A new survey recnetly was released and through the survey and some testing, researchers discovered… Children with physically inactive parents were 50% more likely to be unfit than children with parents that were physically active.

That’s pretty shocking but it’s the best place to start when it comes to solving the growing obesity and overweight issues.

Here’s the Study Breakdown:

The University of Essex in the UK polled 4,000 school kids to find out if they see their parents as being physically active. Then they had the children perform a cardio respiratory fitness test called the bleep test.

Unfit Kids

This was to determine if there was a coorelation between the children that said their parents were physically inactive and their fitness levels.

The cardio respiratory fitness test was a medium jog at 7mph which is pretty slow. I don’t know how long they had to do this, it didn’t say.

The Shocking Results:

One quarter… about 1,000 of the children were unable to do this. According to the Journal of Physical Activity and Health… “it’s quite frightening that one quarter of the kids could not do this.”

That is a good state of how poorly in shape kids are these days.

But the real shocker was the correlation of these unfit kids and the physical activity of the parents. One in five children said that they had at least one active parent… mostly the Dad. Only one in ten children said that both parents were seen to be physically active.

Dr. Sandercock, who led this research summed it up perfectly:

“As parents we don’t need to be Olympic athletes to be good role models for our children. We need our children to know that we encourage and support their physical activity and, most importantly, we need our children to see us being active ourselves.”

Another really big thing was the fact that they ruled out genetics having anything to do with this. Apparently, and I didn’t know this, but most of our fitness ability genes come from our Mom. So mothers activity levels would be more of a shining example, but in the test is the the Dad’s who had the greater influence over the children’s fitness activity.

Bottom Line Is This:

If you ever listen to the media, you always here things like…

  • “Who’s to blame for the obesity epidemic?”
  • “Trying to find the guilty party for our health woes.”
  • “Large sodas are the most to blame for our obesity issues.”

Everything revolves around trying to find a guilty party. But it’s really important to realize that while you are tricked a lot by food companies, government, and more, the right decisions are not too hard to discover and make. That is one of the huge reasons for my blog.

But you can make up your own mind to get healthy. It doesn’t have to start huge. It can start small and you work from there.

There is no doubt that our future generations are going to continually depend on the previous generation for health and fitness advice.

This was a pretty serious study…

What do you think?

I hope I did not offend anybody. That is not my intention. Maybe this could be a great awakening moment for you to really buckle down and start taking action.