10 Signs You’re A Personal Trainer

I love what I do. Every morning when I wake up I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion and to help others get healthier, fitter, and more “fit savvy”. 

Not everyone can say that they love their job, I’m one of the lucky few I suppose. And I truly hope you are too.

Before I kicked off my training career, I thought I was going to be a doctor. I did the pre-med thing. Did the summer internships at hospitals. Graduated with honors. I did everything I thought I needed to do to secure my life as an OB/GYN (yup, that’s what I wanted to specialize in).



Throwback Thursday?

But funny how life changes. No amount of book smarts could prep me enough for the MCATS and I took 3 bad scores as a sign that med school wasn’t for me.

Well, and the fact that while working as a breast center as a medical assistant, I just wasn’t “feeling it”.

It was during these dark years, I’l call them, that I found my love for real exercise. I say real because before them I had just been going through the motions of exercise. Working out for the sake of saying I worked out.

I began to see working out as a way to achieve goals and make myself not only better on the outside but inside as well.

I woke up one day and realized that I could still help women, just in a different way. So I became a personal trainer and honestly haven’t looked back since. And that was 5 years ago.

I’ve met lots of personal trainers, some with similar ideas and others not so much. But for the most part, we have a few common traits that allow people to say… “Oh you must be a trainer.”

Here are those 10 signs in no particular order.


Top 10 Signs You’re A Personal Trainer

1. You love burpees. 

Very few people LOVE burpees. But we do.

We find it fun to create workouts with names like “Death By Burpees” and “The Burpilicious Burn”. And we don’t just love watching our clients do these workouts, chances are we do them for fun too. Just last week I decided to do a complete 40 minute workout built around 6+ burpee variations.

Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes.

2. You own more sports bras than real bras.

And for good reason! I came to the realization that I only wear a real bra 1 day a week. And sometimes not even then (a perk of being small chested).

You also have more workout capris than real pants and more fitness headbands than other hair products.

3. The back of your car looks as if a gym threw up in it. 

Open the back of your car and chances are you’ll find weights, a scale, jump ropes, and even gear that you forgot about.

Someone needs a ride? Just scoot the kettlebells and sandbags over and make sure not to let them roll on them.

Trust me… I’m doing you a favor by not showing you a picture of the back of my car.

4. Everyone shares their current workout with you.

Each time you meet someone and they find out you’re a trainer they feel compelled to tell you what their workout program currently is, what they don’t like about it, and what they do like about it.



Or… they will share with you their desire to get in shape along with their list of what’s currently stopping them.

This isn’t a bad thing, I love talking fitness with people. And if they feel compelled to talk and it opens them up then great! Always a good ice breaker.  And if they REALLY want my advice, I am more than happy to help how I can!

5. You are shocked at how long your hair. 

Your hair is up so often then when you finally take the time to wash, dry and style it your jaw drops at the site of how long it has gotten. Just about everytime I would take the time to straighten it, I would end up running into Dan’s office, turning around, and saying “Can you believe how long it’s gotten?”


6. You have a pair of shoes for every type of workout.

Just like there is an App for that… there’s a shoe for that. While most people have 1-2 pairs of shoes for working out (all forms of working out). You have a pair for running, a pair for lifting, a pair for cross training and plyo, and of course 1-10 pairs that just look cute with a particular training outfit.

Currently I have… at least 8 pairs of workout shoes. And yes, I wear them all!

7. 12 oz water bottles? That’s a baby bottle.

You carry a big boy around. And you have a set goal each day of how many bottles you have to down. It’s sometimes a game for you to see how many bottles of your huge jug you can take down.

Unless you’re my husband… then it’s coffee:


8. You say “Great Job” far too often.

For me it’s “Annnnd GO!”, but we all have that one or two motivational quotes that we find ourselves repeating over and over again.

My clients used to joke that I should open my gym and name it “And GO Fitness”.

Even when at home, you find yourself patting your spouse’s back or kids’ and saying “Great job! Keep it up!”.

9. You get really excited about themed workouts. 

You are like a kindergarten teacher during the holidays. Holiday themed workouts are the highlight of your training and you work to get really creative so your clients will be blown away.


This was a good one:

10. You have the biggest song knowledge of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now than all of your friends.

You’re used to putting together playlists for clients and meeting their personal taste. You can sing pretty much any up-beat song from the 70 onward!

Right now, if I hear Timber or Baby Got Back one more time… let’s just say everyone will be in for a whole jaw dropping performance. I’ve been putting together a whole song and dance number in my head each time I hear these songs.

Do you love your job? If not, what would be your dream job?


  • oh and don’t forget.. you forget what’s it’s like to wear real clothes.

    • Real clothes? You mean capris, a workout top and sports bra isn’t real clothes?? Oh no, I’m screwed.

  • Those are great!! Since leaving the corporate world in June I can’t remember the last time I wore heels!

    • It’s sad! I miss my heals sometimes. I even wear them to the store just so I get to put them on.

  • Okay mama, I totally needed to hear this post today. I loved the beginning of your post and history of what brought you to where you are. I have a great job, but I’m not feeling it either, so to speak. I realize I have to say where I am now, but I sure like the idea of doing something I love and getting paid for it, and perhaps taking a different job and using personal training to offset the pay difference. What made you finally take the plunge? I’m sure it had to be sort of scary with the unknown. Did you split your time between a day job and training? How long did it take you to become certified? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    • Brittny, I’m an yoga sculpt instructor and also work a full time job. I teach 2 mornings a week and one evening a week. Its great to get paid to workout, and also to build a client base before/if you decide to strike out on your own. It depends on what you want to teach/do, where you want to do it, and what time you have available.

      Taylor, I loved this post! I am a really picky music person, and sometimes I’ll pick a song that is great to workout to, and happens to be popular, unfortunately when I hear it, I’ll feel compelled to do squats or pushups in beat to the music. It makes for some awesome/awkward dance parties with friends!

      • Thanks, Katie! That’s what I’m looking for, just adding in a few classes since I’m already at the gym and love teaching and helping others. It’s time to get a certification to back it up!
        I’m looking into various group certs and plan to start getting more serious.

        • Brittny, i am happy to share more of my story. Yes it was very scary at the time. I left a good paying job to work at a gymnastics center making very little money. But it provided me a better schedule to start my morning classes and allowed me to practice my skills since i was training high school competitive cheerleaders and gymnasts. Finally, as one location showed success and another followed finally I took the leap full time. I would lie if I said it wasn’t scary. Every day I get a rush of anxiety and excitement!

          • Brittny

            Thanks so much! Very helpful.

  • Kim

    Ummm….are you going to share the 40 minute workout built around the burpee variations?! I got sort of distracted by number 1 clearly!!!

  • Jen

    A pumpkin eh? Very cute idea. I like the theme workout idea.

    • haha, just one of many over the years. We’ve also used christmas decorations, lights, and even easter eggs.

  • I do love my job :). It’s not the job for everyone and it’s not really glamorous. I mean, who wants to write instruction manuals for a living? I’ve had people tell me I should pursue my dreams, write a novel (totally NOT my dream or what I ever wanted to do), shoot for a career in journalism, be a travel writer, etc. But honestly… being a tech writer and working from home lets me run more, work out, and live a comfortable life. The pay’s not bad either. I had pretty realistic expectations after college that I’d be working a desk job in an office (well, home office now) and well… that’s what I’m doing.

    I totally experience some of these and I’m not a personal trainer! I even have “going out sweats”, which are the sweats I wear when I have to leave the house, haha. I have like 2 pairs of jeans that fit right and only one pair of dress pants, haha. But my workout clothes dresser (yes, an entire dresser) is pretty much overflowing!

    • That’s great! Forget other peoples ideas of what you should do. keep rocking what you do!

  • LOL – I definitely find my self saying, “Good Job” all the time or “way to go,” “awesome job,” Whoo hoo!” Especially when responding to a client via email. And can we seriously get 32 oz water bottles? I don’t have time to be refilling 12 and 16 oz bottles all day. OH and the workout question, yes! Though I don’t think everyone really wants to hear my opinion 😉

    • Haha! I always ask before I answer… “do you really want to know what I think?”

  • You speak the truth, girl! Personal trainer here, and I particularly love #1.

  • Nikki

    This is so funny and so true!!! I love my job! Seeing people gain strength physically and mentally is so rewarding! Xo

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