Here is an older video I’ve made of a workout that is a short one, but a great one. It will push you really hard. Plus it’s a great one for centering your mind, creating focus, and getting any stress or negative energy out.

Things To Know:

  • Practice jump roping more. This is a great cardio workout, better than long distance and safer for your body. I rank jumping rope right next to sprinting.
  • On the lunge jumps, feel your body to create balance. Also be careful because they are a tough move and you’ll feel them like crazy.
  • For the pushups, work on keeping good form. Don’t let your butt rise and don’t let it sag… a good straight body is what you want.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

This is a short burst of workout energy you can do two times in the day. This would actually be a great way to exercise if you are very short on time and you just have small chunks here and there.

Let me know what you think.