Almost Silent Saturday Kicks Off

Happy Saturday friend. I hope that your weekend is off to a fabulous start.

Mine certainly is. I woke up this morning excited to go for a run, only to open the door to be greeted with pouring down rain. I only hesitated for a second, then grabbed my keys and headed to the gym. It may have not been the gorgeous downtown run I wanted, but none the less 5 speedy treadmill miles left me feeling energized and accomplished!

Funny how a workout can leave you both exhausted and energized simultaneously, isn’t it?

Today kicks off what I hope to be a normal occurrence here on Lifting Revolution… “Almost” Silent Saturday because let’s face it, I can’t be silent.

Here are a just a few things that went on this past week that I feel compelled to share…

Top 5 Of The Week

1. We Got Our Jawbones!


After a delay thanks to the recent snow storm, our JawBones arrived. Yes, it matched my GPS watch. No, I didn’t mean to do that. But yes, I am glad I did. Now I guess you can say I’m double wristin’?

2. The Competitive Couple 

Here’s what yesterday (Friday) looked like. Of course we had a friendly competition going on all day as to who would win. There might have been some last minute running around our house to long some steps…



So I was a bit stumped by this. I walked and was on my feet ALL day! I feel as if perhaps not all of my steps were counted? Does anyone know that if shopping at a store with a hand on the buggy could affect count? I walked an entire grocery store which did not create a spike. Let me know!

I have no idea how Jawbone does it but it also track sleep and sleep quality. Dan gets up 4 minutes after I do, so our sleep is pretty even! Though my deep sleep kicks his deep sleep’s butt.


And yes… I know we need to sleep more.

3. The New DO


Good bye long locks! I chopped off over 7 inches of hair yesterday and I feel great! It’s amazing what a new do can do for you.

To help Dan adjusts (he loves LONG hair), I planned a special at home date night.

4. At Home Date Night


First course salad! Because I am doing a 21 day sugar detox, that wine glass was filled with water. But everything else was as it should be!

Second course included turkey meatballs over a cauliflower pilaf for me and over brown rice for dan. Delicious!

5. The Best Meal Of The Week


This was the most amazing trout! I picked it up last week at EarthFare when it was on sale and to be honest almost forgot about it.

It was so flavorful and delicious. Cooked at 410-regress (to crust up the skin) with olive oil, pepper and garlic rubbed in. Amazing!

Now, it’s time for yoga!

Q: What is something that you’re looking forward to this weekend?



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