7 Things Personal Trainers Do That You Wish They Would Stop

I’m not one of those uptight ladies that can’t laugh at herself from time to time.

Because trust me, I do!

I know I do things that irritate people and I know that I do things that are just downright ridiculous… of course not often (ha!), but it happens. Just ask my husband.

Originally, I thought about doing a post on “Things You Do That Personal Trainers Wish You Didn’t” but after some thought, I decided it would be so much better to highlight the things that I do (and 99% of other awesome trainers do) that drive clients mad.

If you’re a trainer, if you’ve been trained, or if you’ve just seen the Biggest Loser then you can totally get these and hopefully chuckle along.

Let’s start the week off with a good ole’ light hearted post, what do you say?


The 7 Annoying Habits of Personal Trainers:

1. You’re ALMOST Done!

This classic comment comes out of our mouths every time we see you wanting to slow down or stop short of the goal.

You most likely are nowhere near done, yet we think that telling you this lie will help you to dig deep and keep going.

You know you’re not almost done, so you of course roll your eyes, yet continue on so that you don’t have to listen to our cheap lies.

I once said this to a client who responded back with “I still have 30 more reps left!”

To which I responded back with, “Well, that’s a lot closer to the end then when you started… so you’re almost done!”

I get eye rolls a lot.

It’s cool.

2. Saying “We” As In… “Here’s What We’re Going To Do.”

Every time I hear these words come out of my mouth I feel a twinge of guilt, so I can completely see why you don’t like us saying this.

“We” infers that together, you and I, will do whatever the workout calls for.

But nope, that’s not the case… you’ll do the workout and I’ll stand nearby making sure your form and movement patterns are spot on (or as close to perfect as possible).

And of course I’ll be yelling things like “You’re almost done” as YOU work your way through the task.

It’s almost like hearing a man say, “we’re having a baby!”. No, no “we’re not”… your wife is having a baby, you’re watching.

3. Add On Time or Reps Without Consulting You

Oh how bad do you want to slap a trainer when they keep adding time or reps on?

Just 5 more reps… Okay, you look amazing… you’ve got 3 more in you… One more to end!

It’s the set that just doesn’t end.

Of course we do it because we want to take you to the intensity that you deserve, but dang is it annoying.

Am I right?

Dan is KING of this pet peeve. Me? I don’t add reps often, that’s just mean, but I will lie about time and make it drag on longer than originally planned. My clients call this “Taylor Time”.

I love it when we do timed intervals and someone will ask… are we doing this REAL time, or TAYLOR time? Bahaha.

4. We Make Hard Exercises Look Easy
Making Pushups Look Easy

You watch your trainer demonstrate an exercise… it looks effortless and simple enough.

Then it’s your turn.

That move that they made look so smooth and graceful, now feels anything but when you do it. Damn those trainers.

For clients, it’s both frustrating and motivating.

I get it. But remember, trainers get paid to make those moves look good… even if they just have to demonstrate 2-3 reps. Those 2-3 reps better looks awesome, otherwise what kind of trainer do you have?

Not to mention we are fresh… not tired like you are… so of course with our fresh muscles we are going to make the reps look easy.

If I just finished off a tough set and had then demonstrate, you better believe it would look nearly as graceful.

5. “You Look Awesome!” Support

You’ve just made it through 60 minutes of the hardest workout of your life.

Your face is red… sweat is dripping off your nose… you can’t see because your eyes burn but you’re not sure if it’s from tears or salty sweat, and you can’t talk because your lungs are trying to burst out of your chest.

Then your trainer does this… Tells you that you look awesome!


You look a lot of things: tired, worn out, sore, sluggish, sweaty, and beet red. But awesome? No.

Then again, you do look awesome in many ways. You look like a badass!

You look like a fit woman!

You look like somebody that cares!

So really… you do look awesome!

6. We “Seem” Never To Struggle With Healthy Eating And Life

Shakes… salads… chicken… eggs.

This is what most people think we love to eat all the time!


This isn’t me, as I am 100% honest with you and my clients. But I can see from looking through a window how annoying trainers look.

They eat perfectly all the time, never have to deal with bad cravings. They actually enjoy working out, and of course they seem to have the perfect body.

Again, it’s our job to represent a healthy lifestyle of fitness and clean eating.

That doesn’t make us perfect… we struggle.

There are times when I don’t want to workout, times when I eat cookies even though I know I don’t need them. And when I look in the mirror, I too see cellulite bumps on my bum. And I get depressed.

So just know, as annoying as we might come off, we have our struggles too.

And even trainers have trainers!

7. We Find Enjoyment In Your Pain

Wow, we can be such pains in the a$$… literally.

At the start of each workout, I ask clients if they were sore from the previous workout.

If they say yes, I smile. All trainers love knowing that they pushed their clients to new limits and challenged them in new ways.

Even though being sore is not the sign of a good workout by any means. This is something Dan and I struggle with as trainers.

But it’s annoying regardless right?

I mean, the fact that we find happiness in knowing you had were taking the stairs a bit slower or that each time you brushed your hair your arms reminded you of us.

It’s sick, right? Ha!

Well, like I said at the beginning… these apply to me just as much as the next trainer. But if we didn’t do these seven things, would our gorgeous and awesome clients work to their potential to get stronger, leaner, more confident?

What can I say… I’m more than a workout designer! 😉

Let’s chat…

What’s the most annoying thing you’ve seen a trainer do to you or someone else?


  • Kalan

    I honestly don’t mind the things that you listed above…if I didn’t want to see how to do things right/get told that I look like a badass when I look like a giant red tomato/pushed beyond what I’m comfortable with…then I wouldn’t pay to work out with a trainer!

    The thing that drives me CRAZY is when I see trainers that just seem lazy. That are wearing baggy sweats like they just rolled out of bed, that drink things like Mt. Dew or Monster drinks in the gym, that chat up other clients/gym members when they’re supposed to be training someone, etc. I see these things on a way too frequent basis at my gym and it drives me absolutely nuts!

    • Yes, that drives me crazy too! When you can tell they would much rather be doing something else and all they are doing is walking clients from station to station on equipment. ugh!

  • I do not do #3 because I hate that one too!

  • LOL, love this! I am so bad about saying “We” as well. I don’t train in person a lot, but when I do, it’s definitely the peppy count down and cheerfully announcing you’re almost done. It’s sort of like those annoying people yelling “only 1 more mile,” or “you’re almost there” during a race. I want to pummel them LOL

    • Yes, I agree! It’s funny because sometimes it helps when people push me at the end of a race and others I just want to be like “hush your face!”

  • Jen

    Hah! Love this post and I can totally relate. My bootcampers hate when I add burpees to a workout or roll out what they’ve called ‘The Blue Carpet of Death.’ I brought it out a couple weeks ago to do army crawls and they HATED it.

    • Ooo, I must see this carpet of death!

  • I HATE when they don’t count the reps (because they aren’t paying attention) and you end up doing 13 on one side and 8 on the other… grrrr… 😉

    • Yes! That’s a pet peeve too. Balance people!

  • Great post! This was fun to read! 😀

  • All of these. Yep! I’ve been thinking of a similar post myself! Hard to shake some bad habits, while others are just how trainers are and that’s kind of neat too. 🙂

    • I agree. Some bad habits aren’t so bad, right?

  • Yet another fun and relate-able post! I definitely get intimidated when a trainer or instructor demos a workout move and makes it look effortlessly perfect. I do try to remind myself that they probably couldn’t keep that up for as long as I have to do the workout! I also don’t like the whole set that never ends thing. I get that if you don’t tell me til I think I’m done that I actually have 5 more reps to go, I wouldn’t have tried as hard on the last 5 reps I did. But arghhh it’s frustrating!

    • Yes, that’s exactly right! I can make anything look good for 5 reps! After that, I can’t promise anything. Ha!

  • oh man! spot on for all of these!!!!

    • Ha! Thanks, I thought you might like it and agree!

  • danea

    Haha! As a former trainer, I do #3 to myself without any assistance from my trainer! He just shakes his head at me! The other stuff- very funny- true, but funny 🙂

    • That’s awesome that you can push yourself!

  • Sheena

    I hate positive encouragement like “you’re almost there” or “you’re doing great”, I might be masochistic because what drives me is “come on push harder, you can do better than that!”

    I can relate to the last one, I love when my boyfriend and I work out and he’s hurting the next day 😀

    • Haha, no I am the same way! Dan def doesn’t give me the nice encouragement when I need it, it’s always the don’t be a wimp, you’ve got this! lol.

  • haha love this post!! we are always saying – almost there, hang in there

    • Yes, I sound like a broken record sometimes!!

  • haha this is hilarious. I can’t stand “You’re ALMOST done!” And the photo of you doing a one-arm push-up? Amazing.

    • Haha, I wish I could go all the way down! Maybe if I had someone yelling You’re almost there! Would help :0

  • I teach an active older class and the ladies in the class always get mad at me when I say great job you’re almost there. The truth sometimes is I have no idea what else to say. I think you should do a post on quick motivating phrases. Even as a professional I still find myself saying the same annoying things over and over. I need to rewrite my script.

    • You’re so right! I think we all have our catch phrases that we use! Great idea, thanks Renee!

  • Haha, I am guilty of at least a few of these! I can only imagine how annoyed clients get with us, since we spend so much time together. Little do they know we have our own list. Ha!

    • Haha, yes that is for another day 😉

  • HA! This is funny. I am actually surprised I don’t do most of these, but I certainly know a lot of people who do. I think it’s funny when people assume I don’t eat anything besides vegetables and chicken or that I eat like a bird. Usually when they see how much food I eat, clients are so confused. haha

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