Get Rid Of Jiggle With This 11 Minute “Go For The Gold” Workout

Happy Tuesday!

I am so glad the rain let up and it appears that the sun has decided to join us today. Yesterday evening just as my boot camp was set to start the clouds decided to release all they rain they have been holding in for weeks.

downpour daniel island

This was taken about .2 seconds before the rain came pouring. Yup, boot campers do it in the rain! 

It actually turned out perfect because there was a nice chill I haven’t felt since March. Even with the rain, it was a great workout!

Once home, it was time for some dinner.

{Vegan} Pesto barley with roasted veggies (bell pepper, brussel sprouts, green beans and mushrooms) and stuffed squash blossoms (more on those later this week)!

Of course I was watching the olympics at the same time. Is anyone else getting annoyed at the fact that winners are being revealed during commercials BEFORE their event? I was so upset to see a commercial about Missy Franklin 2 minutes before her backstroke event. It’s like knowing what you’re going to get for Christmas before Christmas! I hate that.

But I was stoked to see this 17 year old kick butt!

missy franklin gold back stroke


The Olympics have been an amazing motivator to me. During my workout yesterday, I kept reminding myself how all these athletes train for hours and hours each day. The least I can do is to give my all for the time I put in.

If you’re going to do it, do it. Right? No half-assing things.

So that is why I present to you the “Go For The Gold Workout

It’s short but it’s tough and if you give it your all you’ll fee like you should be standing on a podium listening to the national anthem play overhead.

Go For The Gold Workout 

  • 30 Seconds Speed Jump Rope (don’t have one, no big deal… hop in place)
  • 45 Seconds Lunge Twister Jumps
  • 45 Seconds Push-ups Fidgets
  • 45 Seconds Spidermans

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds. This workout is over and done in 11 minutes. Don’t rest between exercises.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

  • What’s been your favorite olympic moment so far?
  • Who is your favorite athlete?  
Get more workouts by checking out my new site: Fit Women’s Weekly! I am so excited about it and can’t wait to get feed back and make this community grow! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me and being awesome.


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