A Clear Indicator You Worked Yourself Too Hard: Bathroom Time

Having a job in fitness has it’s ups and downs. One the upside, I get to do what I love, I get a great excuse to workout, I get to try new forms of exercise and of course I don’t have to sit at a desk all day (though, I do… a lot).

On the downside, I have to exercise a lot. I have to film workouts sometimes back to back, I often feel pressured to look a certain way, and I feel guilty from time to time if I miss a workout or eat crap.

So with that in mind, let’s recap from Thursday to Sunday: 

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: Filmed 2 back to back mini workouts (apart not so bad, done back to back was exhausting)

Saturday: 10.7 mile run with run group

Sunday: Filmed 1 long workout

That’s a lot on the body and now I am getting some clear signs that I probably pushed myself a little too hard.

Starting Sunday late afternoon, I started to get joint aches, cold chills and that classic feeling of “oh crap, I am coming down with something.” I took my temperature and it flashed back right below 100 F.

I took it immediately as a sign to relax, so I did. And crossed my fingers that by morning I would be 100%. No such luck. I woke up without the fever, aches and chills but in their place was a terrible stomach issue. I won’t go into it but it isn’t fun at all.

I know that a lot of stuff is floating around right now, but I take my issues as a sign that my body needs a bit of a break.

Those 4 days probably wore it out and wore out my immune system.

Now all I can do it give my body what it deserves, some time to rest, recoup and hydrate. Not that I want to workout right now, that would be terrible for everyone around.

Overtraining is a serious issue and something that I see a lot of women fall victim off (I’ve been known in my past to exercise a bit too much).

But what we have to remember that just like there is a thing as too little exercise, there is too much exercise.

Signs You’ve Worked Out Too Hard

If you have upped your workout intensity, duration or frequency and have noticed:

  • Increased aches and pains
  • Longer recovery needed between workouts
  • Sleep issues
  • Decreased immune system
  • Injuries
  • Changes in mood

Then take a step back and make sure you’re not pushing your body too hard. Remember, results come from recovery not during the actual workout. Listen to your body and follow it’s request.

Now I am off to do some baking (more on that tomorrow) and to fix some soup… unfortunately that’s all I can stomach.

  • Have you been affected by the recent surge of “bugs” going around? 
  • How often do you exercise?


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