10 Surprisingly True Things About Fitness Bloggers

I’ve been hanging out and sharing my life here consistently for 2 years now. Prior to that it was a post here, a post there, and a whole bunch of posts that no one ever read.

It was 2 years ago when I decided that I wanted to give blogging a real shot. As a girl that dispised (no, really I did) writing, that was a huge challenge.


My very first post!

It was an immediate “love”, but blogging eventually became more than just sharing tips, stories, and recipes. It’s become a piece of my life, and I am proud to say that I no longer hate writing… I love it.

Each post is something I take pride in. And yes, there have been times when I’ve considered backing down the frequency in which I write but when I try, I feel as if something is missing.

The time that sit writing is precious to me, and something that I hope you look forward to  each day. I can’t, I won’t stop.

It’s changed me in more ways than one. Sure it takes up several hours of my day, every day, but it’s made me into one of those people…

You know: A fitness blogger.

We’re a strange breed. And that is the reason I thought this post would be so much fun to share.

10 Signs You’re A Fitness Blogger

1. A workout isn’t complete without a picture.


If a tree feel in the woods but no one was around, did it make a sound?

To a fitness blogger… if a picture isn’t taken at the end of a workout, did it happen?

2. You have friends with weird names.

Your friends don’t have names like Amy or Lindsay. Instead, it’s normal to call them by their blog name, Tiny Terror and CotterCrunch.


And if you’re wondering I even call Tiny, Tiny when we hang out.

When I do call bloggers by their real name, Dan often looks up and asks, who?

Just call me LiftingRevolution, or LR for short… it’s cool.

3. You secretly hope she’s doing a workout of yours. 


I can’t deny this, and it should probably be a confession, but I have been guilty of looking at the workout of girl beside me to see if just possibly she’s doing one of my workouts.

There is a sense of hope each time that maybe, just maybe someone in the room reads your blog.

And in case you’re wondering the answer is no. The girl next to me wasn’t doing my workout.

4. You’re not afraid to take pictures without makeup on.


Most girls refuse to take a picture without their “face” on. Oh not the fitness blogger… we have more make-upless, sweaty selfies on Instagram than any group of women.

And… we like it. Well, okay maybe I went above overboard with this example.

5. You eat cold food… a lot. 

vegan artichoke arugula soup

Made a beautiful, healthy dinner? Too bad you spent 5 minutes trying to get the kitchen lighting just right and then another 10 minutes trying to snap your dinner at just the perfect angle to make it look OMG-Delicious.

By the time you actually sit down, the gorgeous steam is gone and a chill has set in.

6. Words like Vitamix, Quest Bars, and overnight oats make you giddy.


Fitness bloggers have a tendancy to follow other fitness blogger (duh).

This means fads pop up and spread like wildfire. You go to bed, wake up and realize that 10 of your friends are going on and on about the same new product. You feel left out, and have to try the newest cool thing too.

Quest Bars (get the Raspberry White Chocolate); chia seed pudding, shakes (ALL types), Vitamix, and overnight oats are a few items that are often brought up in blogger conversations.

7. You publicly announce your love for burpees.

super burpee workout

This wouldn’t be a proper fitness post without mentioning burpees. And yes, I love them. I do them. I create workouts around this crazy exercise. And I blog about them.

That should be a t-shit: “I Blog For Burpees”… who would wear it?

8. You’re guilty of the “Oh, I just did ____” disease. 


When friends see me on Saturdays they often ask, “how many miles did you run this morning?”

They know I ran because of the lovely Instagram photos and Twitter posts I pasted up earlier (remember: PHOTO NEEDED).

And I may often reply with, “oh, JUST 7 miles.” Or perhaps during a workout… “Just 100 swings.”

Guilty. We feel the need to shake off accomplishments because we think people expect us to be able to do these things. Well, guess what? It’s not “just”… celebrate!

9. We worry more than we should about our bodies.


Fitness bloggers want to look the part of a fitness expert. So of course in the back of our minds, we wonder… “do I look fit enough?”

Is this fair? Is it too much unnecessary pressure?

Probably, but when you’re sticking pictures up left and right of your workouts you want to feel confident! In truth, it’s likely no one cares, it’s what we share that matters and brings our friends back to read each day!

Hopefully? Yes?

10. You do things fitness things you never would have considered.

There have been plenty of events/diets/taste tests that I have done and I have wondered… did I just do this because it would be a fun blog post?

There was the Paleo Experiment, The Raw Diet Test, and how could I forget the 100 year old egg?

Talk to me… 

Tell me something about the job you do! 


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