The Shocking Truth About Anne Hathaway’s Cat Woman Diet

Happy Sunday! Nothing exciting going on around here this morning. it started off like most Sundays before: making myself vegan pancakes, and cooking French toast for Dan.

After a few glasses of wine last night and we’ve both agreed that vacation is officially over. I am excited about it because it means I get to see all my lovely boot campers tomorrow, but it also means no more wine for this chick for a while! I think for once I might be wined out. Seriously!

But enough about me, let’s talk about something all women love chatting about… Hollywood gossip!

Cat Woman’s Diet Revealed

I love Anne Hathaway, she seems very down to earth and very humble. I remember back in the day watching her in Princess Diaries (I love Julie Andrews), never imagining she would grow up to be the the celebrity she has become.

It’s taken hard work in the past and to be a celebrity in the future, it’s continued to take hard work and dedication.

Let’s take her upcoming roll as Cat Woman.

Fitting into that tight, sexy black suit isn’t something many women can handle. Let’s face it, no matter how much we love Melissa McCarthy, I don’t foresee her slipping into a roll like this.

But what about Anne? How did she do it? 

To slim down for the role, Hathaway has confessed to eating a diet consisting of 500 calories. Those 500 calories were nothing but hummus and radishes. Yum?

She not only felt gross on the diet but announced it caused her to break out.

Well, her exact words to Allure Magazine (read the original story here):

This diet makes me break out, so I love that. Nothing like living on hummus and radishes and then be all, ‘And I got a pimple. Yeah!

On top of the diet there was also the workout regiment from hell. 

Again she confided in Allure, to get the catlike reflexes, tone, and flexibility, she spent 10 months practically living in a gym. The idea of looking good in the tight suite was almost an obsession.

Do you want to look like Anne? 

When the movie hits theaters, women are going to be googling “Anne Hathaway Diet” to find out what she did to get such a kicking body. And these same ladies will set out to imitate what worked for Anne.

But did it really work?

Sure she looks great for the movie, but in reality this was an unsafe diet and workout program. Once again making women believe these are the types of diets which work and a fast detox is the answer to fit in to their own “cat suite”.

I can’t pick on Anne, because she is simply doing what is expected out of Hollywood. She certaintly isn’t the first and definitely not the last leading lady to push the boundries of health for movie roles.

Other Celebs Taking Dieting To The Next Level

Natalie Portman:

For Black Swan, Natalie dropped 20 pounds from her already slim 5’3 frame. Through extreme dieting and 6-8 hour ballet/workout sessions she caused the director to ask her to put weight back on for filming. He would fill her trailer with calorie dense snacks to make sure she was eating enough to supplement her diet for the intense workout sessions.

One thing is certain, she looked like the perfect ballerina on camera and definitely deserved all the awards she received for this role.

Mila Kunis:

For Black Swan, again, Mila dropped down to just 95 pounds (20 pounds lighter) to be a ballerina. She said she was miserable with: “no curves, no ass, and no boobs.” As soon as the filming was done, she added the weight back in one short week.

Losing weight to this extreme wasn’t healthy and she knew that, however adding 20 pounds back in in such a short time isn’t healthy either. It can lead to crazy binges, cravings, mood swings and more. Since clearly she wasn’t eating healthy foods to make the weight come back gradually.

Amanda Seyfried:

Amanda is Dan’s celebrity crush so I couldn’t not mention her from when she play in Chloe. This Hollywood beauty got camera ready through the raw diet. Which she said was extreme and “awful”.

What I love about her is that she completely acknowledges that by choosing the path of being an actress that staying in shape and going to certain extremes for movies is part of the job.

  • What’s the most radical diet you’ve ever been on? 
  • Who’s your favorite Hollywood Star? 

I did the raw diet a few years ago for 2 weeks to see what I thought. It sucks. I could only eat so much dried fruit and nuts before grabbing for hot dish.

My favorite star is Jessica Biel. I have always had a girl crush on her! Love her muscles and fit life.



  • It’s so bizarre to me that Anne Hathway had to go that far for the cat woman outfit. The photo above is the suit Michelle Pheiffer wore, with Anne’s face photoshopped in. In my opinion-from the clips of the upcoming Dark Knight movie-Anne’s wardrobe was a bit more forgiving. With the exception of the actresses in Black Swan-loved that movie-I find it so ironic that these other actresses went to such extreme lengths to drop weight for these roles where they looked-in my opinion-someone normal/in shape in the actual films. I’m pro going raw, but it’s difficult to do without solid knowledge of the diet and time to prepare the food. As for Hathway, I like her movies, but I think it’s a little sketch how she’s always dropping weight “for her career”. Years ago, and I mean YEARS ago, she did an interview about partaking in extreme dieting early in her teens. I think it was in Seventeen, a little after she did The Princess Diaries. What’s going on in Hollywood now is that actresses will own up to the fact that they starve themselves for their career. It’s like they think that if they fess up about their behavior it somehow makes them less accountable for their actions or the influence they have on others. I don’t condemn actresses for dropping weight, but I certainly don’t feel bad for them when each role they picks demands them to lose 20 pounds.

    • Thanks for your input Holly! I have to agree with you. I would love to see that article from Hathaway from 17. Dan (my husband) and I have been wondering the same thing in regards to actresses going to extreme for roles where it doesn’t really seem necessary. Looking at pictures of Anne in Bat Man, she doesn’t look far off from what she has looked like in her other movies.

      Sometimes i think they do these diets simply to say, wow look what i went through? Who knows.

  • This kind of thing is absolute insanity to me. No one can possibly thing these diets are healthy. For a film where you’re supposed to be a drug addict or a cancer patient or a starving person – like, situations where you *need* to look like you live on 500 calories a day – I can understand it. (Not that it’s healthy, but I understand why they would need to do it to play the role.) But if you just want to look hot in a catsuit, I think starving yourself is counterproductive – eating a reasonable diet and working out and just getting fit will be a lot prettier thank being skin and bones from your starvation diet.

    • Agreed Kelly. Thanks for your thoughts, I 100% agree with you. These actresses, while they have a lot of pressure to look awesome also have responsibility to be a role model for young girls and young women.

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