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Friendly Friday: The Blogger Healthy Tailgate Party

Is anyone else excited that college football has officially kicked off? Go Clemson!  Dan & I at a wedding. And my uncle with my brother, I am guessing about 30 years ago! We’re starting the season with a big game (ugh Georgia), but hopefully Tigers will walk away with the W. Because I am stoked […]

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The 8 Most Overrated Gym Exercises For Women

Some of these may shock you, some may even have you asking… “Did she really just say that was overrated?” Yes, I certainly did. As promised, this is the follow up to Tuesday’s Most Underrated Exercise post. If you missed it, check it out! As for today, these are moves that I see repeatidily glorified, […]

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Why Skinny Isn’t The Same As It Once Was

I don’t want to be skinny, at least not today. This was the topic of conversation yesterday morning between my friends Katie, Michelle and myself during our cool down jog. Skinny isn’t appealing, it doesn’t sound healthy and it isn’t setting a good example to friends, family and my clients. I feel like “skinny” has […]

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The 5 Most Underrated Exercises In Fitness History

On Sunday, I did one specific exercise that had my legs throbbing, butt twitching, and heart pounding. And that was just after the first set. I still had 2 more sets to complete. Even my training partner looked up at me and commented: “Oh that looks tough, I’m not looking forward to my turn.” And […]

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Fat Of The Pharaohs: Benefits Of Red Palm Oil

Red Palm Oil was so revered by Egyptians, that it was often times included in the tombs of Pharaohs so that these kings and queens would have access to it in the after world. In many African towns (where it’s derived), red palm oil is their number one medicinal cure. From head aches to joint […]

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