10 Signs You Deserve Your Fitness Badass Card

Up until yesterday morning, I’ve been feeling like a fitness badass.

I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but I’ve been putting in the hard work and see results with my workouts. I’ve been pushing myself, gaining confidence to try new things, and really feeling like I own my body… not just my workouts.

It’s a great feeling… so I gave myself this:


And I gave myself a fist pump and decided I would continue to push harder.

Can you see the storm clouds on the horizon?

You can almost smell the torrential downpour that’s about to happen.

But like I mentioned, that was before yesterday morning.

The Time I Forgot I’m Broken

This past weekend wasn’t so great. Dan and I both felt like we were in a funk and couldn’t figure out how to get it out of it. We spent most of the weekend working, working, working.

Putting out fires here, there, and way over there too.

We didn’t take time to chill and enjoy some quality time together.

SOOO… In an effort to get back on track and lighten our moods, we headed to the park. After some serious frisbee (I’m talking serious frisbee too), we spent about 15 minutes playing around like kids.

Handstands, cartwheels, even front rolls. We felt like kids at recess and had a blast laughing at each other and just goofing around. Being fit without purposefully trying.

Then I tried to really bring back my youth…

I posted this on my Instagram (Do you follow me? You should to see debacles like this one!) showing my attempt at a front handspring, something I hadn’t done in over a decade.

Clearly, because I’m a fitness badass, I gave it my all and surprised myself. Yup, I rock… I thought.

Until I woke up Monday morning barely able to roll out of bed. My back was in so much pain that standing up caused tremendous strain and there were signs of radiating pain down my left leg….

Stupid herniated discs. (Oh yeah, I seemed to have forgotten that I had a herniated disc… DOH!)

This is why I gave up tumbling all those years ago. But I have felt so strong and in control, I thought I was past this shiznit.

So here I am now, writing on the floor of my gym since that’s more comfortable than a chair. With a heating pad, lots of water and Advil.

Fitness Badass Card starring at me. Mocking me.

But you know something?

It’s cool. Because I know that just a few days of rest, light rehab, and realizing what it means to be a badass equates to getting better faster than ever. Hopefully none of my training will be affected.

Did you catch that?

You’re a fitness badass not just because you can do cool things or showoff amazing feet’s of personal strength… but because you also know when and how to rest and recover. How to respect your body (which I should have remembered to begin with).

That’s also being a fitness badass!

Badass Card Restored!

But just because I’m sidelined doesn’t mean you are, gosh, I hope you’re not!

So let’s see if you deserve your Fitness Badass Card…


10 Signs You Deserve A Fitness Badass Card

1. You Make The Guys Feel Girly

Last week I was doing my pull-ups at the gym. One of the guys around me was getting ready to do his set and was waiting for the bar.

When I finished, he commented and asked how many I just did. I told him 12 to which he responded, “Oh man, now I have to do at least that many!”

He did 13… then thanked me for the extra push.

I felt like a fitness badass.

HoT Pull Up Tip:

If you want to get stronger with your pull-ups, use socks around the bar to help increase your grip strength. Just be careful because you really have to grip super tight so they don’t slide. But it works!

Pull Up Tip

2. You Don’t Give Up When You Have One More Rep In You

How many times have you seen people (men and women) talk about wanting to get results from their workouts, yet they clearly don’t push themselves hard enough?

Oh no, that’s not you. You feel your reps getting harder, getting heavier…

Yet you push for one more. One more than you did the workout before. Because you know that’s the only way to get stronger, tighter, toner.

(Of course this is within reason. Don’t ever ever ever… put your body at risk. Let me be your example that doing that… it’s just stupid.)

Which takes me to #3…

3. You Make A Workout Your Biotch

Unlike some phony fitness badasses, who go into the gym and use it as social time… you go in with a mission.

You have your workout, you put your earphones in regardless if your iPod is dead or not, and get to work.

This isn’t happy hour, this is workout (*couch* *cough* personal play) hour and you’re there to accomplish something great. It doesn’t matter if you have a 15 minute workout planned or a 45 minute workout planned, you’re going to put your head down and get it done.

4. You Don’t Settle For One Version Of A Move


You understand that sometimes the best moves are the most basic.

For examples squats and push-ups are awesome! But you also know that to train your body to reach new heights you have to work it at different angles.

That means, you’re always experimenting with new variations, to take that classic move and make it even more challenging and more fun.

Split squats… sumo squats… prisoner squats… pistol squats… all great moves! Think this list can’t keep going? Check out the 27 variations of squats!

You know that even something as small as changing the grip position of your hands can make a huge difference in the muscles used and the overall workout!

It’s something not a lot of people know… so keep it up!

Dan and I have been playing a lot with Animal Flow lately. It’s so much fun and very challenging too!

5. You Know When To Chill Out

This is perhaps the most important quality of a fitness badass…

You know when you workout hard and when your body needs a break. You know the difference between a 110% day and a day when you should just go out for a walk to loosen everything up.

You also know that taking an extra rest day isn’t the end of the world. It will pay off in the long run.


You’re a fitness badass not just because you can do cool things or showoff amazing feet’s of personal strength… but because you also know when and how to rest and recover. How to respect your body (which I should have remembered to begin with).
6. Friends Ask For Your Fitness Expertise

There comes that day that suddenly your friends realize how awesome you are and start to ask not only what you’re doing, but for advice.

It’s a change from them being curious to really taking your fitness badassery serious.

I can remember when my friends first thought I was just crazy, then suddenly they realized I was on to something. Now, there isn’t a day that goes by that a friend or family member asks for help with their own workouts.

7. You Study, Learn, And Test Different Methods

I know some people that are awesome as certain things like handstands, or squats, or sprinting.

This doesn’t make them a fitness badass though. That makes them at badass at those individual things.

A true fitness badass studies different forms of exercise, understands the art of workout design and practices a little bit of a lot.

They aren’t doing 3 sets of 10 reps of 5 exercises for every single workout. They aren’t doing the same exact moves every workout, and they are continually trying to see what’s available for them to soak up.

The fitness world is their ocean, and they are a sponge!

8. You Laugh When Someone Offers To Help With Weights

If I needed help getting plates off the barbell, I wouldn’t have put them on in the first place.

Thank you very much.

A fitness badass takes responsibility for their weight training choices. They don’t need a support team to help set up and break down stations.

Just back away, I can take care of it myself.

(Unless I’m in serious trouble… then HELP ME!!!… but really know your limits and don’t put yourself in that situation unless it’s on purpose.)

9. You Surround Yourself With Other Fitness Badasses

You are who you hang out with. And yes, I hang out with this crazy lady frequently… my head trainer, friend and motivator, Ashton (who is traveling Europe and needs to come home! lol).

And if you’re a fitness lover then chances are you have at least 1 other fitness freak friend. And if you don’t, you should.

Having other like minded people around you only helps encourage you to work harder, trainer smarter, and get stronger.

I’m blessed to have a husband that is a fitness badass, several badass running friends, a fellow kettlebell freak friend (hey Kim!), and dozens of clients who push me to be a better me every day.

I love my fitness badasses!

10. You Feel Like A Fitness Badass

If you saw the headline today, and you immediately thought to yourself, “I’m a fitness badass” then there is your answer.

You are one and you deserve the card.

Own it proudly!

How bizarre that I posted this picture yesterday because it’s exactly how I am feeling at this moment…


But I know my body and I know I will be giving a fist pump soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, but before you go…

When was a time/event where you felt like a badass?


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