    • Thanks Brittny. I’m the same way, not sure if I’ll stick to it long term but for now I feel great. It’s extremely important to get nutrition down with all these races I’ve had lately. And it has helped a lot when going to friends, the feel more comfortable knowing they can feed me fish and not just a salad. lol.

  • I also occasionally eat fish. When I was marathon training, I craved shrimp- and I ate it. I figured if I wanted it that bad, maybe I was really *needing* something in it, whether it’s protein or omega, etc. It’s a hard place to be, because while I’m not vegan, I still want to identify as a vegetarian. My diet is for me and I want to do what makes me feel best, but I’m not “true enough” to really fit in with the vegetarians/vegans in town, yet those who regularly consume meat somehow act like I’m missing out on the magic of bacon?

    With #5, I have a friend who just started teaching BodyPump, and she doesn’t look like most group fitness instructors, but I *know* she’s benefited because I know where she was this time last year, how much weight she’s lost, and how much BodyPump changed her life. It took a lot of guts for her to get certified, and I admire her for it. She does not look like most athletes, but she is- I can’t imagine myself going through the process of a Les Mills certification (they are pretty difficult from what I’ve heard). She can do the exercises and will be a great instructor. I hope she’ll motivate other ladies who are not single-digit sizes to come to classes and do them, that they can be successful. It’s really sad but I have talked to people who don’t feel like they are “fit enough” to go to the gym 🙁 🙁 :(.

    • I don’t feel like I am missing out from bacon at all! lol. That is sad, it breaks my heart when people are intimidated to workout! Everyone started somewhere. Congrats on your friend and the steps she’s taken to be a what I am sure is a great instructor!

  • I’m not a trainer myself but I can definitely see some of these exact things in my life/routine and if I WERE a trainer I would be right next to you confessing similar things.

  • I have the opposite problem: I can’t stand for people to watch me when I workout. Every time I go to the gym I feel like everyone’s always watching me. It makes me so self-conscious!! I would much rather workout at home. But the odd thing is, I don’t have the same feeling when I’m in a group class. Then I’m very focused on what I’m being instructed to do and don’t notice the people around me.

    • That’s why i love group classes! Yes, you’re working out with people but everyone is there for their own workout and benefit. Not focusing on what’s going on around.

  • LorrieD

    4 years ago, I was STEALTH-LIKE! I trained with my trainer and pushed her. Like you she did the Body Building in the past, She looks AMAZING! I had a lifestyle I was proud of as well as my figure and had fitness classes in the past and was now staying home just helping friends. After a medication change, move away and to the country and illness. With no one to exercise with, being depressed and new environment I gained 30 pounds!! YOWZA! So, I have been working on getting back to where I need to be, with a friend, the gym and yes help from my old trainer.
    An old friend and I were talking, she needed to get ready for a wedding, I needed to get ready for our 25th anniversary. We started with a Groupon to a just ladies boot camp at 5:45 am to make us get started. It did just that! Love it! We are now running on the weekends, in the gym 3-4 times a week and doing many of the exercises you promote. With the same thoughts behind them. So, I found your website through an email from my old boot camp and love your emails. It’s so good to hear from you the real deal… We have been eating so good, clean high protein very low carb and fresh fruits and veggies. My friend and I have lost over 20 pounds and are both down 4 dress sizes! We were just discussing downloading your exercises to play on our Ipads and doing them at night, and me on my cruise… Our confession is although we are in different cities, neither one of us can control our sweet tooth! At that time of the month especially I get the sweet tooth. Me 5 mini cupcakes down. Her, its Ice Cream Down! She even got sick this am at the gym! I leave in a week and a half for my trip. I am going to be good on my trip but not perfect. However, I have to fit into those great clothes for the trip so must keep it up! We enjoy the blog so much!! Keep it coming!

    • Thank you so much Lorrie. This comment has made my day hearing your amazing story. Keep it up and feel proud! You’re going to look amazing on your trip (happy Anniversary) and I am sure your friend will look amazing too. We’ve all been there, I may have made myself sick a time or two from eating too much crap right before a workout. It only takes 1-2 times though to realize that is no fun! Best of luck and yes, definitey check out fitwomensweekly.com to see more workouts that you can download.

      Again, thanks so much for sharing your story! Seems like you have everything in balance now!

    • Stephanie

      Hi. I’m the friend Lorrie talks about in her comment, and yes I got sick at the gym this morning because I love ice cream and I ate some last night. Yuck. I’ve discovered that there’s a pattern here….I cannot eat sweets in the evening without feeling sick during my morning workout the next day. Pretty good motivation to control my sweet tooth, huh? Lorrie sent me the link to this, and now I’m a subscriber too. 🙂 I just had to add to what she had to say. For anyone who is struggling to get healthy on your own: try to find a friend to join you on your journey! Best. Thing. Ever. I am so glad Lorrie and I are on this journey together….I literally could NOT have dropped this weight (22 lbs now) without her. The phrase “I couldn’t have done it without you” is overused, and I think it’s often insincere. But I am dead serious when I say, “I absolutely could not have done it without her.” It is so great to know that I have my friend waiting on me to work out. I don’t want to let her down, so I get up and I show up. I have missed her so, so much since she moved to a different city (she’s not super far away, but we used to live a mile apart and saw each other all the time….she’s far enough away now that the distance was enough to keep us from getting together like before) and I am so happy that we have found a way to spend time together doing something as important as getting ourselves healthy again!! Even though this all started back in the summer because we both have big events coming up that we were getting ready for, we have committed to each other that this is a lifestyle and WE WILL NOT STOP once these events are behind us. We’ve just set some NEW goals together. We want to run a 5K, a half marathon, a mini-triathalon and take a girls’ trip somewhere and hike up a mountain!! Oh, and Lorrie wants to run a marathon—that one scares me a little, but I’m sure that working with my friend (and sometimes she’s my coach), we will get there together!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your site Taylor–good stuff! Keep it coming!

      • Ahh you and Lorrie are just too fabulous! You both are such wonderful examples and your positive energy just shines through! I love it! And you’re so right, this is a lifestyle you two have now chosen and it will only bring you closer. Yes you both will get there together! I have 2 workout partners (aside from my husband) who keep me motivated and pushing forward. Those girls are my fitness rocks. so glad you and Lorrie have each other as a rock!

  • Annalisa

    I love and respect this. I especially love 5 & 6.

  • Love this. We are all human and we all have our own flaws and that is okay. I’d rather have a trainer admit those flaws then have one that pretended to be perfect.

  • LORI

    While I appreciate you being honest, I am a little taken aback at your attitude regarding instructors who “doesn’t look as if they’ve benefited.” As a “trainer” I would think that you understand that weight loss is more diet than exercise. So judging someone’s fitness level based on their size/body type is not only shallow, but judging a book by its cover.
    Someone might not be as thin as you, but in some disciplines, I bet they might be able to kick butt in that sport. Just because their eating is not under control, doesn’t mean they aren’t “benefiting from the class”, as you assume.
    Again, appreciate your honesty, but I think you may want to reassess this one, especially since you admit you yourself can’t ride a bike. You look fabulous on the outside, but you can’t ride a bike? Really, I am a die hard cyclist and if I used your standard of evaluation for picking my role models, I could potentially rule you out as a trainer all together. See?

    • Lori, Thank you for your opinion and as you mentioned this is simply me being honest. You’re 100% right in saying that someone that doesn’t look the part can get up there and kick some serious butt. Trust me, I’ve seen it in races, competitions, etc. As a trainer myself, I understand that while working out is extremely important the nutrition is just as important. My clients rely on me to give them support and how can I tell them to eat healthy or give up processed foods, etc if I don’t follow my own advice?
      These being my confessions, these are things I am not necessarily proud of, but are things I am learning about myself the good and the bad. I would never discredit someone from teaching or training, and I would NEVER tell someone not to take someone’s class… this is just my own thought.
      As for biking, I can ride a bike, I recently went on a 15+ mile ride. I just don’t feel comfortable on it like running, and because of that I would never teach a cycling class or pretend I could.

  • Thanks for your honesty, I’m sure more than a few people (incl non-trainers) can relate. The one that resonates with me the most is the first one. And this is interesting because of what I posted on my FB page yesterday. I love being a show off, even when there’s really not that much to show off, lol.

    • Haha, me too! Clearly 🙂

  • barbara

    I can’t get myself motivated to go to the gym, but when I positive self talk I do.

    • Positive talk is the best!

  • I think these are all perfectly relatable confessions..except burpees, of course, because I HATE them!

    I hope you can work on the bike fear…it’s such a fun form of exercise!

    • I know, I have got to get over it. And burpees, they stink doing but the feeling afterwards is awesome!!

  • I love that your clients push you to work harder! And I completely agree with #10. For some reason, I just can’t even get myself to do a simple workout at home.. good thing my gym is in my building! I’d love to workout with you but your love for burpees scares me haha.

    My confession: I push myself too hard, too often. I’m sure I overtrain and I just don’t know how to pull back. I have the fear that if I slow down at all and take more than 1 rest day/week, I’ll gain 100 lbs.

    • I share your fear, it’s normal and something I am always working on. And don’t let my burpee love stop you! 🙂

  • Cherie Wash

    Thank you so much for being so open and honest. Your truth will make me work even harder!

  • barbara

    U lose alot of hair with it always being in an elastic. I thought I had health problem but once I combed it every night and allowed it to breath much better. Remember, long strands is called shedding and short strands are called breakage. U look amazing and my motivator. I actually did a tone dance class today. Luv u.

    • That’s true Barbara! It very well could be because it’s always up. It’s definitely long strands, sometimes a whole handful would come out. A dance class sounds like a blast! Thank you so much for your nice words! 🙂

  • i really love this little series ( i hope it continues!) and appreciate your honesty. i must totally admit that i have done the whole judging a workout based on an instructor’s appearance. i feel guilty every time i do it and i try to a) keep in mind that my workout is about ME and the only way the instructor should effect it is by what she does during the class not how she looks and b) not judge a book by its cover because for all i know (for example) this instructor has actually lost 50 lbs and is just on her way to losing 50 more. and in that case that’s a HELLA effective workout she’s teaching!
    i truly hate burpees. i never say i love them haha. same with squats. but i do know others who truly love them like you!
    i hate working out at home too. i just cannot get into that workout zone if i’m not in a gym! it’s all about the environment i’m in. in college i could never study in my dorm because it’s a place for relaxation not work. well the same goes with my home! i have a home workout tomorrow morning because i’d have to get up really early to make it to the gym (no thanks) and i’m dreading it. i can see why people would assume that since you’re a personal trainer you can just stay home and “work yourself out”. easy assumption to make!

    • Thanks Caitlin! I think I will do these more often! You’re so right and it’s exactly what I try to tell myself too. I recently took a spin class and the instructor had lost over 100 pounds so clearly it worked for him. We can work on it together 🙂

      Kill that workout! Just remind yourself how you’ll feel when it’s all done! And do some extra push-ups for me because you know I won’t be doing any at home! haha

  • Stacy

    I am an avid reader of your site, and one of the reasons I tune in so frequently is because you ARE so willing to be open and honest about things. I often find myself thinking, “Oh good, I’m not the only one!” when I read your confessionals. However, on this post, I could resist sharing with you that I really hope you CHANGE your thinking on #5. While I agree that there are plenty of instructors/trainers that aren’t worth the money (just like with all service professions), this statement is scary and harmful to the industry, too. Consider this case: A super amazing triathlete, outdoors-woman, heavy lifter, and clean eater that has a very successful career in the fitness industry. Oh, and let me add that she’s over 6 feet tall, and to fuel her training and lifestyle, she eats about 3500-4000 calories a day. She is a top finisher in her age division and she looks great… people line up to take her “How to prepare for a triathlete” seminars at the gym. Now, one day, some asshole not paying attention to the road side swipes her bike and she suffers a hip shattering fall. Her own personal sports career is over. Her once 6foot tall statuesque frame starts to be overtaken with swelling and atrophy. Eventually, she learns to walk again, even doing so without the aid of her cane, but her body will never return to what it was. Her brain was so used to eating all that food, that a sub 2000 calorie diet felt like starvation, so there are now a few extra pounds on her frame in places that were never a “problem area” before… but she doesn’t give a crap… walking without her cane across the kitchen to go get that second helping of parfait is what life is all about now. Now, the accident did NOTHING to her brain, her memory, her knowledge, or her infectious can-do attitude! She still knows everything about what it takes to train smart for your events, to eat appropriately for competition, and to compete like a boss. People STILL line up for her seminars.

    This example (altered to keep anonymity) may sound extreme, but think about it. Think about the highly successful coaches… those that coach gymnastics, football, etc. They don’t often look like they could complete tomorrow. Heck, they don’t even look like they could perform 1/10th what they ask their athletes to do… yet they are highly sought after because of their KNOWLEDGE and experience.

    My point is this: Hiring the right coach/trainer should be about hiring them for their KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE over what they look like. Experience comes with age. Age makes “looking the part” harder and harder. As a professional in this industry, it’s thinking like what was posed under #5 that scares me into thinking that our jobs will constantly be in jeopardy as we age. The #that I share with my clients is : “It’s not about what you look like, it’s about what your body can do.”

    • Thanks Stacy for opening up and sharing this amazing and extremely sad, heart felt story. You’re very right. I completely see your point, this woman is just as amazing now as then and I would never ever, ever take away the credit and know-how that she has. Thank you. And yes, I am changing my views. Life is about continual growth and education, right? Well, I am still a student always willing to learn and open myself up. You’re amazing and I am really glad you shared this story.

  • Kim

    I love when you share so openly and honestly!!!
    Funny – I’m the complete opposite on #10 – I pretty much only workout at home.
    It works for me!!
    I love the story that Stacy shared – really something to think about for sure!!!

    • Thanks Kim. I wish I could workout at home better!

  • Ginny

    Hi Taylor – I just started receiving your daily emails and posts and I thoroughly enjoy them AND your personality. My heart is similar to yours in that I believe all women should feel good about themselves…..not just as a wife, daughter, mother, sister, etc….. but who God created them to be. Okay, enough of the sap…… my confession…….. I am totally addicted to Wendy’s chocolate frosty’s!!! I instruct a small fitness bootcamp here at Sunset Beach, NC (it is primarily for the ladies that I work with) and I fuss at them (jokingly of course!! 😉 ) when they talk of the junk they have eatten……I forget to tell them my dirty little secret!!! shhhh! don’t tell!!

    • Haha, thanks for sharing! I won’t tell! When I was a kid my mom was addicted to these! She would regularly take me there to get the JR. size as a treat. They are quite fabulous. We haven’t been to Wendy’s in quite some time, but when we do my husband normally gets one too. So your secret is safe!

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