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Order Up! Vegan Turtle Bites Made To Order & Weekend Photo Book

Good morning! I hope you had a fabulous weekend, or should I say, having a fabulous weekend! I tried my best to get on to my computer yesterday to share some pictures of what was going on but it just didn’t happen. Know why? Because I had my first full order of my Vegan Turtle […]

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Falling Love With Autumn Inspired Beer

Like I said in the post earlier, for whatever reason I am in serious need of a pumpkin ale. Don’t ask. After hitting up a few fellow bloggers who I know are serious about their beers, I went shopping! Tina and Lauren gave some awesome recommendations, but apparently Charleston has a terrible beer supply because […]

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Making Time For Friends, Fitness and Beer

I really should have called this post “Making Time For Beer, Friends, And Fitness” because that’s the order of things, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it, so just read it backwards if you want. Yay for Friday! Hopefully you’ve got some awesome plans lined up for the weekend? Nothing too exciting since […]

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LuluLemon And Almond Breeze Giveaway Winner

I hope your day is going well! It’s that time… the time to reveal the winner of the Lululemon/Almond Breeze Giveaway: Congratulations to Michelle!  You can give up the sweets! We will all hold each other accountable! 🙂 An email has been sent to the winner, please email me back and I’ll get your goodies […]

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Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Foods I’m Obsessed With

Thursday already? That means it’s one day closer to being October 1st which means I better start getting my latte fix between now and then! Have you joined in the October Challenge fun yet? While it might be safe to say I am obsessed with latte’s since I am giving them up in a few […]

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