Am I Turning Into A Rabbit? My Vegan Journey

I know, it sounds crazy… how can a girl go from eating over 100 grams of protein a day turn vegan?

Well, first off I wouldn’t say that I have officially turned vegan.

Now I get to find great hole-in-the-wall vegan restaurants around Charleston! This was lunch yesterday at a place called Verde... it rocked!

Here’s my vegan story: 

Two weeks ago Dan and I watched a great movie, Forks Over Knives. Basically it’s a food documentary presenting research on animal rich diets versus vegan, plant-based diets. It also randomly was based off of a book I recently read, The China Study.

To be honest, I watched it and was interested in the ideas they gave and the data they presented but it wasn’t until Dan looked at me and said, let’s give it a try for 12-weeks and see how we feel. First, my mouth dropped:

Did my husband really just suggest trying vegan? This is a man that eats eggs for breakfast, turkey sandwiches for lunch, Greek yogurts for snacks and chicken for dinner… I figured it would be a great chance for us to try something new together so I said sure!

Sounded great, except that after our first totally vegan meal (Quinoa and veggie bowls) he complained about the lack of “bulk” from meat and the next morning it was back to eggs for him…. he left me hanging.

I on the other hand am deeply devoted to things I say I am going to do. If I say I am going to try vegan, I am going to try it. If I say I am going to work out “x” amount of times this week, you better believe I follow through. What can I say I’m a passionate person! lol.

So while he backed out after 1 meal, I am sticking to it. I want to see if I can keep up with my intense workout schedule, day to day life and still have energy to not just get through the day but to recover from my workouts and see how my body feels over all.

So how’s it going? 

To be honest, I am loving it. I’ve been cooking veggies every day for lunch, experimenting with new recipes and cooking ideas and really enjoying how I feel.

If you remember, I went vegan for 4-weeks a few months ago and it was a bit harder back then, my body had no idea what to do but this time it seems easier. Plus having the support of my husband this time around makes it better too.

After 12-weeks Will I Stay Vegan? 

It’s really hard to say, but I do think that depending on how I feel after three full months it is kind of silly to switch back. After all, I thought I was a great eater before but now I feel amazing. Plus for some reason I don’t have the sweet cravings I used to get and I have been working out better than ever…

Strange? Yes, not what I thought it would be like but I’ll continue to update you on my progress!

My Favorite Vegan Blogs

Clearly, I need help with this, I don’t want to eat just veggies for everything so I have been finding some amazing recipes. Pinterest is of course awesome, but my favorite site by for is: 

Angela makes wonderful food that is easy to prepare and taste great. I have made several of her recipes and never had a complaint yet.

If you have any useful sites please let me know!



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