I’m a big believer that doing a little something (consistently) beats the heck out of doing nothing at all.

This week, I am following that belief completely.

There’s a lot going on here… one of our trainers is touring Europe for the next 2 weeks (jealous!), we are moving boot camp locations (pain in the butt), and I am training 2x as many classes as normal to keep things running without a hiccup.

I’m all over the freaking place. Time is of the essence. Luckily, I love what I do… a lot.

I’m not letting my crazy schedule keep me from doing what needs to get done. My goal is to be efficient by choosing my priorities and by aiming to do a little bit of a lot.

Including my workouts.

My own training may suffer (just a little) this week. But I know life will get back to a routine soon. For now, I am at peace knowing that if I have a 5 minute window to workout, I need to take it and be thankful.

What can you possibly do in 5 minutes?
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Fit Bit And Other Fitness Trackers Lead To Weight Gain + More Fitness In The News!

July 22, 2014
fitness in the news

Remember that guy that used to do podcasts with me? It seems like forever ago that Dan and I sat together for a Lifting Revolution Podcast. To be honest, he took a hiatus because we were worried that you (and other readers/listeners) didn’t dig our he said/she said bickering when talking about life changing fitness […]

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100 lb Woman Shows There Is Nothing A Woman Can’t Do

July 21, 2014
kacy catanzaro

So, I REALLY want to be on American Ninja Warrior! I mentioned a few weeks ago that my friend Jeanette introduced me to the show, shocked that I hadn’t heard of it already. At the end of our workout she looked at me and reiterated how much I would like the show and likely become […]

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Fruity Friday: Stone Fruit Summa’ Time Coffee Cake {Gluten Free}

July 18, 2014
peach gluten-free coffee cake

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed over the past couple of months that something has been missing… Fruity Friday. Yes, sadly my training schedule has changed and I am no longer able to go to my favorite coffee shop that serves up the best and freshest fruit in all of Charleston. […]

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Embarrassing Gym Issues: 10 Solutions For A Sweaty Crotch

July 17, 2014
sweaty crotch

Last week I kicked off a special series, Embarrassing Gym Issues Women Face. Why? Because what we feel is embarrassing is actually very common. We started off with the oh so common, yet still embarrassing issue of peeing when you exercise. If you missed it, just click to catch up! Because now we’re moving on […]

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The 6 Vital Rules Of A Good Boot Camp: You Need To Read Before Trying One!

July 16, 2014
boot camp field day

Chances are you have either tried a boot camp workout in the past, you’re in one now, or you know someone that has. Boot camps are big. And I don’t foresee their growth stopping, at least I hope not. After all, boot camp help pay my bills! Who Knew I Had A Boot Camp? You […]

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Learn To Compete With Your Partner, Not Against: Hot Top 10K Recap

July 15, 2014
race with spouse

The Battle Of The Boyles has come to an end. And we still love each other… This past Saturday, Dan and I raced the Hot Top 10K, just outside of Charlotte. For months and months we have been tossing out fighting words, getting each other prepped for the their ultimate loss. You see, I’m competitive. […]

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It’s Not Okay To Do Things Like A Girl

July 14, 2014

The video below popped up on my Facebook news feed last week. At first I was just going to avoid it (like I seem to do with nearly all videos). I saw that it was created by a big company and assumed that it was overly fabricated to sell whatever they were selling. But a […]

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What My Body Is Loving Right Now

July 11, 2014
friday love

*Some of this post is sponsored by MyVitamins and MyProtein. I received free product, of my choice, in return for this review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Happy Friday! Any big plans for the weekend? We’re heading up to Charlotte shortly for the Hot Top 10K Trail Race. I loved this race last […]

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Embarrassing Gym Issues: Do You Pee When You Exercise?

July 10, 2014
pee during exercise

Have you ever found yourself mid jumping jack with the classic panic stricken, eyes popping out with the “dear in headlights” expression because suddenly you feel a little trickle? You peed right before you started your workout, yet just minutes in and you are already sprinting back to the bathroom. Sprinting, not because you’re trying […]

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Sexy Stems: Leg Workout For Women

July 9, 2014
sexy stems leg workout

It’s Youtube Wednesday!<– I’ve decided most Wednesdays from here on out should be Youtube Wednesdays! What better way to get through your hump day than with some Youtube love? And if that doesn’t happen because you can’t watch videos at work… Let’s call it Gif Wednesday! And do I have a great mini-workout for you […]

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