7 Tactics To Unleash Your Holiday Fat Melting Mission

The 6 weeks sandwiched between Thanksgiving and New Years is a scary period for many. It’s during this 6-week period that 51% of annual weight gain is explained.

While we’ve been led to believe that most people pile on 10+ pounds, the average is more like 2-4 pounds. And while that seems harmless enough, the extra weight isn’t lost. Instead, it’s more of “oh, I only gained 2 pounds, that’s not so bad.

So year after year, those pounds add up.

And then suddenly you wake up 20 pounds heavier, scratching your head and wondering how.

But it’s not going to happen to you.

Dan and I are sharing on today’s podcast:

7 Tactics To Unleash Your Holiday Fat Melting Mission


Trust me, this podcast is important.

If you’re not able to listen right now, or if you want a quick review, here are the super important take-aways.

1. Start Now.

  • Don’t put off getting started with a fitness and healthy eating program.
  • By starting now, it’s not crazy to be able to drop upwards of 15 pounds by the New Year.
  • Waiting until the week before a holiday party to try and get in to “cocktail dress” shape only causes more stress and anxiety. Something already on the rise during the holidays.

2. Have A Fitness Plan.

  • Get help putting together a workout plan that is actionable and realistic for you and your schedule/goals.
  • Trying to workout sans plan is like driving in an unknown city. Sure you might be able to get around, and you might even end up near your goal however, chances are you won’t. A workout plan is your navigation system.
  • A good workout plan (like those found at FitWomensWeekly) is proven to help boost workout intensity and performance. You know what you have to do and you’re able to tackle it with more ferocity.

Holiday food and wine have you stressed already?

3. Kill Holiday Stress & Anxiety

  • It’s a known fact that the holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year: family, money, busy schedules, travel, and weight cause for stress.
  • Exercising during the holiday is proven to help decrease stress. One study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that exercise can help decrease stress/depression symptoms by as much as 47%.
  • Exercise also helps handle stress eating. Worried about eating a cookie or not eating a cookie? Instead of obsessing and worrying over food choices, balance your holiday diet with exercise. Chances are you’ll make smarter, happier choices too.

4. Set Performance or “What” Based Goals

  • Map out what you need to do to hit your goals with “What Goals”. Goals that are action based.
  • Instead of “I want to lose 10 pounds by the annual holiday work party” make the goal: “I will workout 3 times each week and avoid eating out from now until the part.”
  • Performance goals lead to achieving the “Why Goals”… Why? The goals that explain why you want to get results. I.e. Because I want to drop 10 pounds.
  • One way to get started… buy the dress you want and display it where you see it every day between now and your holiday party as you work to look amazing in it.

— Quick Break —

My current goals? 

My why goal is to gain 10 pounds. My how goal? 4 strength based workouts (body weight, kettle bells, and heavy weights) per week combined with heavy cardio (still half marathon training). I’ll reveal more of this goal on Friday.


5. Join A Group or Grab A Workout Partner

  • Create accountability and motivation by joining a group. Could be something like Fit Womens Weekly or a local boot camp in your town.
  • Group workouts are proven to help push people to workout more intensely during their time. They are also less likely to waste time, making their workouts more efficient and result driven.
  • A group of like minded people offer support when others around you may not… “It’s the holidays, loosen up.” Or, “Eating bad for 1 month won’t kill you” attittude that you might get from friends/family/co-workers.
  • Your group can help you stay grounded, enjoying everything in moderation.

6. Read Positive Books

  • Mindset is incredibly important, especially during these stressful times.
  • Listening or reading positive books can help you push stress out and help keep healthy habits in.
  • A few of our favorites (want more, let me know!):
  1. Get Off Your But (Sean Stephenson)
  2. My Life On The Run (Bart Yasso)
  3. Mind Gym (Gary Mack)
  4. The Art of Possibility (Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander)
  5. Quiet Strength (Tony Dungy)
  6. Mind Set (Carol Dweck)

7. Imagine Yourself on New Year’s Day, January 2014

  • Visualization is one of the best tools for motivation.
  • Keep strong with your workout program and nutritional habits by focusing on what you’ll look like come New Years.
  • While everyone else is stressed at the idea of starting a diet, you’re sitting pretty and in the best shape ever.
  • No longer worried about having a failed resolution.
  • Each day, visualize what you look like and how you feel by following the habits you’ve started to implement today.

Do you normally relax a bit during the holidays with exercise or diet? 

Are you a resolution maker? 

I actually up the antics during the holidays. I always have this terrible fear of not being able to wear the clothes I receive as presents on Christmas morning. But I also have a natural tendency to lose weight over the holidays… as mentioned I think it’s because I am ALWAYS cold.

As for resolutions… I make them but like most others, I rarely succeed at them.

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