No. You can’t burn fat with only one meal. There is no magic meal that when eaten will transform your body for the day.

However, one meal at a time, you can make significantly huge strides towards burning fat on near autopilot. This is a lesson I continue to drill into the heads of my boot camp clients and I’m going to start making it a huge point with my online clients (and you!)

The massively effective fat burning strategy:

Every weekend, learn one new recipe (healthy recipe) and master it in the kitchen. Get really good at cooking it quickly. Then add it to your weekly meal plan in place of an unhealthy option.

Pretty simple right?

That’s because it’s deceptively simple. And that’s why it works. Let’s take a closer look:

Step 1: Quick Weekly Meal Inspection

Take a quick meal inspection of what you normally eat for breakfast, snacks, lunches, and dinners.

Take a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet on your computer. Make a simple list of each thing and keep drilling your head until you have as much as you can remember out of your head.

You’re going to be surprised at how little there really is for each meal.

An exercise like this makes eating healthy seem so much easier. You have to do this!

Step 2: Based On Common Sense – List Them From Unhealthy To Healthy

Don’t overcomplicate this or think to much. Just use what you know to list these meals (or parts of meals) from unhealthiest to healthiest.

There should be a few things that easily show up as meals/foods you don’t really want to be eating.

This is going to be your hierarchy for which recipes you want to learn first. You can at least use this as a guide for yourself. I completely understand for certain dinners it can be really hard when you have kids and a husband that might be stingy eaters.

Never fear because my report, the Multi-Vitamin Myth has a whole section on helping you “teach” your husband and kids to eat more veggies and new foods. Make sure you get a copy of that report if you have not yet.

Step 3: Practice Practice Practice

If you need healthy recipes (which can be surprisingly hard to come across) then join Calorie Revolution. You get a lot of great meal plans, recipes, and more which are staples for burning fat.

Anyway… the idea is to find a good recipe that sounds like you would really love it. Then master it.

You can’t just add in a new recipe without having every cooked it before. When you need to make it during the week (when time is limited) you don’t want to be fumbling around or end up making it and have it NOT taste good. That can ruin the whole experience.

However, if you master it first then when it’s game time during the week, you can quickly make it with no issues at all.

I have clients that can make amazing breakfasts and more in under 5 minutes… some 15 minutes depending on the complexity.

Step 4: Substitute

Finally, make that substitution in your weekly meal plan and live it!

Will you drop 20 pounds with only one meal substitution?


But it’s the perfect start. When you continually add more meals over 3 to 4 weeks, that’s when you’ll start to seen results just happening automatically.

This Sounds Like A Lot… But It’s Not

Eating Your Way To Fat Loss

This may sound like a process to you now, however it’s really easy to do. The best part about it is by knowing more about what you eat… it makes eating stress free.

You never have to worry about calories, fat, carbs, or any of those tiny things. You know what you eat and what’s in it already. It frees you up to enjoy food a lot more.

You have to try this out!