The 5 Best Interval Workouts For Women & Some Thai Noodle Love

I simply adore interval workouts. Intervals are the least boring form of exercise I can think of because they’re always changing! Not to mention at the end I always feel as if I just had the hardest workout of my life.

Intervals are really popular right now in the fitness world, just check your local gym and there is some group interval class going on. But do they deserve all the popularity?

You better believe it.

A sneak peak of one of the workouts below? 

Intervals are more efficient at burning fat as fuel than most other workouts (i.e. steady state cardio) and because they are intense, workouts are done much faster. Did you know that you can burn the same amount of calories in 20 minutes of intervals than you can in an hour of steady state cardio? Food for thought.

It’s one thing for me to tell you to go do intervals, but what the heck does that really mean? It’s just so much easier for me to say: here are 5 types of intervals, choose one you like and one that fits into your schedule and go do it.

Am I right, or am I right?

So without further ado:

The 5 Best Interval Workouts For Women

1. 20-10 Intervals (i.e. Tabata). Short and oh so sweet. Tabata intervals have a way of sneaking up on you. Because when I explain what it is you’re going to think to yourself, oh this sounds easy! But it’s not… take my word for it.

Tabata breakdown: it’s 20 seconds of exercise followed by a 10 seconds rest and then repeated for a total of 8 rounds. Add it up and it’s just 4-minutes. But here’s the thing that I stress all the time: during those 20-seconds it’s vital that you give it everything you’ve got. From start to finish.

Here’s an example of a great Tabata Workout I did this morning:

2. 60-30 Intervals. Compile a list of 4-8 exercises and do them in a circuit form for 60 seconds per exercise. Wait 30 seconds and move to the next exercise. Again for that 60 seconds give it what you’ve got. I prefer 60 seconds of exercise for weighted moves, instead of the Tabata. It gives a few extra seconds to get situated with equipment.

This is considered a circuit interval since you’re moving from one exercise to another. Have your stations and gear right around you so you don’t have to do prep work or traveling around during the 30 seconds of rest time.

3. 15-45 Sprints. I love sprints, they are one of the best forms of cardio for not only burning off calories but for increasing endurance and strength. Just look at an olympic sprinter versus a marathon runner. I think the difference is pretty clear.

For 15-seconds go full blast as quick as your legs can move you and then bring it down to a jog for 45 seconds. You don’t want to stop for that 45 seconds, keep moving just slow it down enough so you can catch your breath and feel your heart rate slow down a bit.

It doesn’t have to be done with just running. This interval split can be done with any form of cardio: elliptical, biking, roller blading, etc.

Continue on this pattern for 20 minutes!

4. Bump and Go Intervals. This is a great workout program to do with a partner. Set up a start site and a finish site around 50 yards away. While one partner is running the distance and back, the other partner is at the start line doing an exercise. Then they switch off.

Dan and I did this workout this morning as a matter of fact.

Our exercises included:

  1. Push-ups
  2. Squats
  3. 1-legged Shoulder Taps
  4. Squat Hold
  5. Pike Push-ups
  6. Horizontal Jumps
  7. Hallow Hold Rocks
  8. Lunges
  • Who do you think performed better!?

5. 3 minute blast. This one is a challenge but one of my favorites! Set a timer for 3 minutes and do 1-2 exercises alternating back and forth without rest for the entire 3 minutes. Burpees go perfect for this one! Another good idea is to alternate between doing 15 Squats and 10 Push-ups for the duration.

Once the 3 minutes is up, record your score (how many reps you managed), rest for 1-3 minutes and repeat either the same as before or a new exercise pair.

Complete for 15-20 minutes total.

Thai Noodle Love

We are late bloomers when it comes to Thai food. It has only been about 6 months since our first Thai experience and boy are we happy we finally did! Every week there is some sort of curried dish on our menu. It seems like whenever I ask Dan if he has a requests for dinners he always asks for curry. Easy enough!

This past weekend he was a bit more specific though, he requested curry and mung bean noodles.

What I love about mung bean noodles is that when you look at the ingredient list on the back of the package, all it say is “mung beans”, lol. I love this! Plus to prepare them all you do is soak them in water. No cooking required which made this meal a laid back dinner.

What’s on top of the noodles? All the veggies and beans I had in my fridge!

Sprouts, bell peppers, onions, brussel sprouts, chickpeas, chives and green beans.

All I did was saute the veggies and beans in some olive oil, then once softened I poured over my favorite curry sauce, a splash of almond milk, a drizzle of rice vinegar and VOILA!

On the side is sauteed bok choy which was sauteed with coconut oil, ginger and garlic.

This meal rocked and yes chop sticks were a necessity. No forks allowed!

  • What’s your favorite ethnic food?
  • Do you like curry?

In Other News: 

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day and reading what I have to say. I hope that you get some great things out of my blog. I love sharing great info with you!

And two, here’s the newest preview of week 2’s workout from Fit-o-Lution!

Ahhhhh, I can’t believe that June 15th is coming up so quickly! That’s not far off at all so if you haven’t joined in already, do so today! It’s going to be a freaking blast so I know you want to partake in the party.

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