(Article written by Dan)

Taylor has reviewed a couple different juice cleanses in the past. I remember one was much better than that other interns of taste and fulfillment.

However, let’s get real and really think about what’s going on. Lots of women are going to be snapping up juice cleanse programs in the beginning of December and definitely in the beginning of January as the whole weight loss world gets kicked into high gear.

There are some things you need to think about before you try your next juice cleanse. After all they are very expensive and they might not be helping you much in the end.

Doesn’t The Body Cleanse On It’s Own?

It seems like people have either never known this little juicy fact or they forgot all about it. After all it’s not like your body is a sponge for toxic nastiness.

Your body is a lot smarter than you may give it credit for.

It’s been designed to get rid of it’s waste products and harmful substances that shouldn’t be there. It does this through the blood stream, urinating, bowl movements, through sweating, through diffusion throughout the body, it does this through throwing up or getting sick.

Think about it… there are lots of ways, both highly complex and others that are straight forward for natural cleansing.

So Why Do You Need A Juice Cleanse To Begin With?

In short, you don’t. It’s actually a waste of money… and I’ll back that up in just a minute.

Think about this…

The “typical” diet of most people.

Source: Urban Epicurious

It contains foods that have been highly processed. Chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and other strange ingredients invented in a science lab. Chemicals which have been added to keep food fresher longer… make the color brighter and last longer… make the food taste better (i.e. more sugary)… etc…

All of these non-natural ingredients enter the body through food. Your body’s not dumb though. It starts right away to get rid of this junk.

And then your next meal comes and it’s overloaded with more…

And then the next meal and even more chemicals are added into the system…

And more…

Then even more…

And before you know it, because every meal pretty much consists of the same processed junk, your body is overrun with chemicals. With each natural waste removal it does… more is added in.

That is the toxic cycle.

It all stems from eating foods that are laden with toxic chemicals and ingredients. Foods that keep coming into your body on a daily basis.

And that’s where the juice cleanse comes in.

The Basic Theory On How Juice Cleanses Work…

The juice cleanse does two things really well:

1. It gets rid of the processed foods because all your putting into your body is juice.

2. It lowers your calories per day and week because all your putting into your body is juice.

Two things happen directly because of this:

1. Your body can now naturally cleanse itself from the processed chemicals because the flow into your body has stopped.

2. Your body isn’t getting the same consistent jolt of calories so it naturally will begin to lose weight.

And that’s the “miracle” of juice cleanses.

I’ll be the first to admit, juice companies do use ingredients that are great for the body and help this process along. However, it’s nothing you can’t find at your local farmer’s market of special store for a lot less than pre-made juices.

Here’s the thing though…

After you complete your juice cleanse, you’ll most likely return to your “normal” diet of the processed chemical laden foods and then the cycle starts again.

Here’s How You Can Easily… Naturally…¬†Permanently… And Much Less¬†Expensively Cleanse Your Body

Start taking note of what you eat and what’s in the food you eat.

Yes, this takes work. But doesn’t it make sense to know what you’re actually putting into your body? I can almost guarantee it will shock you on many different levels.

So, take note of what you’re eating and what’s in it.

Then start to find the best organic substitutes. Using stores like Trader Joe’s… organic foods (while probably not 100% organic… another dirty food secret) are much less expensive than you imagine.

Plus you can start shopping at your local farmer’s market and actually talk to the farmers where your food comes from. There is no better way to get food or support your local economy.

As you discover this substitutes, use them. As you use them, your body will be able to get the upper hand and begin removing more “toxins” than is coming into the system.

You’ll start to feel a lot better and that’s how you know this is working.

The best part is, you’ll be able to keep these habits up because you’ve found longterm substitutes.

Keep doing this until one day you can get around 90% processed free in your diet. Not only will you feel a trillion times better, you will have lost a ton of weight in the process. And we haven’t even talked about how exercise can help speed this cleansing process along.

Bottom Line:

I know I’m a little cynical about juice cleanses. I’m not saying they don’t work… I’m just saying for how much they cost and what they do, you can find much better alternatives.

Try adding in greens supplements like Juice Plus or Athletic Greens into your diet. These can give you the nutrition to help your body function better… setting it up for better natural cleansing.

The key is to really get rid of those processed foods. That is the key. The one key that is probably best for longterm weight loss too.

Let me know what you think…

Have you done a juice cleanse and did it work miracles for you?

Would you do a juice cleanse again and why?