All I Want For Christmas… Good Gift Ideas For The Health Conscious Woman

Now that the holidays are officially in full swing I can add more to my Christmas Wish List!

I love this time of the year! I even braved the crowds yesterday for Black Friday, though I was not one of the millions that went out at the wee hours of the mornings. I went out closer to lunch time but still get extremely lucky with deals! I am super excited for today because Dan and I are going to pick out our first REAL Christmas Tree! I will post pictures after it’s all decorated!!

Gift buying is in full gear and if you’re having a hard time deciding what to want or what to get for a fitness lover, health advocate here are some ideas. They weren’t on my original Christmas list, but it’s not too late to add to it! Some of these make for great stocking stuffers while others are straight up great gift ideas!

Happy Holidays To The Fitness Freak

Portion Bowls. I love these, because they help put into perspective exactly how much of everything you should be eating. It really brings it to light since most of us are so used to American portion sizes which are bogus! Portion sizes are the hardest thing to get down when trying to lose weight and keep it off and these help. Plus who wants to use a scale to measure out food? I have never used a food scale to be honest, and I think these are much more practical.

You can get them at: Shop Measure Bowl

70% Dark Chocolate: You can’t deny a woman her chocolate and just because she is healthy doesn’t mean she she shouldn’t eat it. Dark chocolate makes a terrific stocking stuffer, its high in nutrients and antioxidants, so it’s a sweet that we can argue is a must to include in your diet.  70% if the best portion to still have a great sweet flavor but not too much milk and additives.

Valor Dark Chocolate Truffles: World Of Chocolate

Weighted Jump Rope: I want one of these so bad. Jumping rope kicks running’s butt when it comes to calorie burning and endurance training. Plus it’s more of a plyometric workout which tones your body and blast fat! It’s great to do during your “rest” time in between sets when lifting weights.

This is a speed plus weighted rope that looks awesome! You can find it at Amazon

Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor: I have the T1 model of Suunto’s heart rate monitors but it’s definitely time for an upgrade, after all I have worn my watch every day for the past 3 years. I love it but I am ready for a newer model. If your buying for someone who cares about how hard they are pushing themselves or is a runner/spinner then this is a must. I use it to help pace myself when I go for runs and it’s fun to see how hard I can work during intervals. Here’s the new model I am eyeing:

Suunto M4 Heart Rate Watch $150.00

This is my list so far, I am going to add to it regularly with amazing fitness gift ideas! If you have any, share them!


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