5 Reasons When Working Out Is A Bad Idea

Happy July 5th! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July with your friends and family! Even more so I hope that waking up this morning was painless.

Since I have sworn off wine for 6 weeks, I woke up refreshed! I think every week should have a hump day break, anyone want to back me up on that?

Yesterday morning started off with a few boot camps (looking for a killer workout? Try this 1776 Workout!) but then it was time to relax pool side with the family. We enjoyed burgers (veggie burger for me) and fresh watermelon before heading home to relax with a movie.

I would have loved to have spent more time outside, except for the fact that a black flag had been raised for the day.

What’s a black flag? It’s a heat advisory warning, recommending that people avoid outdoor activities. We’ve been having crazy humidity and with the heat index our temperatures have been climbing above 110 degrees!

And that my friends is when it’s not safe to workout.

5 Excuses It’s Okay To Make To Avoid Working Out

1.It’s too hot outside.”

hot workouts

Most sources will advise people to workout before 9 am or after 6 pm during the summer. That’s not a good enough suggestion. Even then sometimes a workout outside should be off limits. Working out when the temperature is under 90-degrees is best, even still 90 can be unsafe and it’s important to listen to your body, hydrate, and wear breathable clothes!

If you start to feel nauseous or dizzy, stop working out and find some place cool. Better yet, during the hottest time of the year try your best to schedule your workouts inside. Just to be on the safe side (plus you’ll be able to workout with more intensity).

For my outdoor boot camps, we make sure to stay in the shaded areas of our parks and we bring coolers filled with ice to help everyone cool off.

2. “I haven’t missed a workout in months, I need a break.”

fun workouts

Yes you do! Your body is strong but it’s not indestructible. Even the most in shape and devoted athletes take time off to allow their bodies to rest and fully recover. If you have been working out 3-5 days a week straight for 4 months, then it’s time to take a week off.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a suggestion to sit on the couch with a bag of chips all week. You can still be active but find other ways to be active than traditional workouts: rollerblading, jogging, bike riding, playing games with the family outside, etc.

Your body will appreciate this break and when the week is over you’ll be amazed at how you will start to see some improvements in your body once the workouts start up again. If you haven’t seen any changes in weeks even with great workout plans and nutritional habits, this break could be just what the trainer (me!) ordered.

The last break I took was during our vacation to Florida. I still logged in some serious miles running but I didn’t do one structured workout. It felt great and very refreshing.

3. “I’m think I’m getting sick”.

sick workout

You’re sick, enough said. If you just have a cold, no temperature then low intensity exercise doesn’t need to be avoided and it can actually help you recover a bit faster.

But if you have a fever, cold chills or a head cold, then be smart and just take it easy. Your body is getting a good workout just trying to beat the infection. Drink lots of liquids, eat clean and see your doctor… oh yea and sleep.

4. “My _______ is killing me.”

injured workouts

If you are fully aware that you have an injury don’t be hard headed and try to work through it. We’ve all been there… oh it’s just a pull or a sprang, so I’ll just suck it up and get my workout in. What started as a small injury could become a much larger problem if you keep “pushing through”.

Trust me, when I had shin splints it broke my heart when I was told they had developed into stress fractures because of my stubbornness to let them heal. Then I was stuck in a cast for 6-weeks (which could have been avoided if I had just rested them and took care of the initial issue). Don’t follow in my footsteps, if something hurts then get it checked out!

You don’t have to avoid working out all together but use it as a time to focus on other areas that aren’t going to aggravate your injury, but just follow the advice of your doctor.

Recently when I was letting my knee heel up I took that time to focus more on my upper body… have you ever tried doing a workout of nothing but push-up variations? You should, it was killer! Let’s just say I was happy when I got the okay to do lower body moves again.

5. “I’m too sore.”

sore muscles

There are rules to using this excuse as you can’t avoid working out every time you’re sore from a previous workout. If you just started a new routine and you wake up two days later still barely able to walk or just holding a blow dryer up to your head is hard work then it’s a sign that you placed a lot of stress on your body and it most likely needs an extra day to catch up before going through another session.

Another time when it’s important to listen to your body. If you’re just mildly sore on your next scheduled workout day then don’t even think of uttering this excuse, get in and get your workout done. You’ll be surprised to find that you feel better during and after because you’ve stretched your muscles out.

But if you really are sore like I mentioned above, avoid the intense workout and stick to something a bit lighter like jogging, walking, or other form of cardio to help move your muscles without adding more stress and tear to them.

After an extra recovery day you’ll be back at it and doing the workout even better! It’s amazing how quickly your body adjusts to workouts.

These are the excuses it’s okay to use, the only ones I accept from my own clients. There are a few others that I have to roll my eyes at and if you have thought about them now it your time to chuckle and say “yup, done that.”

But take from it that these are not reasons to skip out, so that the next time you start to say one, push it out of your mind and get your sports bra on!

5 Excuses That Aren’t Okay To Make

  1. “I am on my period.” (I’m a woman too)
  2. “I have to work late.” (Then workout during lunch, before work or workout a bit later)
  3. “I forgot my workouts clothes.” (then do a workout when you get home.)
  4. “My workout partner cancelled.” (If she jumped off a bridge…)
  5. “I am tired.” (It’s Thursday, we’re all tired but you’ll feel better at the end)

Happy Thursday! If I haven’t said it lately thank you so much for taking the time to read LR! I feel so blessed to have amazing friends and supporters. I love to hear from you so please let me know what’s on your mind in the comments below!


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