2011 Strong Woman Contest

Yesterday I packed my gym bag and headed out to my first Strong Woman competition. I had no idea what to expect… I had been lifting heavy for the past 2 month in preparation for it but in reality I really had no idea if  I would be ready.

It was an absolute blast! I didn’t win overall but I did put up a good fight, winning in the Farmer’s Carry and the 50 yard dash. It was even more amazing because everyone clearly thought of me as the “underdog” since I was the smallest by 30 pounds… just goes to show that size doesn’t determine strength!

Here are the events I competed in:

  1. 115 lb Deadlift (2 minutes time limit) = 36 reps (the winner did 39)
  2. Piledriver = opposite of Tug-a-war
  3. 45 lb bicep curl (2 minutes time limit) = 12 reps (not so hot)
  4. Axe hold = Lateral hold till failure
  5. Farmers Carry (2 minute time limit) = how far can I go with 70 pounds in each hand = winner
  6. 50 yard dash = winner

It was such a great day. Even if I didn’t win, to walk away saying I did it and did the best I could made me feel proud and accomplished. I had an amazing support team in Dan and my mom and everyone out there was great at pushing me and helping me go further than I thought I could.

Am I sore today? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!

For the next month, I am changing it up a little to lift lighter weight for higher reps since I have a push-up contest at the end of the month.

Here are some pictures from today

Dan and I near the end of the day... it was hot and we were sunburnt bad!

Deadlifting 115 lbs

Farmers Carry, each weighed in at 70 lbs... goal to carry one in each hand for 2 minutes



  • Yay! Glad to hear you had fun.

  • Keisha

    Where did these competitions take place? i have been searching for a comp to enter in. would love to enter in and compete.

    • This particular one was help in Charleston, SC. There is going to be another one similar in June here as well. It’s going to be called Primal Challenge (or something like that).

  • Oh, I that’s too heavy. I think I can’t lift that. But Kudos to you because even if you didn’t win, you prove to everyone that you are also strong.

  • viki

    they are the lightest weights in the world!

    My farmers was 120lbs in each hand
    deadlift to 300lbs

    and please dont tell me the bicep curl was both arms!

    Thats awful .

  • Wow Viki, that’s impressive. Great job!

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