Top 30 Thursday: 30 Variations Of Burpees You Can’t Wait To Try

It’s Thursday! Does anyone ever wake up and do the happy dance? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

Thursdays are my only mornings to sleep in past 5:15am, so you better believe I prance around the house as if I am on Dancing With The Stars just waiting for Nigel to tell me how amazing I am.

Dan loves it.

Not really. My a.m. chipperness annoys him. And I think he would much rather do 10 reps of all the burpees below than to have to deal with my morning-loving self.

Remember on Monday how I mentioned my challenge to come up with 30 different variations of burpees?

Well, I did it and now I get to share them ALL with you.

Instead of Top 10 Thursday, this is your lucky day:

Top 30 Thursday: 30 Amazing Variations Of Burpees

If burpees are new to you, you’re about to get a fast lesson. They are one of the best (and most intense) exercises you can do.

Why Do Burpees Rock?
  • They require no equipment (at least the basic burpee)
  • They work every BIG muscle in your body
  • They raise your heart rate, providing both a toning and cardio workout
Your Challenge:

Before I jump in to showing you all 30 funtastical burpees, I propose a challenge.

Choose 15 of the following 30, and complete 10 reps of each. Yes, that is a combined total of 150 burpees. But I know you can do it.

Are you in?

Let me know in the comments below. And if so, let’s get started…

30 Different Burpee Variations

30 burpees

1. Hurpee (also called a 1/2 burpee)


It has a strange name but you’ll remember it!

  • The hurpee is simply a burpee but without a push-up. Some people call this a full burpee… it’s not.
  • To be called a burpee, it must include a push-up.

2. Standard Burpee


The little guy responsible for this top 30 list!

  • Start standing, squat all the way down to the ground, jump feet back and do a push-up.
  • Thrust your feet back to your hands and explode up to the sky.
Modification tips:
  • Step your feet back and forward if jumping is too difficult.
  • Push-ups can be performed on knees (for any of the burpees here).

3.  8-Count Burpee

8-count burpee
  • Start like a normal burpee, jumping back to a push-up position with feet together.
  • Complete a plank jack (jump feet apart and back together)
  • Do a push-up and finish off with the thrust and squat jump.

4. Box Jump Burpee

box jump burpee
  • Use a bench, table or stepper (like above) and set to a height you feel comfortable with.
  • Instead of finishing with a squat jump, end the burpee with a box jump. Land softly on top and jump back down to repeat.

5. Candlestick Burpee (My personal favorite)

candlestick burpee

This is my favorite as it combines a classic gymnastic’s training exercise with my beloved burpee.

  • Complete a candlestick by rolling back and pushing toes to the sky.
  • Use core to roll forward and place hands in front of you.
  • Complete the burpee like normal.

6. Dumbbell Burpee

dumbbell burpee
  • This is a variation of the deadlift burpee (as seen below) but the placement of the hands makes it much different.
  • Use a dumbbell large enough that your hands can stay on the ends.
  • Finish, by grabbing the handle and deadlifting the weight up. (see tips below). No jumping.

7. Deadlift Burpee

deadlift burpee
  • Grab a barbell or pre-weight bar (like above).
  • Complete the first part of the burpee with hands on the bar, keeping the core extra tight.
  • The push-up should have your chest coming to the bar.
  • Thrust to standing and keeping back straight, head up, complete a deadlift.

8. Deadman Burpee

  • Lower all the way on to the ground.
  • Use your core and arms to lower down in one straight line. And push-up off the ground the same way.
  • Avoid “rolling” up or down.

9. Decline Burpee

decline burpees
  • Make sure you have a nice sturdy box, chair, or bench.
  • Complete burpee by jumping your feet onto the bench (after putting hands on the ground).
  • Complete a decline push-up.
  • Thrust feet between hands and jump up as normal.

10. Divebomber Burpee

divebomber burpee

Perhaps one of the most challenging variations but one of the prettiest

  • Jump back into a downward dog (instead of a plank)
  • Scoop forward as if there is a piece of wire you’re going under.
  • Reverse back to downward dog before finishing with the squat jump.

11. Double Thrust Burpee

double thrust burpee
  • The “thrust” is the part of the burpee where you jump your feet to your hands.
  • Complete this twice before jumping up off the ground.
  • Keep the core tight and start and finish in a straight plank position.

12. Jump Over Burpee

jump over burpee
  • Use a box or bench that you are confident you can jump over (as you get tired it gets harder)
  • Once over the box, turn and repeat.

13. Traveling Burpee

long jump burpee
  • Make sure you have about 10 feet in front of you.
  • Complete the burpee as normal.
  • At the end, jump up and out as far as possible.
  • Immediately drop back down and repeat moving forward.
  • If space is tight, just turn around and repeat the burpee going back to where you started.

14. Lateral Jump Burpee

lateral burpee
  • Stand beside a stepper top, dumbbell or even a jump rope.
  • At the end, jump laterally over the object and quickly go straight into the next rep.

15. Lunge Jump Burpee

lunge jump burpee
  • The burpee stays the same, all the way through
  • After finishing with the squat jump, complete a lunge jump on each leg.
  • Warning: it’s a butt burner!

16. Med Ball Burpee

  • This burpee required some tricep and core strength.
  • Grab a medicine ball and perform the entire ground part with your hands on the ball.
  • Keep a tight core to ensure the ball doesn’t slip out.

17. Mt Climb Burpee

mt climb burpee
  • After the push-up, complete 5 mountain climbers.
  • Finish like normal!

18. Uneven Burpee

uneven burpee
  • Use a stepper top, push-up handle or a dumbbell.
  • One hand will go on the ground, the other on the box or dumbbell handle. Complete an uneven push-up before finishing like normal.
  • Repeat on the other side, alternating.

19. 1-legged Burpee

1 legged burpee
  • Start balanced on one foot, jump back and complete the entire burpee on one foot.
  • Switch feet at the top, and repeat.

20. Plyo Push-up Burpee

  • In place of the push-up, step it up by doing a “clapping” push-up.
  • If you can’t clap, modify by jumping straight off your hands as much as possible.

21. Pull Through Burpee

pull through burpee
  • You’re going to want a somewhat heavy weight.
  • Make sure you’re on ground that will allow the weight to slide.
  • Start off with it beside you, do your push up
  • Reach underneath, grab the weight and pull it to the other side of your body.
  • Repeat in the opposite direction.

22. Star Jump Burpee

star jump burpee

What a fun burpee!

  • Replace the squat jump at the end with a star jump.
  • Explode up, jumping your feet wide apart, arms up, and quickly bringing everything back in for the landing.

23. Tuck Jump Burpee

tuck jump burpee
  • At the end of the burpee, finish with a tuck jump. Where you bring your knees up to your chest.
  • Keep your head forward and shoulders back.

24. Twister Burpee

twister burpee
  • On the squat jump up, add a rotation (making it a twister squat jump) so you face backwards.
  • Complete a burpee here.
  • Make sure to rotate in opposite directions so you don’t get dizzy.

25. Double Burpee

double burpee
  • Complete the burpee just like normal, except perform 2 push-ups.
  • You can also add an extra squat jump if you’re feeling frisky!

26. Up Down Burpee

hell raiser burpee
  • Before doing the push-up complete a plank up-down (also known as a “hell raiser”
  • Make sure to alternate which arm is the lead arm pushing back up to the top of a push-up.

27. Upright Row Burpee

upright row burpee
  • Grab a barbell (regular or pre-weighted)
  • Keeping your hands on the bar, core tight so that the bar doesn’t roll, complete the burpee.
  • Instead of jumping, stand up (deadlift the bar) and complete the upright row.

28. Walking Burpee

walking burpee
  • Make sure you have about 5 feet of space to the side of you.
  • Start the burpee, complete the push-up and complete 3-5 steps of a plank walk.
  • Thrust the feet up and finish with the squat jump.
  • Repeat in the other direction.

29. Step Up Burpee

step-up burpee
  • Complete a burpee behind a bench, box or step-up.
  • Do a burpee and replace the squat jump with a step-up.
  • Repeat and step-up with the other foot.

30. Pull-up Burpee

Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of this because our pull-up bar was being used.

  • Complete a burpee underneath a pull-up bar.
  • At the end, while jumping up from the ground, grab the pull-up bar and complete a pull-up.
  • Jump down and repeat.

These make me feel the most badass of all the variations.

Feel like you need a little more help with burpee form? My friend, Paige has a great post on How To Do A Burpee!

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