Almost Silent Sunday: Spring Forward Workout & Eating 100-year Old Eggs

Good morning! I hope your weekend is filled with relaxation, fun, friends, family… and whatever else makes your weekend fabulous!

I almost shortened “Almost Silent Sunday” for the title until I realized the abbreviation is ASS. Oh well, now that I’ve given the warning, it might happen next week.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… let’s focus on this weekend!


The sun finally decided to come out of hiding yesterday, which immediately lifted my spirits. With last night being the start of Daylight Savings Time, it was nice to actually feel spring in the air.

It’s amazing how great a run feels when it’s nice out, isn’t it?

Seven miles felt terrific, and after logging a total of 33 miles from Saturday to Saturday, I am feeling good for the Palmetto 200!

What I’m not feeling so good about? Eating an egg that looks like this:


Apparently a Chinese delicacy? A “century egg” isn’t actually a 100 years old, but it looks and smells like it. If you’re interested, here’s a great, short article explaining what a 100 year old egg actually is and how they make it go from normal to rotten fast.


Taste? If you pinched your nose to avoid the rancid fish aroma coming off the gummy bear-textured egg, then it wasn’t so bad. But I’m sure you can imagine how hard you have to pinch to accomplish that! You can watch video footage of us trying the egg on the Facebook page!


I can now cross eating a century egg off my food bucket list, and no I didn’t go back for a second serving. One bite was plenty.

I don’t have a witty transition to take me from old, black eggs to workouts, so let’s just skip it and get straight to it.

Spring Forward Workout

To celebrate the time change and the sunlight, let’s get out and move today! Do this workout for some plyo (jumping) training and muscle burning action today. You need nothing but your body.


And finally, I leave you with almost silent pictures from my SIL’s birthday dinner last night.


Red Nine Wests/Joe’s Skinny Jeans (I got these on sale for $70)/Guess Jacket/Spartina Purse


We went to O-ku, a Japanese restaurant in Downtown Charleston. The service was excellent, the food delicious (though I hate when restaurants try to fancy up traditional meals too much), and company wonderful. The food was a bit pricy, but sometimes it’s worth it to spend quality time with those around you, right?

Happy Sunday friend. Get out and enjoy this sunshine filled day if you can!

–> What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 

–> Tell me one thing you did this weekend!


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