10 Things Fit People Do… So Copy Them

Remember when you were a kid and your annoying sibling would sit beside you (as close as possible) and mimic everything you said and did? Of course you would get tired of it after about 3.3 seconds and scream:

“Stop being a copy cat! MOMMM, make (insert sibling’s name here) stop copying me!”

I remember, because as the little sister, I was the one being annoying.

brother love

Oh the joys of pestering siblings.

Well, as annoying as it was back then, now that we’re adults it’s time to step back into the world of being a copy cat.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten is to see what works for others, and then do what they do. This works for diet, fitness, work, etc. Of course you might see different results, however, what works for one will often work to some degree for another.

So, if you want to be fit, then do what fit people do.

copy cat

It really is as easy as that.

I’ve put together a checklist of “10 Things Fit People Do” so you can see what you’re doing right, and what you can be doing to achieve the fit person title.

These are both for fun but also to offer support and help.

10 Things Fit People Do And You Should Copy

–> They read cool fitness blogs. 

Fitness people associate with other fitness minded people, they:

  • Read fitness blogs
  • Read fitness magazines/books
  • Watch fitness Youtube videos

They enjoy getting tips, workouts, recipe ideas and more to help better their own lives. You’re reading this, so clearly you can cross this one off!

–> They workout because it’s a privilege. workout benefits

Working out to a fit person isn’t a chore, it is something they look forward to, something they feel is a benefit. Each and every time I lift a weight or run a mile, I feel blessed to have a body that allows me to make it stronger, faster, and better.

Exercise is not simply a means to weight loss. It’s a means to a healthier life.

If it’s a chore, there’s your clue you’re doing something that you’re not enjoying. Try a different form of exercise to find the right thing for you.

–> They eat to live, not live to eat.

Food has become something else over the past century. Instead of nourishing our bodies with vitamins, minerals and needed nutrients, today’s foods fills us with fake science lab chemicals, fat, cholesterol and my favorite… heart disease.

Fit people realize that to live a healthy life, it’s about eating the way our grandparents did. Whole, natural foods. Foods that make our bodies stronger and healthier… not feeble and diseased.

Food is energy to a fit person. And I promise, a fit person still eats deliciously. It might not be a ice cream pop-tart sandwich, but they aren’t starving their tastebuds.


–> They don’t brag about workouts… verbally. 

Working out is a part of their day. It’s what a fit person does. Just like brushing their teeth, going to work or enjoying a morning cup of joe, the workout is routine.

It’s not that they don’t brag about it, but they don’t think to brag about it. Just like you don’t announce to the world that you put on 2 swooshes of deodorant.

The fit person may however share their workouts on Facebook or Instagram (especially fitness bloggers)… not for bragging rights but to hold themselves accountable and perhaps help to motivate someone else to get their butt off the couch.

–> Sweat doesn’t stop them. 

When you workout, you sweat. It’s a natural side effect. Fit people know this and don’t let the fear of sweat stop them. If they have a lunch break that is long enough for a workout session, then it’s a gym date. If they have to go back to work “glistening” that’s just too bad.

They feel better for it and even get a rush when looking down at their sweat soaked shirt as if they decided to jump through the sprinklers.

–> They wear clothes made for exercise.

Speaking of sweat stained shirts, fit people wear workout clothes specifically for working out in.

No oversized t-shirts left over from your husband’s college days, no cotton shorts that are better left in the drawer for “paint clothes”.

They understand that proper fitness attire doesn’t just help performance (and sweat whisking), they also help boost confidence while working out.

Do you give a presentation in old holey jeans and a tank top? No, because you wouldn’t feel comfortable or professional. The same goes with workout clothes, dress in them and you’ll feel better about each minute on the treadmill and each rep with your dumbbells.

workout motivation

–> They don’t believe in the same thing. 

Doing the same workout with the same level of performance gets boring and it doesn’t deliver results. Fit people realize this.

Each time they go up to the plate for a new gym session, they give their all to try to do better than the workout before.

Perhaps more reps, more weight, or a faster performance. All 3 elements are important to driving a fit person to become more fit.

–> They enjoy “cheat” foods.


Fro-yo, cake, cookies, candy, you name it, I eat it from time to time.

Just because fit people eat to live doesn’t mean that they avoid all foods they know are bad. Sometimes eating bad just feels too good!

Instead, they practice moderation.

They enjoy their favorite foods in a controlled fashion:

  • They know that eating bad once in a while won’t cause a spare tire to form or thunder thighs to clap.

They enjoy these foods completely guilt-free.

–> They are aware of their body.

A fit person knows when their body is in top shape, and they can pick up on when something isn’t quite right.

  • When they are working out, they are able to pick up cues when something may be injuries or at the brink of injury.
  • They can tell when their body is fatigued and in need of an extra day of rest.

And more importantly, they listen to these cues. They skip a workout, they go to bed an hour earlier, or they hit up a yoga class instead of the weight room.

This important skill only comes with time as your fitness journey continues forward.

–> They never consider their fit journey complete. 

There is always room for improvement. A fit person knows this and never settles for the performance level they have achieved.

After a fit person accomplished one milestone, they set a new goal and work towards it. Once it’s done, a new one is made. This goes on and on and on.

Fitness goals are infinite and once you’re exercising for reasons aside from dropping a few pounds, that’s when the real fun begins.

So let me know…

Is there anything on this list you need to work harder on?

What’s your next fitness goal?


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