The hardest thing about eating healthy is getting the new habit implemented. It’s like learning anything new. At first you’re clumsy with it… it takes longer to get going… you make more mistakes… and because of that you can get frustrated and give up.

However, there are some really easy ways you can eat healthier starting today that don’t take up a lot of extra time or brain power to implement. Plus when it comes to eating healthy on a budget these are perfect.

These will not sound like much and you may even question their benefit, but I assure you they are huge. Each of these food actions will start a small snowball that will roll and grow to alter your entire diet.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

1. Add More Leafy Greens To Everything!

Add More Leafy Greens To Diet

Okay, I’m not talking about ice-burg lettuce. I’m talking about adding things like kale, spinach, bok choi, and there are others. These are super nutritious and when you saute them, they taste great on just about everything.

You can put sautéed greens like these to sandwiches for an amazing taste. You can add them as a topper to chicken or any meat. Add in other veggies and they make nice hot salads.

Keep them raw and they are great for normal salads. Who doesn’t love a salad?

Add more salads like these to your diet and you’ll be filling a vital nutrient gap.

2. Make 1 to 2 Meals Each Week All Veggie!

Amazing Veggie Meals

It may sound hard now, but with just a little practice in the kitchen, you can make some great veggie meals. Plus what I’m talking about is not having the entire plate be greens or anything, but a mix of beans, a few grains, greens, mushrooms, you name it.

Just to spark your imagination. You can make:

  • Burritos and add some hot peppers.
  • Use tempeh, grill it with a mushroom sauce for a great burger.
  • Make a pasta dish with mung bean pasta and a huge assortment veggies.

This is probably the biggest tip to use. It will help you start to love eating more veggies and it will definitely help you increase your healthy and decrease your weight.

How Easy Is It To Do Just Those Two Things?

I know you probably enjoy reading lists that are like the top 50 things you can do, but if I did that, I’d just be rattling off everything you’ve already read before and know about. Not to mention you can’t walk away with something you can use today.

These are two small things you can do now. They are easy and don’t take too much effort.

What’s more important is the effect they will have your body, your energy levels, and how overtime they will help you change your diet slowly. It will make a huge difference.

It Really Is That Easy!

Eating Healthy Is Easy

Finally, I just want to stress this…

It really is that easy to start making these changes!

It’s not overly complex like we naturally expect or think it should be. It’s not going to take these mammoth changes and all our will power like we expect is should.

It’s the small things you do everyday that collectively nourish your body and help it get fit and strong.

You can do it! Ask any questions you may have below.

My question for you is this…

What small thing do you try to do now to increase your healthy through food?

What leafy green veggie have you never tried but you’re curious about?