27 Reasons Why Women Should Weight Train: Clearing Up The Bulky Issue At Hand

I love weight training, and I love lifting big bulky weights! So there. But of course you knew that already, which is why I love you!


I might lift big bulky weights, but I can say with 100% confidence that I’ve never been called “bulky”.

Why you might ask? After all, I can bench press and deadlift more than I weigh. Don’t you think I would have some bulk on my body? Isn’t that what lifting weights does for a woman?

NO, NO, and HELL NO! 

We’ve been taught to think that if we lift weights we’re going to turn into some freak of nature. And that the definition of exercise for women includes popping around in an aerobics class or hitting up the treadmills.

While these are forms of exercise, and you might love them (I LOVE running), we are not forced to stick with these, nor should we.

Why won’t you bulk up?

Because unlike men, women have too much estrogen and not enough testosterone to allow our muscles to build up to the grand level. Plus, men naturally have more muscle than women making it easier to get bigger and broader.

The bodybuilding women that you see in shows and in magazines, they eat a FREAKING TON and many of them use supplements to help achieve these very unnatural results.

So please don’t be afraid to pick up a weight, and when I say weight… I mean a real weight.  I promise you’re going to feel A-Ma-Zing when you’re workout is all said and done.

And incase my soap box talk didn’t help here are:

27 Reasons Women Should Strength Training (in no particular order)

  1. Increased metabolism: Muscle is an active tissue, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. So you’ll burn calories while watching your favorite prime time shows!
  2. Increased bone strength: Decrease your risk of osteoporosis as you get older
  3. Decreased fat: Burn off fat while maintaining muscle, this is different from cardio which often times uses lean muscle for fuel and holds on to body fat.
  4. Increased sex drive
  5. Better sleep
  6. Increased strength without the bulk. Strength is not the same as bulk!
  7. No more saggy, flappy arms when you wave
  8. Decreased risk of depression
  9. Improved brain power, literally you get smarter
  10. Increased confidence
  11. The power to open up every jar in the house
  12. Perkier, tighter tush
  13. Decreased cellulite
  14. Run faster, jump higher: Increased athletic performance
  15. Decrease back pain through a stronger core
  16. Decrease risk of injuries (Increased connective tissue strength)
  17. Decreased risk of heart disease
  18. Happier attitude and outlook
  19. Fit into clothes that haven’t been able to zip in years
  20. Decrease daily stress
  21. No more thunder thighs
  22. Better posture
  23. It’s fun! Unlike running, there are so many different exercises and program designs that you’ll never get bored.
  24. You will burn more calories: strength training puts stress on the body, that stress means you’ll be burning calories for up to 24 hours after the workout is finished.
  25. You’ll be respected in the gym: anyone can walk into a class or hop onto the elliptical. But a woman that can walk into the weight room and do an awesome workout will get respect.
  26. Say good-bye to belly fat. A study showed that strength training was more efficient at burning belly fat than steady state cardio. Grab the weight and start squating!
  27. Decreased risk of diabetes

So there you have it, 27 reasons to start strength training. And keep in mind, if it’s new to you, then start off with body weight moves. You’ll see amazing results and work towards progressing further with your training!

I LOVE Hearing From You:

  • Do you lift weights? 
  • What’s the number one reason why you strength train?
  • What’s your favorite exercise?


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