12 Toning Workouts For The 12 Days Of Christmas

On The 12th Day Of Christmas My Trainer Gave To Me… 

12 Calorie Scorching Workouts! 

I know the 12 days of Christmas don’t officially kick off until Christmas Day, however considering all the food and wine I consumed this weekend, I think it’s excusable to present the 12 Calorie Scorching Workouts today.

Do you agree?

I know I’ve talked until blue in the face about the importance of sticking to a workout schedule over the holiday season. And while that advice is solid, it’s hard to stick to it if you don’t have workouts that excite you right?

Of course there’s Fit Womens Weekly for extra workouts (this week’s workout is so much fun) and training help, but I thought it would be fun to look back over the past 12 months from Lifting Revolution to give you 12 killer workouts for the month.

See if you can do 3-4 of these each week for the remainder of the month as a fun fitness goal. The wine and cookies are only going to increase as we get closer to Christmas, right? So make sure to turn those workouts up just a bit to help fight off the extra calories we’re all likely to take in.

Top 12 Workouts Of 2013 For Your Holiday Shape-Up

To see the exercises just click on the title to revisit the original post.

1. January – Monkey In The Middle

2. February: The Burn

This post actually has 6 different workouts! This just happened to be my favorite but it was a close tie to the Waterfall Workout.

3. March – Super Burpee Workout

4. April – Jump Rope Madness

Did you know that jumping rope can burn the equivalent amount of calories as running a 6 minute mile?

5. May – The Scorcher

Kettlebells are a force to be reckoned with. I do not recommend doing this workout if you’ve never worked out with kettlebells before. Form is crucial, and having a professional around when first getting into kb’s may not be such a bad idea.

6. June – Slip N Slider Workout

Get more details on sliders at the post link above, but seriously they are worth the $5-$10 from Lowe’s! Thought Lowe’s only knew home improvement?

7. July – The Sparkler


8. August – Sweat Summertime

I think this workout was the sweatiest I have ever been on camera. It was disgusting but that’s a sign of a great workout, right?

9. September – Puma Pounce

10. October – The Pumpkin Workout


11. November – Slow Ascent

This workout was part of our Negatives In November theme at Fit Womens Weekly! If you haven’t tried negatives yet in your training DO THIS WORKOUT!

12. December – Snow Leopard


This workout is going to be apart of a larger post later this onto on speed work and intervals!  So it’s a sneak preview of what’s to come. After this weekend’s half marathon I’ll be spending a lot more time doing workouts like this and a lot less time going for 10+ mile runs. Can’t. Wait.

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”

-Buddy The Elf

This past weekend was jammed pack with holiday fun, and yes singing carols may have been involved as well.

The weekend began with the annual 5K Reindeer Run through Downtown Charleston. This race is hands down my favorite 5K of the year.



Each December, I get decked out in holiday garb to run 3.1 miles with my friends. Santas are everywhere, kids have the biggest smiles, and families are out being active together. This year I was short on time because of the party planned for the same evening, so I settled on being a snow storm… no one got it.

This is the biggest 5K I do each year, so I never go into it with expectations. So I was pretty pumped to finish with a 22.28 chip time and 3rd in my age group!

After the race, I quickly filmed a killer workout with Dan before getting to work in my house prepping for our holiday feast with friends.

Here are just a few pictures from the evening. We had a blast and ended up not crawling into bed until well after 2:00 am!


SO blessed for all of the wonderful people in our life.





Zoe loved being the center of attention all night!



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