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How You Can Have The Confidence To Increase Your Strength

Thank you for all your get well messages to Dan yesterday. Over the past 2 days his arm has begun to regain some range of motion, so we’re hoping he is on the fast track to recovery! While he’s been unable to play around with his workouts lately, I’ve been going strong. Having the knowledge […]

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Kettlebell Athletics Level 1 Certification

Hello there! I hope your week is moving along smoothly! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, this whole travel thing has thrown me way off schedule! I hope you enjoyed looking over our pictures from the San Francisco trip. I keep looking over them to remind myself that it really happened… it wasn’t a dream. […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Grab A Kettlebell And Swing

Guess what… right now there is a really good chance that I am flying the friendly skies. We’re headed to {hopefully} sunny California… San Francisco here we come! Neither Dan or I have ever been to California, so we’re pretty ecstatic about this trip. Not just about seeing the west coast, but also because we’re […]

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How To Handle Feelings Of Inadequacy Due To Social Media

Just a few years ago it was magazine covers. We compared ourselves to the gorgeous actresses and models that grazed the covers of popular magazines. Admiring them for their beauty while at the same time feeling twinges of inadequacy. Oh Brittany, how I loved you. {Source} They looked perfect, and that perfection made us feel […]

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