A Very Boyle Christmas

I can not believe that we didn’t take one single picture from Christmas. Well… there is a good reason actually: I was sick as a dog!

This pretty much sums it up...

By time our flight landed in Phili, my head was aching, my nose completed stuffed, and my ears burning. I felt awful and the second I walked into my in-law’s house I went to the guest bedroom and slept for 2 hours.

Luckily my father-in-law is a doctor, so I had in check my ears which had decided to to have an ear infection (I haven’t had one since I was a little kid), my fever was 101 and he quickly put me on antibiotics and some amazing cold medicine.

I slept off and on for the next two days… not exactly the way I had planned on my vacation!

The second night we were there I took enough Dayquil to get all dolled up for the ballet and a full course meal. It was amazing, I only wished that I could have tasted all of my delicious food! But I will say the fraction I could taste, I could tell it was AMAZING!

For starters I had grilled calamari… for main course I had baked lamb (something I never eat)… and for dessert I had a cappacino and traditional Greek walnut bread (did I mention we were at a Greek restaurant?).

The ballet was breath taking! I loved every second of it! It amazes me the strength and elegance the dancers have.

It was a great night, and of course I passed out right when we got home!

For Christmas eve, I was feeling a little better, so we all decided what better way to spend Christmas eve than ice skating? It was freezing, and we lasted a good hour. I think I held my own being the southern girl in a very northern sporting activity.

Then time for mass, dinner (grilled scallops), and the traditional Boyle Christmas Book.

The family's Book 2011 Christmas

I LOVE this tradition and Dan and I have started it on our own too. Each Christmas Eve, “Santa” leaves a book under the tree as an early gift. We open it and Dan’s dad reads it out loud as we all pile onto one couch: Dan’s dad, mom, sister, Dan and me.

Then the two of us go upstairs to our room, open our book (which is wrapped) and Dan now has the prividge of reading aloud… then again, I passed out!

That’s part one of the trip… I will stop here and finish up tomorrow!

How was your Christmas? Any special traditions you and your family have?


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