How To: 5 Minutes To Homemade Ravioli

Hi friends, happy Sunday!

Before we talk about this:

homemade ravioli

Let’s chat! You know Sundays are my favorite and today was no different. Any morning that I get to start off with a pancake and fresh fruit is a good start to me!

I even made homemade syrup… though it’s not quite perfected yet but still tasted yum! Maybe next weekend, I’ll get it to where it is share worthy?

Okay, so yesterday I signed off saying we had to go veggie shopping and then spend some time in the kitchen. Of course these events go hand in hand.

Now that the farmer’s market is closed for the winter we’ve be hitting up some smaller farm stands and such to grab our produce.

This weekend we headed to the Vegetable Bin.

vegetable bin charleston

I don’t know why it’s taken us so long to learn about this place! It’s a little indoor local produce shop in downtown Charleston. Not everything is local to our city, but everything does come from small farmers around the area.

johns island collard greens

Check out the size of those collard greens! 

I am sure these apples came from North Carolina.

carolina apples

They also had other local treats like chips, nuts, butters, Charleston tea (yum!).

charleston tea

Overall it was great, and I actually ended up saving money. But I don’t feel like I got as much stuff as normal, so fingers crossed we have enough for the week.

vegetable bin charleston

With shopping checked off it was time to hit the kitchen. We’re working on a new project and we needed to get some great photos of a few things.

One of them being the dish above, Portabella & Spinach Ravioli

homemade ravioli

How To Make 5 Minute Homemade Ravioli

I know it sounds time consuming and crazy hard to make, but it’s not!

I think it took me all of 25 minutes to get this from nothing to something (this includes sauce making). The ravioli making part took all of 5 minutes!  So if you make your ravioli and pour on some jar sauce then you’re good to go.

Of course the rolling takes the longest and sounds the most challenging so let’s cover how to make some homemade ravioli, shall we?

Here’s what you need: 

ravioli needs
  • Won ton wraps (found in most grocery stores)
  • Your stuffing (I used sauted portabellas, spinach, herbs and a vegan cheese blend (homemade).*

Let’s go through these one by one:

Step 1: 

Place your filling in the center of the wrap. Use a little water to wet the edges. This creates a “glue”.

Then fold it over and use your fingers to seal the edges.

ravioli in half

Step 2: 

Wet one of the corners to be folded over the opposite corner. And again, press to seal and glue it together.

homemade ravioli

And that’s it! Now just steam, bake, or boil and pour your favorite sauce on top!

I’m telling you, how easy is that!? Okay, so it’s not 100% homemade since I didn’t make the dough myself but let’s be real. Who has time to do that? The pasta maker only comes out on special nights. And when you’re craving ravioli this just makes sense. Plus there isn’t a huge mess afterwards!

What’s your favorite pasta dinner? 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggplant parmesan. So good.


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