Apparently Arby’s Is Good For Losing Weight

I was driving to the gym this morning and listening to a morning show on the radio when an Arby’s commercial came on… ok that’s fine but then they threw this line in (sorry if it’s not verbatim).

“Now enjoy the large roast beef sandwich without guilt, it only has 350 calories which makes it a great healthy option if you’re trying to lose weight.”

Hum… really? Sure the 350 calories isn’t a problem. There are Kashi meals with the same amount of calories but what does get me is the claim that it is healthy. There are other factors to consider with food than the calorie count. I mean after all cookies and candy bars aren’t loaded with TONS of calories but they are loaded with sugar…

And the same goes for the Arby’s Roast Beef… there are 19 g of fat and those fat grams aren’t all healthy unsaturated fats, over 6 of those are saturated. The carbs are pushing 40 g and they are definitely not complex healthy carbs. And out of all the meats, I love roast beef but it’s not exactly the leanest and healthiest meat option… cholesterol, calories, sodium (950 g of salt) and fat!

So thanks Arby’s for really trying to help people hit their weight loss goals. I would hate to see someone try the Arby’s Diet… and then how disappointed they are at the end of 30 days when there has been no weight loss and most likely some weight gain.


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