Let’s celebrate Throwback Thursday with a post I wrote all the way back in 2012 (how have I been blogging so long?).

I don’t often bring old post back but this one struck a cord with a lot of women. Second, there was some room for updating. And third, I get asked the questions all the time:

“Why do I weigh more today than yesterday!?


How is it possible that I’ve gained weight even though I’ve been so diligent about my training and nutrition?!”

The Great Weightroversy: Why You Gained Weight While You Were Sleeping

I have great news for you…

You did not get fat overnight.

I repeat: You did not get fat overnight.

Let me tell you a little story I bet you can relate to:

I have a client that recently weighed herself. She knows that stepping on the scale is a terrible idea, and really has no reflection on her body… but for whatever reason she felt the need to place two bare feet on the scale just a week after her previous weigh in.

The number staring back did not reflect the hard work she has been putting into her fitness and healthy eating choices.

It was 5 pounds in the wrong direction. Yes, she gained 5 pounds in a single week.

At first, she shrugged her shoulders and moved on trying not to be affected.. But it weighed on her mind (seriously didn’t mean for the pun) and she began to go over what could cause what seemed like overnight weight gain.

This beautiful woman isn’t the first this has happened to.

There have been times when I have weighed myself one day, hopped on the wretched thing the next day just to see an incredibly higher number blinking back at me.

What gives?
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Pushup Challenge Workout For Women

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