10 Reasons Why Your Non-Fitness Friends Think You’re A Weirdo

I love my friends to pieces. And many of them read this blog, so I know they’re going to get a good laugh out of what I am going to share today!

Basically, I am coming out and saying loud and proud… yes, I know I am a “weirdo” to some. I’m the odd ball at family functions, the person people call to tell me what’s on the menu for cookouts and get togethers as a warning, should I not approve I can bring something else.

Well, that’s cool. Being a little weird is just fine by me. After all, weird makes this world an interesting place, am I right?

And since you have found your way here to my fitness world, I am hoping that you might just be a little strange yourself. Here’s a personal invite to be in my “Fit Freak Club”. Membership is free, there is no secret handshake, or passwords, just a commitment from you declaring… “yup, I belong in the cool kids club.”

But do you? Let’s find out!

10 Reasons Your Non-Fitness Friends Think You’re A Weirdo

1. The thought of being sore excites you.

Be Prepared For A Workout

Do your friends think you’re a masochist because you love complaining about how sore your legs are from your lunges yesterday or how your abs hurt every time you laugh from all the plank work you did?

While, being sore is not a requirement to get gains, it does feel pretty good. It’s a physical sign that we did something challenging. And even if we complain about it, deep down we LOVE it.

Yea, I guess that is a bit weird.

2. The foods you eat look like snot and slime. 

green shake.jpg

Green shakes? Delicious! Do they look delicious? Well, to you and me perhaps. That bright green color, the smell of berries, pineapple and a bit of spinach is awesome… to us. Green shakes to friends? They imagined a vanilla or chocolate ice cream looking concoction, not something that looks as if Slimmer delivered food.

And what about the “health” foods you tote along with you… Chia seed pudding? Kale chips?

Once again delicious to us. Insanely weird to everyone else.

Quick side story… I had a friend that just tried hummus a few months ago. For years he thought it was a healthy hippy food. Imagine his surprise when he loved it? Now he feels the need to tell me every time. And I love it!

3. You don’t eat fried food.

Fried Butter

Here is the south, I should be tossed in jail. I don’t eat fried food and I am not ashamed to admit it.

The cool thing to do right now is to fry any and everything. Oreos? Why not! But doesn’t all fried food taste the exact same? If I eat an oreo, I don’t want it to taste like chicken… I want it to taste like a delicious, milk-dunked Oreo cookie. But that’s not it… also the fear of eating fried food is enough to pass.

When you haven’t had it, the though of the consequences is enough to say nah.

4. You choose early morning runs over late nights out.

charleston run

I occasionally feel bad about this, but oh well. I can’t tell you how many parties and get together’s I left early or missed completely because of planned runs/races/workouts on Saturday mornings.

Those mornings are important to me, the only mornings during the week I get to truly enjoy without feeling rushed. I’m not willing to compromise on this, and so no friends just know.

5. You know coconut water is more than just lovely cocktail mixer.


Coconut water has recently become a really popular mixer for cocktails. I learned this while talking with friends just the other day. They thought I was insane for drinking it as a pre-workout beverage, sans vodka. When I told them the reason (high electrolytes) they were amazing.

But it does make a great cocktail!

6. Your socks cost more than a trip to the movies.

ProCompression are my favs! And this picture wasn’t funny enough the 1st time!

Your friends don’t get why you can’t just toss on a pair of Fruit-Of-The-Look socks and go. They think your $15 per pair of socks is insane and a waste of money. I don’t tell them that my socks cost a bit  more than $15… let them think what they like.

Clearly, they haven’t had a nasty blister to deal with. No matter how much you try and convey to them that not all socks are created equally…

They just don’t get it. And of course the same goes for sports bras.

7. Your pinterest boards are filled with workouts and motivating quotes.


Friends think this is great at first. They might actually say, “this is great, I need to start working out so I’ll just follow your board!”

But after a while, and a few dozen workouts later, they’re over it. Each time they log on, they think to themselves that perhaps this time you didn’t pin yet another workout. Oh but you did!

8. You’re overly excited after achieving a new strength max.

Great Looking Arms

It’s a BIG deal to go from using 25 pounds for an exercise to using 30 pounds. Friends might not get it, they might wonder why you’re celebrating 5 measly pounds. But don’t worry, we do.

Each new rep I accomplish with the kettlebell or each new kettlebell I’m able to jump up to deserves the celebration dance. Nothing wrong with throwing down a dance party in the gym!

9. You practice new moves anywhere.

Now that Instagram has videos, I find myself testing out new moves more than ever. What do you mean it’s not okay to drop down in the office and do a new (to you) squat variation?

The best is when you’re minding your own business, getting a little workout in, and someone walks in. The stop, look you up and down as if to say “seriously?”.

Yup, seriously. No better time than the present!

10. They are slightly jealous. 


This is not to be a blow to anyone. But let’s face it… friends/family that don’t workout are always saying “I need to workout more.” Deep down they want to have your passion and commitment. But right now in their lives they don’t.

That’s okay, hopefully they will get there.

But for now, they want to look at you as a bit strange so that they can accept their current situation. It’s cool… they’ll get to the place they want to be.

For now, just keep rocking your weird fitness life and overtime, they will cross over to the “fit side”.

Do you ever feel like the weird one in the group? 

For me, it’s mostly with my family. I am close with my family and love them deeply but they just don’t get this whole exercise thing. They don’t get the weights or the running and sometimes even the whole boot camp and blogging thing. It’s cool. I’ll break them down!


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