2013 Fitness Goals I WILL Accomplish

Happy New Years!

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I am putting on a pot of lentils right now to let them simmer away before heading to my parents for our lucky dinner. I hope that 2013 is off to a great start.

I am not normally a huge fan of odd numbered years (I know it’s silly, I just don’t like odd numbers) but I have a really good feeling about this one. So good in fact, that I think I might change my views and decide that odd numbers are evil after all.

Dan and I spent much of last night talking about what we want to accomplish this year in terms of money, business and life. We’ve got some big goals!

I am really excited!

I won’t bore you with our personal goals but I would love to share my fitness goals. This way, come January 1, 2014 I’ll be able to look back and see what goals I hit!

I haven’t had too much time to really plan out specific races/competitions/events for the year yet but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about what I want to do.

2013 Fitness Goals

Run a sub 1.50 half marathon. 

I have my next half in just a few weeks, so who knows? But then again with the cold temperatures, my training has not been as strong as it was during the summer. 99% of my runs lately have taken place on the treadmill which makes me nervous. I know I need to suck it up and get outside but I hate the cold with a passion. My last half was just under 1.54, so that’s 4 minutes I somehow need to get rid of. Ugh.

Do a 10 mile+ obstacle course. 

Dan and I have looked in the Warrior Dash and the Spartan Run, so we are taking steps to make this one happen! If you know of a good one, please pass on the word!

Perform 20 pull-ups. 

I know I know. I have been saying this for quite some time now. I don’t know why I have such a hard time training my pull-ups but I do. I just have to buckle down, commit and really go after it. I-CAN-DO-IT!

Run a sub 21 minute 5K.

I love 5K races. They are short, but they allow me to push myself in a way that distance running doesn’t. I always end the race bent over and praying I don’t throw up gasping for air. 2012 allowed me to achieve a PR of 23.03… next I want to bring that down and get a sub 21 minute race!

When I mentioned this to Dan, I originally said that my overall goal for 5Ks would be a sub 21, but that I would work on getting a sub 22 for 2013… he rolled his eyes and told me why putt it off. If it’s my goal, why not just skip the middleman and go all for it. Then he asked if I was chicken.

That got me.

Deadlift 200 lbs. 

This may not sound crazy heavy to some, but it’s a big goal for me! I have been working on my deadlift progress for quite some time. A few weeks ago I got it to 155 lbs, so hopefully if I keep working on it that 200 can happen!

Track all of my miles.

I wish I had done this in 2012. Each time I run, I am going to track it. That way by the end of the year, it will be cool to see how far I ran. My goal? Over 900 miles. That will get me from Charleston to my in-laws (Devon, PA) and then a trip DC to see my sister-in-law and then back to Devon.

So far that’s it. Though I am now working on my action goals. The goals that are going to make these goals happen! I will have to work on my workout plans and routines and get some sort of accountability going.

But I am happy with these so far!

-What goal(s) do you have for 2013? 

-Do you prefer even or odd numbers?


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