10 Advanced Ab Exercises For The Summer

Something exciting happened here in Charleston this past weekend… we saw the sun! And temperatures above 70-degrees! I might just mean that spring really is here and we can move on from the terrible winter.

While I love spring, I see it as a transition period. Just a vehicle to get us from winter to summer. It’s like a flashing sign that says:

“Summer isn’t far off, it’s time to get moving and work off that winter fluff!”

Spring, we hear you loud and clear.

And even if you didn’t suffer from the winter fluff disease, perhaps you have an extra dose of motivation to move more and exercise harder? That’s what happens to me when gorgeous weather rolls around.

Whichever category you fall under, I am here to help! Watch below as I show some of my favorite, more advanced body weight core exercises.

10 Advanced Core Exercises For Beach Body Abs

Before we go over the moves from the video, I want to stress that it is super important to realize that no matter how many planks, crunches, or v-sits you do, it’s not going to help give you a 6-pack if you’re not eating a clean diet and implementing a fat burning workout along with it.

These exercises will help to strengthen the core, and build some awesome ab muscles but it’s the diet and the fat burning workouts that will help you to show them off.

Star Crunches

  • Keep legs shoulder width or wider.
  • If you can, aim to keep your feet off the ground for the entire set.
  • Concentrate on contracting the abs, don’t pull up with your neck. For help, you can use your grounded hand to help push up.

Box Lemon Squeezes

  • Sit on the very edge of a box, bench or table.
  • Lean back, straight the legs with the toes pointing towards the ground.
  • Pull the knees into your chest in a smooth motion.


I love this move! When done correctly your abs will be on fire!

  • Start in a high plank position, with shoulders over hands.
  • Push through the toes, as you bring your right knee towards the outside of the right elbow.
  • Look back over your shoulder and towards your toes and  focus on crunching the abs.
  • Return back to the start and repeat on the opposite side.

Wall Planks

How fun is this? A lot, I promise!

  • Make sure you’re using a stable, strong wall.
  • Place your hands on the ground, and walk the feet up a well until your body is in a  straight light parallel to the ground.
  • Push through your feet, while doing this you’ll notice how engaged the core is!
  • Try doing spidermans from this position!

Rollover V-Up

These have recently become one of my favorite moves. Two core exercises in one.

  • Begin on your stomach in “Superman” position: Chest off the ground, legs straight and feet pulled up as well, like your flying.
  • Roll over onto your back without letting your feet ever hit, your core is contracted the entire time. If possible don’t let your shoulders hit either.
  • Complete a V-sit and roll back to start. Roll in the other direction for a second rep.

They’re challenging but a lot of fun!

Hollow Rocks

These bring back bad memories of gymnastics. We would do hundreds of these within a training workout. But for good reason, they’re killer.

  • Start in hollow position. Feet off the ground, legs squeezed tight and straight, lift the shoulders off the ground by contracting the abs and have your chin dropped down towards the chest so that your glaze is on your toes.
  • Use your abs to rock your body back and forth. Allow your heels to “almost” hit the ground before rocking back to start.
  • Trust me, when you do it right, you’ll feel it!

Sandbag Cherry Pickers – 2 Variations

Ready to work the obliques?

Because sandbags are distributed unevenly, the deliver one heck of a workout. Thought cherry pickers (AKA Russian Twists) were challenging before? Try these!

There are 2 variations of the sandbag Cherry Picker.

  • Legs out in front in pike position, squeezed straight with heels remaining on the ground throughout the move. This allows you to stay up straight and might be better if you have tightness in the back.
  • Legs out in front and slightly lifted. Again, squeeze those leg muscles (they burn too) while going through the reps. To lift the legs, you’ll have to lean back just a bit, make sure to keep the back straight to avoid any unnecessary pressure.

If you have access to a sandbag but aren’t sure about it, make sure to read this article: Why Sandbags Rock

Kettlebell Cherry Pickers

Why include both? Because making a simple change in the equipment changes the exercise a lot!

  • Because the kettlebell is smaller, you’re able to get into the bent leg position. Lean back, lefting the feet slightly off the ground.
  • Rotate side to side with the kettlebell just as you did with the sandbag.
  • Make sure to keep the shoulders back to avoid rounding them forward.

Kettlebell V-Sit Press-Ups

Another great move with the kettlebell! But this can be done with a dumbbell or sandbag too!

  • Grab your weight and hold in with both hands at chest level.
  • Go into a V-Sit. Maintain the sit, while doing x amount of presses.
  • You’ll be amazed at how hard your core has to work to keep you balanced and stable!

Toes To Bar

For this one you need a bar, even a doorframe pull-up bar will work.

  • Hang from a bar, legs going straight down and squeezed together.
  • Avoid your body from rocking by engaging the abs as you pull your toes up to the bar.
  • Keep them engaged as you lower the legs back down to start. If you let the flop down, you’ll begin to sway.

Why not sway? Try your best to avoid swaying as this creates momentum. You don’t want momentum to be the reason your toes get up… pure strength!

Windshield Wipers

From the above exercise, we’re going to take it up a notch.

  • Lift the toes up to the bar, now allow them to rotate together towards your right foot (or even farther if you’re able). Use your core to control the move.
  • Rotate next to the left side. Move back and forth to complete your reps!

Pretty tough stuff? But give them a try and see what you can do!

Personally, I have been using the ab-wheel a lot. I know a lot of people argue that the wheel is terrible for your back but personally, I find it has helped to strengthen mine. As long as it doesn’t cause pain, then that’s a good sign. Well, I do always have a ton of muscle soreness the next day but that’s to be expected!

Q: What’s your favorite core exercise? 

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