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Merry Christmas From My Family To Yours

This is my favorite holiday of the year and I am excited to share it with my amazing family today. The plan is to get Dan out of bed (right after I hit Publish, have our “mini” Christmas at our house opening gifts from his family (they live in Phili) and then packing up the […]

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New Food Finds & How To Set Goals That You’ll Actually Hit

Happy Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas Eve! I am pretty much like a 4 year old waiting for Christmas morning. Dan hates it because you better believe I will be up at 6:30 trying to wake up him up (without him realizing that I am waking him up, of course). Oh well, he’s only a Scrooge […]

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It’s Our Engage-iversary & Holiday Brunch

3 years ago today, I had my most memorable Christmas experience. Dan dropped down on his knee, and pulled out this little ornament: Inside it had: And:  And then has asked… “Will you marry me?” Well, you know my answer! It was a wonderful moment, and to be honest I was more excited for today […]

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Holiday Favorites {Quiz} & Memories

Happy Saturday! I don’t know about where you are but it seems that winter decided to show up just in time for Christmas. Last week we were blessed with temperatures in the low – mid 70s; starting yesterday we are lucky if we see the 50s. Which of course means that today’s morning run was […]

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Can You Stand Up Unassisted?

Happy Friday! For a lot of you that means that the holiday weekend has begun. Kids are out of school and perhaps you’re out of work until Wednesday or later!? If you were hit by the snow storm, I hope you’re staying worm. Living in Charleston, snow isn’t something we deal with often, thankfully. I […]

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