2011 Boys and Girls Club Push-Up Contest

How many push-ups can you do in 45 minutes?

Well, to be honest I have no idea either but between myself and 3 other teammates, we did 1421!

I participated in the Lowcounty Push-up Contest here in Charleston… all of the proceeds went to support the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club, which is awesome. It made it really cool that the kids were there cheering us on the entire time! Below you’ll see our personal cheerleader. He quickly made friends with Dan.

It was a gorgeous morning and a great effort by the Fat Blasting Boot Camp. No, we didn’t win… in fact, we had a team mate pull out at the last minute so we were a person short AND our judge was quick to tell us out of all the teams there, we had the best push-up form.

It made me pretty perturbed to turn and rest at one point and see some people practically humping the ground and calling it a push-up… but it was for a good cause and it was fun!

The idea was that we were in a circle with the team, and only one member could do push-ups at a time. Then the next… and so on. Broken down, we all did over 300 push-ups! Wew… my arms are killing me now!

Check out the picts! If you have this event near you, I def recommend doing it!

Our personal cheerleader!!

The Team! We rocked

Fighting for it!

Up close and personal... Dan pumped them out like crazy!


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