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The Workout You Can’t Escape: Domestic Duties Burn Calories

Happy Friday, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was great taking the day off to relax with family and unwind. I can’t say that my eating was spot on, but it was Thanksgiving so that’s my excuse. I may have even eating a slice of carmel praline cheesecake! Call the vegan cops, have […]

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Thanksgiving: The Truth Behind The Feast {Graphic}

I can’t believe it… a second post in one day! Woo hoo. It’s because I am so excited about Thanksgiving! I am getting ready to go champagne shopping now for mimosas in the am. But before I do, check out the graphic I spent 3 hours working on tossed together. What’s your take on pie… […]

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Ask Away Wednesday: Turkey Day Edition

Today might be the last day of work for you, or perhaps you’re already off. Regardless, it’s a day to celebrate and get pumped up for what’s to come… tomorrow is a day of family, friends, love and food. I likely will not be posting tomorrow since I’ll be up and in the kitchen just […]

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Jumping For The Gingerbread Man: How To Increase Box Jump Height

After spending most of the entire weekend slaving away in the kitchen making food like this:  Vegan Carrot Gingerbread (Carrot cake + Gingerbread = spiced deliciousness) Dan and I decided it was necessary to get to the gym for a great workout. We started with deadlifts, because I am weak not as strong as I […]

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