30 Variations Of Burpees You Can’t Wait To Try

This post was originally published a few years ago. It was one of my favorite exercise variation lists at the time, yet recently I realized it was in desperate need of some updating.

Over the past years, I’ve discovered even more burpee fun.

Yes, burpees are fun.

In fact, my husband just challenged me to a 10 EMOM Burpee Challenge.

>>> Every minute, on the minute for 10 minutes, I had to do 10 burpees. Whatever was left of each minute was rest. When a new minute began, 10 burpees begun.

I passed his test and loved the power of this quick but intense workout.

While I was waiting for my new minute to begin, I found myself thinking about THIS post and it’s craving to be updated.

So here we are. New GIFs, new (better) variations and the list will continue to grow.


What’s So Great About Burpees Anyway?

If burpees are new to you, you’re about to get a fast lesson. They are one of the best (and most intense) exercises you can do.

Why Do Burpees Rock?

They require no equipment (at least the basic burpee)

They work every BIG muscle in your body

They raise your heart rate, providing both a toning and cardio workout

Your Challenge:

Before I jump in to showing you all of these funtastical burpees, I propose a challenge.

Choose 5 of the following 30, and complete 20 reps of each. Yes, that is a combined total of 100 burpees. But I know you can do it.

Are you in? Let me know in the comments below.

Now, let’s get started…

30 Different Burpee Variations

Burpee Variations For Fitness Fun #burpees

1. Half Burpee (also called the hurpee)

Half Burpee

The half burpee is simply a burpee without a push-up. Some people call this a full burpee… it’s not.

To be called a burpee, it must include a push-up.

2. Standard Burpee


The little guy responsible for this list!

Start standing, squat all the way down to the ground, jump feet back and do a push-up. Thrust your feet back to your hands and explode up to the sky.

Modification tips:

Step your feet back and forward if jumping is too difficult.

Push-ups can be performed on knees (for any of the burpees here).

Or even better, you can perform an elevated burpee using a wall or box. Complete the push-up with your hands on the edge of the box, jump forward towards your box and complete the burpee. <– Great for anyone with knee issues, push-up mobility problems or just getting into burpees.

3. Double Burpee

double burpee

Just like a normal burpee, BUT each step is performed twice.

2 squats > 2 thrusters> 2 pushups > 2 thrusters > 2 squat jumps > the end.

4. Box Jump Burpee

box jump burpee

Use a bench, table, stepper or box (like above) and set to a height you feel comfortable with.

Instead of finishing with a squat jump, end the burpee with a box jump.

Land softly on top and step back down to repeat.

5. Box Jump OVER Burpee

jump over burpee

Use a bench, table, stepper or box (like above) and set to a height you feel comfortable with.

Instead of finishing with a squat jump, end the burpee with a jumping OVER a box or other item. Talk about power!

This one is a mental game, don’t let your brain stop you!

6. Candlestick Burpee (My personal favorite)

candlestick burpee

This is my favorites, as it combines a classic gymnastic’s training exercise with my beloved burpee.

Complete a candlestick by rolling back and pushing toes to the sky. Use core to roll forward and place hands in front of you. Complete the burpee like normal.

7. Kettlebell Deadlift Burpee

kettlebell deadlift burpee

Grab a pair of kettlebells (or dumbbells). Complete the first part of the burpee with hands on the weights, keeping the core extra tight.

Thrust to standing and keeping back straight, head up, complete a deadlift.

Make sure to jump your feet into the middle of the weights for good deadlift form. If they aren’t quite there, simply step them into position before lifting.

8. Deadman Burpee

deadman burpee

Lower all the way on to the ground. Use your core and arms to lower down in one straight line. And push-up off the ground the same way. Avoid “rolling” up or down.

9. Twister Burpee

Twister Burpee

Complete a burpee, at the jump, complete a 180-degree turn and go straight to the next rep.

10. Donkey Kick Burpee

donkey burpee

Instead of a push-up, complete a solid donkey kick jump. Land softly and jump to the sky as high as possible before repeating.

11. Barbell Lateral Jump Burpee

bb burpee

Stand beside a bar. At the end, jump laterally over it and quickly go straight into the next rep.

12. Lunge Jump Burpee

lunge jump burpee

The burpee stays the same, all the way through. After finishing with the squat jump, complete a lunge jump on each leg.

Warning: this is a butt burner!

13. Steelbell Burpee

steelbell burpee

If you have some pent up anger or stress, throwing a SteelBell will help!

Grab a SteelBell (or sandbell) and perform the entire burpee, while going into the squat jump, simultaneously pick up the bell, lift to overhead and THROW it down!

14. 1-Leg Burpee

1 leg burpee

Complete the entire burpee on ONE leg.

15. Pull-Up Burpee

pullup burpee

At the end of a burpee, grab a pull-up bar and go straight into a pull-up.

The higher the better! 🙂

16. Tuck Jump Burpee

tuck jump burpee

At the end of a burpee, jump up while pulling your knees up as high as possible into a tucked position.

17. Traveling Burpee

travel burpee

At the end of a burpee, up and out as far as possible. And repeat straight back into the next burpee.

18. Star Jump Burpee

star burpee

At the end of a burpee, complete the awesome and fun star jump! Make sure to land as softly as possible.

19. Beast Squat Burpee

beast burpee

Yes, this burpee really is as much fun as it look! The beast squat is a great coordination move and of course a great leg move. Try this out!

20. Uneven Burpee

uneven burpee

You can use a barbell, kettlebell or even a book for this variation. Just make sure to put more of your weight on the grounded hand.

21. Plyo Pushup Burpee

plyo pushup burpee

Talk about a challenge! Take your pushup up a notch by adding a clap or a bounce!

22. 8 Count Burpee

8 count pushup burpee

If a burpee could be a dance, this would be it’s signature move. Complete a normal burpee with a plank jack to take it up to an 8 piece move.

23. Up Down Burpee

up down pushup burpee

A break from push-ups! Instead of a push-up, try a plank up down for something new.

24. Decline Burpee

decline burpee

OMG, these are so tough and I love them! Use a chair, a box, whatever you want to do a reverse thruster and a decline push-up. Holy heck, tell me they aren’t awesome!

25. Lizard Burpee

lizard burpee

Let’s change up the push-up variation… with the lizard. Do a lizard pushup then just (or step) your hands to repeat with the other side before completing the burpee. Burner.

26. Gorilla Shuffle Burpee

gorilla burpee

Animal movements are amazing for strength and coordination. For this, do the first part of a burpee, then 3 gorilla shuffles then finish the burpee with the jump up and repeat going back the way you came!

27. Mt Climb Burpee

mt climb burpee

Adding more movement with mountain climbers! Add in 5 mt climbers to every burpee. Your heart will feel like it’s going to explode 😉

28. Divebomber Burpee

divebomber burpee

Instead of a traditional push-up, push those hips back and try a divebomber!

29. Rollover Burpee

rollover burpee

Get ready to burn the abs a bit. Complete a full rollover (with a slight pause at each section) before jumping up to complete your burpee.

30. Mankmakers

manmakers burpee

Some love them, some hate them but we can all agree that manmakers are awesome.

A thruster, push-up, row, thruster, curl and press all in one move? Yup.

Need More Help?

Feel like you need a little more help with burpee form?

My friend, Paige has a great post on How To Do A Burpee!

Did you get value from this post?

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Your favorite Burpee?

Working out should be fun and manageable no matter how hectic life gets. In case you can’t tell, I love working out and I love changing things up in a methodical way to ensure I get results without getting bored.

Boredom stinks. So does pushing aside workouts when life gets too busy.

That’s why I created my 64-workout training program, Body Burn Challenges! Check it out and find out how we can train together!





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