Hello, hello. Thanks for dropping in on this chilly Thursday!

And thank you for all the get-well messages. Unfortunately I’m not feeling all that much better and my voice is completely gone.

Anyone else get laryngitis whenever they get sick? Happens every time to me.

It took some convincing, but Dan has me on strict bed rest when I’m not working at the gym. Which doesn’t mean the same to us both. To me, bed rest means laying in bed with my computer to get work done… to Dan it means sleeping to allow your body to do nothing but focus on itself and recovery.

Our compromise? I work for 30 minutes, take a nap… and repeat.

I’m tired of being sick and talking about it, so let’s move on to the fun stuff!

I mentioned that I had a fun kettlebell workout for you! So let’s get to it, what do you say?

Snatch It Up Kettlebell Workout

Here’s some exciting news:
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Just Right Trail Mix Granola Squares #Vegan #GlutenFree

January 28, 2015
just right trail mix granola bars

Last week I started to feel a slight scratch in my throat, more of a nuisance than anything. I had just gotten home from the mountains and both my mom and sister in law were feeling under the weather. I kept my fingers crossed that my body would fight off what they were dealing with. […]

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Did I Ever Tell You Dan Set Me Up On A Blind Date?

January 27, 2015
final run with katie

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this story before. It’s quite the confession. Because I have so many social media platforms to run as Taylor, Kindal, and the businesses, a few years ago, Dan started helping me out with my local social medial. Well, with Twitter. He would tweet as me and even try to […]

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Why Bad Workouts Aren’t So Bad

January 26, 2015
how to have a good workout after a bad one

I asked my boot campers on Friday if they had any suggestions for blog posts. I get a lot of my ideas from them, my ladies have the best ideas. It was pretty unanimous, they wanted me to share my “weird eats”, the foods I think are delicious but everyone else turns their nose up […]

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Wake Up Call With This Chocolate Frappuccino Protein Shake

January 23, 2015
frappaccino chocolate shake

We made it to Friday friends! Anything fun planned? We’ve got tons going on. Though I’m not excited to say good-bye to my friend Katie who is moving to Oklahoma next week. My speed demon running buddy is leaving me. At least we’ll get one last hoorah of a run in tomorrow morning. Other big […]

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7 Workout Mistakes You’re Likely Making If Trying To Gain Strength

January 22, 2015
tips on strength gain for women

Holy moly, have I had some awesome workouts so far this week! And boy is my body tired! Aside from a morning run, today is a rest day! The run serving no other purpose than to shake my legs out! Last year I focused a lot on my arms but let my legs rest a […]

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Making Fitness News: Which Is Best Cardio Or Strength Training For Decreasing Your Waist?

January 21, 2015
making fitness news

Let’s talk fitness news today, shall we? It’s been a long time since I highlighted big findings that can potentially really make a difference in our own life and training. Yesterday as I was searching around the internet during lunch, I came on a three awesome new studies that I wanted to share. I was going […]

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Three Workouts To Improve Your Push-Ups Fast

January 20, 2015
workouts for push ups

I have a challenge for you… Set a timer for 60 seconds and see how many squats you can do. Then, reset the timer and see how many push-ups you can do. Now compare that number. I’m going to guess the squats out number the push-ups pretty significantly. I’m also going to assume that for […]

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The Time I Did Crossfit For #50StatesInAYear

January 19, 2015
50 states in a year

Hola Friends! This weekend was insane, in the best way possible. After going back and forth on making up my mind, I packed up my car Friday and headed to Asheville to spend the weekend with my family visiting my grandparents. Of course, I also used it as an excuse to get some hiking in! […]

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Breakfast Prep: Mason Jar Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Parfaits {Gluten-Free}

January 16, 2015
blueberry banana #glutenfree cobbler parfait mason jars

I love breakfast. So much that I go to bed excited to wake up and eat. Lunch is just okay, and dinner is good but breakfast… fabulous. And whatever I can do to speed up the prep so I can sit down and enjoy it sooner, is amazing. After all, I wake up at 5:00am […]

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How To Do A Painless Kettlebell Snatch

January 15, 2015
how to do kettlebell snatch

A few weeks ago I asked what you guys needed help with in terms of your workouts… specifically kettlebells. It was pretty much unanimous: How Do I Do A Kettlebell Snatch? Right after the swing, the snatch is the next move that people think of when dealing with kettlebells. The problem? They aren’t easy to […]

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