Another Year Older… Another Year Wiser

Remember when you were a kid and you started counting down till your birthday right after your birthday? We looked forward to being 6.5, 6.75 years old and oh my gosh waking up on your birthday was the best thing ever. We loved growing older…

Cheesy? You betcha!

Well, I have to say I refuse to fall to the fad that I should be depressed growing a year older and one more year closer to being “30”… I am excited that today is my birthday! 26 was a fabulous year after all… I got married, started my boot camp business, worked hard on the Art of Weight Lifting and started really working towards some big goals!

It makes me that much more excited for 27!!

To me seeing another candle on the cake is much better than the alternative, right? I made it another year! I am surrounded by amazing friends and family who love and support me!

SO screw being upset about getting “old” and “CHEERS!” to another year!! After all, 27 is the new 23, right?

What am I doing today?

Well… Dan surprised me with reservations to our favorite restaurant downtown (Coast), so I will be eating a clean meal there… they have the BEST grilled fish and I can top it off with several different healthy options. They also have the best sauteed kale which I will be loading up on for sure!

No wine though… since I am starting off 27 with a Strong Women’s competition this Saturday. But you better believe Saturday night there will be a chilled bottle in the fridge waiting for me to get home!

So… Happy Birthday To ME!!


Darn this competition!


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