Are You A Fitness Hippie?

Happy Monday Friend!

I hope you had a great weekend and instead of dreading the 5 days that lay before us, you are motivated and excited to tackle them!

We had an awesome weekend catching up with friends, getting work done, and getting a few workouts in.


Image curtesy of my friend, Ashton. I enjoyed a mocktail for seltzer water and a splash of cranberry all night as I have taken on a month long challenge of no alcohol.

Our trail run is just around the corner, and I have to say I am really impressed with my husband’s training efforts. I think this is the most I have ever seen him train for a race.

Which also makes me nervous because his goal is to beat me.


But that’s besides the point, the point is we got some great workouts in and that got me to thinking…

Why My Workouts Have Changed

Over the past decade, the way I think about exercise and the way that I workout has changed… drastically.

I think far too often we’re afraid of change because we’re nervous people will see us as hypocrites, or as if we’re changing our core beliefs.

I am certainly not afraid to admit that I’ve changed. I’ve learned more about my body, what works, and what doesn’t.

I have become a hippie… at least in the fitness world.

I’ll get to that in a minute.

As someone that studies fitness, as new programs and theories come out, it’s not a surprise that I may change the way I workout or the way I train others.

Ya gotta keep up with the times! Just because I am getting older, I certainly don’t wanna be “old school”.

You know?

Why Do You…

When anybody changes they way they do things, getting criticism is expected. It’s cool.

But what I have learned is this….

90% of the time people aren’t criticizing, they sincerely want to know why “you” do something the way you do it.

They want to pick your brain, not tear it apart. And I love that part of my job. I love changing things up and having people ask the why’s and the how’s of fitness.

I love educating.

So with that, I thought it would be fun to look back over the past decade of my fitness career to see how I’ve grown to transformed into a fitness hippie.

A Decade Of Fitness

Well, I am 30, so let’s kick this party off when I was a young 20 year old.

I didn’t care about being healthy, I just cared about being the skinniest girl at the party (no really, here’s my story).

I ran. Then I ran some more. And then I would run one last time just to make sure I was running enough.

When I was 20…

I suffered multiple stress fractures and other breaks due to the stress I was putting on my body from too much exercise and not enough nutrition.

I didn’t care… I was skinny.

When I was 22…


I graduated college, got a job and still wanted to be the smallest girl, but this time with no sorority sisters to compare to, I compared myself to the ladies in the office and gym.

But I also moved in with Danno the Manno and on top of my cardio, he encouraged me to try out strength training. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but I lifted weights and read a few books.

Apparently, I was kind of doing something right. I was approached by a body builder and talked into doing a figure competition.

My training did a 180-degree turn… light intensity cardio (walking) with split, heavy workout routines. Typical “body building” routines ruled me life. Chicken, eggs, and broccoli consumed my life.

I felt like shit, but looked amazing. Nothing like losing handfuls of hair, let me just tell you.

I was stubborn thinking that this was the only way to train.

When I was 24…


It was all about STRENGTH!

Running was no longer the answer. I loved lifting and lifting HEAVY.

Mike Boyle was a big influence to me and I changed from doing split routines to doing full body workouts.

Heck, I even did a strong woman competition and had a blast!

But I was still a stubborn young adult, if you had tried to convince me to do something differently, I would have rolled my eyes and in my head called you crazy.

When I was 25…


I was introduced to tabatas!

I got engaged, and I remember relying on tabata sprint intervals to burn some fat for the wedding. <— It worked! Still my go to for fat burning!

Full body traditional weight lifting was still a huge part. But less barbells and more dumbbells for a balanced workout program.

Steady state cardio was never in my workouts and the idea of running a mile straight seemed stupid. I even wrote a few posts about why steady state cardio is bad for you.

I forgot that exercise was a way for me to escape mentally, and I forgot to have fun with it. It was all about looking good when I walked down the aisle.

When I was 28-29…


The year of the running shoe.

I found my love of running. It wasn’t about trying to lose weight, it was about finding something that allowed me to have time with myself. It was the mental release that I needed at this time in my life.

Oh and it was also about races…. Lots and lots of races.

I think this was an extremely important time for me as I learned just how competitive I am and what my talents and abilities are. The competitive drive that I found from racing, has spilled into all other aspects of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I was always competitive, but running all the races helped me to realize I had the right to be competitive. I don’t win, but I fight for it!

When I was 29+…

I became the hippie I am today.

I think that my (and Dan’s) views on exercise have changed the most over the past year.

We used to be so black and white with exercise… this is right, this is wrong.

We’ve made experimenting a ton with our workouts. Something that used to never happen because I was so focused on what I was trying to accomplish, oh and stubborn.

Kettlebells, Yoga, Sprints, Distance Running, Barbells, Metabolic High Intesnity Workouts…

Even handstands! Why? Because they’re fun! It’s like being a kid again.

I never really know from month to month what my workouts will include. And I love it.

One thing that I do know now that I didn’t know then…

Fitness is suppose to improve lives, not just bodies. So, if something doesn’t feel right then it’s not. If something hurts, you’re not doing it right… It’s about peace and love, man.

Peace and self-love!

I love having a “hippie” mind-set to a workout. No one is right, and no one is wrong.

Working out is all about what works for each person. And we should all appreciate each other and our efforts.

I used to look at others working out and wonder what the hell they were doing, now I have new eye. I might not agree, but I do aim to see what they can offer. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Right?

Today… I love everyone. It’s one big hippie fitness fest!

I might now love the workout you’re doing, but I will appreciate it and the fact that you’re working out is enough for me.

The end.

This week kicks off a special women’s fitness series…

Tomorrow I have a special piece that can’t wait to share. A piece on the hypocrisy of the media on women’s workouts. Get excited!

Let’s chat:

Have your workouts changed at all or have you pretty much stuck to doing the same “form” of exercise? What’s your favorite form of working out?

Right now… for me I am still loving kettlebells, but I am also enjoying interval sprints and hill work!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a few changes that I was making to LiftingRevolution. You might not have recognized the changes so let me quickly address them…

I am working (though a bit unsuccessfully) to write 3 shorter posts… M/W/F. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am wanting to share more research based posts with you. These posts take a lot of time to put together which is why the shorter posts are required. I almost actually changed to just posting 2-3x/week but I can’t do that. I love sharing life too much with you!

I am also planning more podcasts!


  • Sheena

    I feel like I’m always changing my routine, do something till I get bored with it then change it up 🙂 Whatever keeps me interested and happy, the last thing I want to be is dreading my workout routine. I also change the time of day I work out. I agree, if it hurts it ain’t worth it !!!

    • Exactly! A workout shouldn’t be something we dread at all or that tears our body up. I saw a girl the other day that posted up her hands after a tough workuot, they were destroyed. At least 10 rips on each of them. I immediately thought, “nope, not worth it.” She was bragging that they people at her gym were encouraging her to finish… sucks now she can’t workout for a week while they heal. Not so great for improvement. Nope.

  • Jen

    I agree with you and Sheena; I’m always changing it up. There are so many different things I want to try (and master). I’m really loving lifting heavy things these days, but I also love my tabatas and running.

    • Yes, I am the same way! Every week I go, “I want to do this… or that” its hard to try and do it all!

  • Emily

    ” I love everyone. It’s one big hippie fitness fest!” hahahha so great!
    I love all the love 🙂 I actually just took a week off from working out/strength training because I was feeling so stressed out and my body was telling me that the extra stress from exercise was causing me more harm than good. I stuck to lots of walking and yoga but today is my first day back to strength and I’m SO excited!

    • Haha, thanks! Congrats on listening to your body, not a lot of people do that! Way to go.

  • This is great! I love your current mindset and loved seeing how your fitness routine has changed throughout the past ten years. Thanks for sharing!

  • I like the podcasts, but I’m not sure how to actually get them on my ipod. See, I was listening, just streaming from the computer while I wrote or whatever. Well, now I’ve started listening to podcasts in the gym because I’m on the bike or elliptical or whatever. So if you have any advice on how to get it on my ipod, let me know! I like listening to Runner Academy but would love to listen to you too :).

    I think there’s a place in our training for all your workout experiences, from heavy lifting to long distance running to tabata to walking to speed. I know since I got injured and am cross traning, I have found that different things tax your system different ways. The first spin class or two was a lot harder than all those laps around the track we would do on Tuesday mornings…. really gives me a big respect for the older ladies who are in there each day.

    And, it’s *definitely* good to change workouts with the times. Back in the day, supposedly the way to train for runners was to basically log miles. Now people seem to be more open minded, there are as many ways to train as people, from marathon plans where people run 3 days a week to where they run 6 days a week… and how different workouts compliment each other and can help you in your primary sport, whatever that is.

    • Interesting, I’ll look into it! It doesn’t let you drag it from your ipod library and onto “on this ipod”? I will ask Dan for ya!

      • Oh, I know how to do that. Just that I always clicked Play on the player on here… can I save it to my ipod library? I know how to get them off iTunes.

  • Kim

    This was fun to see the evolution of your fitness over the past decade!!
    My fitness has definitely changed since I started (several decades ago) – the biggest changes have been in the last 10-15 years though.

    • I feel like huge changes for all women have been in the past decade, so much new options! It’s awesome.

  • Cherie Wash

    Anything should go! Movement and feeling good are the answer. You changed my fitness life for the better, Kindal!

  • Kimi P

    I have had to make myself slow down in the past 6 months. I love intensity but my competitive nature causes me too much pain and inflammation. I have been trying to do short bursts of intensive workouts but not longer than 20 min. Also, I am trying to accept a less lean body look. I fight with this internal battle daily. I try to remind myself that as long as I am healthy then this is how my body should look. Thank you for that personal post on your fitness history. I do love, love exercise.

    • That’s the key… listening to your body. If it hurts, it’s not worth it!

  • love this!! it is fun to look back and see how our workout styles have changed.

    we know for us it has changed a lot!! less is more 😉

    • Exactly! We have very similar workout ideas!

  • Leah Madison

    I am 24 now and my entire life I have been afraid of exercise. It wasn’t Til I was 18 that I even attempted it. My main problem is I always start out discouraged, like I’ll never have enough drive or focus to follow through, and honestly I’ve never gotten past a month of steady exercise. It wasn’t until recently that I started having the attitude you have towards it– to have fun with it and remember everyone is different. I have a man in my life now who makes me feel beautiful no matter what I look like and who encourages and well as inspires me to go for goals (getting in shape for this event or that) so I have a focus but finding a way to enjoy how I exercise. I’m still having trouble sticking to it though. Any advice?

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