I was surfing the web looking for some new and interesting studies to write about. I did find some and they will be coming down the pike. However, I started to notice more and more advertisements for physician weight loss programs… and I mean I started to find a lot of them.

Doctors have been pushed to get into the weight loss game because it’s simply getting out of control. And many doctors can really help the root of the program. But are doctors the right people to help you lose weight?

Just because they went to medical school, do they actually know what they are talking about?

After all aren’t these the men and women pumping out country with useless and dangerous drugs?

Aren’t they part of the Big Pharma marketing machine that is drugging up our culture daily?

I Wanted To Find Out For Myself

So I started finding all the different popular sites that I could. I read about their programs to see what they do and what I found didn’t surprise me. In fact it made me smile and feel sorry for the medical industry and it’s sheer cluelessness in the majority of preventative related issues.

My findings of what all these programs have you do…

1. Low Carb Diets

This I actually only found on one website (www.drweightloss.com). They called it a moderate low carb diet, but it’s a low carb diet for weight loss. Low carb diets are long term flawed unless you continue to never eat carbs again, which isn’t always the best thing to do.

However of all the ones that I found, this site seemed to me the healthiest choice. They didn’t use or force use any supplements, drugs, or appetite suppressants. It made no mention of exercise or physical activity though. But honestly I read about the low carb diet and stopped clicking around.

2. Supplements and “Other” Products

This is the bulk of what I found. The great thing about physical run programs is the blood work part of the system.

The blood work part of using a doctor is a great benefit. Having your blood work done can really help you figure out your body and what might be out of balance. But you can do that pretty easily on your own.

I don’t think it’s super expensive either. I’ll research more.

HOWEVER, every other site I looked at has a supplement program (sometimes worse). This supplement program is where they are really making their money.

Essentially you get on the supplements and “other” products – whatever that means – and you stay on they for the program and afterward. You continually get billed and since it’s a doctor, most people take it very seriously.

They didn’t say anything about what these supplements are and they definitely didn’t mention what “other” products are either. But these products were used at every single stage of the plane. They are part of the program, not optional, or recommended… required.


3. Injections, Drugs, and The FDA?

I also found a suit of physician run weight loss programs that contained:

  • Medical prescription appetite suppressants
  • Vitamin B injections (not all that bad really)
  • FDA approved replacement meal programs (The FDA is a corrupt agency)
  • Fat burners
  • Plus so much more!

The word prescription jumped right out at me. The medical community as a whole is addicted to handing out prescriptions because that is all they are taught in school. Reactionary medicine, not preventative medicine.

Like most programs, it’s about getting fast results or short terms success in lieu of long term – sustainable – results.

How Does This Compare With A Personal Trainer and Dietitian?

First, I want to mention that not all doctors recommend these physician programs. I don’t want to sound like I am against the medical field because I know lots of really smart doctors know and preach the truth and that aren’t addicted to the prescription drug pushing machine of Big Pharma.

But how do these programs compare to a trainer and/or a dietitian?

Well honestly, not that much different really. I know lots of trainers that push supplements and “other” products to their clients in order for them to work together.

However the biggest difference is two fold…

  1. Good trainers build great workouts that are centered on a lifestyle.
  2. Good dietitians and nutrition consultants build healthy meals centered on a lifestyle.

It’s about he fundamentals that help you lose weight and keep it off forever. It’s something where you don’t need supplements or drugs or appetite suppressants… any of that stuff.

Do your research if you want to lose weight, especially as the New Year approaches. Don’t just jump to a doctor because they are a doctor… do your research and some truth might just open your eyes.


Sorry I decided not to list all the websites where I found this data. I don’t want to bash them for potential legal reasons.