I remember when the movie 300 came out. There was a huge fitness buzz on the Internet because of the 300 workout which the actors were rumored as using to get in such great shape. But a 500 rep workout, you must be insane right?

Not really and I’m going to show you what to look for in a 500 rep workout because they can be seriously effective at fat burning and endurance training… even if you’re new to fitness, it’s a good way to set an initial benchmark.

What’s The Truth Behind The 300 Workout?

Gerard Butler looked awesome in 300, but as a women, we don’t want to look anything like him. Looking at his physique, you can see there was a lot more training and some serious nutrition coaching along with the 300 workout. And I hate saying it but painted muscles too… but it was a movie, what do you expect?

So why am I talking about the 300 rep workout anyway? Because when you look at how this workout is put together, you can see it’s a circuit weight training program. The entire idea is go go through it as fast as you can.

Each exercise is bam bam bam… back to back to back and you grab some rest as you need it.

A 500 rep workout is going to follow the same idea, but we are going to make some key changes first.

500 Rep Workout Change 1: No Weights To Start

The first change is we are going to get rid of weights. Most women I work with are pretty new to fitness. Even when you’re very skilled, you will probably want to add weights in slowly.

Bodyweight training is so effective it’s crazy. It can stimulate great muscle response and really help you build your endurance. Plus with 500 reps, you can be assured or an intense cardiovascular workout.

500 Rep Workout Change 2: Rapid Exercise Progression

Second, since we are going to increase the rep count by 200 reps, we will need a few exercises which are very rapid. These are going to let you catch up in the rep count so the workout does not take an hour or more to complete.

The best exercises for speed are things like:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Plank shoulder taps
  • Plank jacks with a thrust
  • Lunge jumps
  • Squat jumps
  • Bicycle crunches (core)
  • Russian twisties (core)

These are examples and the last two will really exhaust your legs if we do a fast 50 rep count of them.

Now we have the more rapid exercises which will test our body but also move the workout along, it’s time for change 3.

500 Rep Workout Change (Tip) 3: Different Body Parts Always

This is actually more of a tip to help you build a workout on your own. A circuit workout like this is based on endurance. You’ll fatigue your muscles so fast, that doing two leg exercises back to back will be really tough.

Make sure you go from upper body to lower body, from pushing exercises to pulling exercises and so on. This ensures that you get some rest with each body part so you don’t go to complete exhaustion.

For example…

  • Pushups to Uneven Squats
  • Plank walks to Horizontal jumps
  • Wide Arm Shuffles to Twister Squats

Depending on the equipment you have, you can really mix things up well. If you’re doing a workout like this outside then you’re a little restricted but only by a little.

500 Rep Workout (Tip) Change 4: The Chunking Strategy

This strategy will help you get through any circuit workout that is based on high rep counts or time. Here’s how you use it.

Let’s say you’re doing uneven pushups and you have 50 reps to do. Well for most women, even myself, doing 50 reps is tough. The goal is speed of completion for these workouts so chunk your reps.

Break the 50 reps into 10 sets of 5 pushups. Pump out 5 really good pushups and then grab a very short breather. Then go right into your next 5. This will let you finish a lot faster and not completely wear your arms and chest out by doing 20 to 30 straight and then limping through the rest. It’s similar to a walk-run strategy in maratons which typically are much faster than running the whole way.

You can use the chunking strategy for anything really. When you chunk, just make your own counts up but try not to make them too small or too big.

That’s How You Get Through And Benefit From a 500 Rep Workout

It sounds crazy but it’s really not as hard as you think. In fact in Fit Women’s Weekly one of most notorious workouts actually has 1,000 reps. That is pushing it a little but the way it’s constructed, it only takes about 35 minutes to get through.

If you want to get workouts like this sent to you every week, all you need to do is join Fit Women’s Weekly. Each Friday, you’ll get a new circuit workout sent to you with a meal plan as well.

It’s a lot of fun and the best way to get your booty in shape and burn fat. These circuit workouts are built for fat burning. Plus they are a lot of fun.