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Prize Reveal: Stronger Arms, Tighter Core… And Fresher Pits?

I’ve got some very very exciting news today… life is returning to Charleston! Kids returned to school, the ice is gone and we’re one day closer to spring! Oh, that’s not the news you were expecting? How about this… Today is the end of the Core & More Challenge!  Did you do it? Did you […]

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10 Active Things To Do During A Winterapocalypse

Yesterday, something very rare happened here in Charleston. We were hit with sleet, ice and even a dusting of snow. Zoe wasn’t so sure about the crunch under her paws… The snow wasn’t the problem (clearly when I said “dusting” I meant it), it was the ice that has caused the entire city to shut down. […]

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Real Life Issues: Suffering From Tomorrow Disease?

Last week I brought up the under diagnosed Sitting Disease, today I want to talk about something equally damaging. It’s an illness that doesn’t have a commercial. You won’t see pretty people holding hands talking about their medications that have come to the rescue (only to cause 1000 other crazy side affects). And you will […]

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What You Must Know About Your Nutrition!

A while back I wrote a blog post about the current nutrition issues I was facing at the time. So many of you responded with positive words of both encouragement and advice. One particular comment however, caught my eye: She did say to ask if I had any questions, so I took her up on […]

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Get Bootylicious: Best Glute Exercises For Women (And Why)

Have you ever stopped to wonder what your butt is actually good for? I mean, we know it’s great for sitting on… but aside from that? Your glutes are the biggest muscles in your entire body, and one of the strongest. They serve for much more than a chair cushion. Your butt helps to extend […]

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