This is a great video because it tackles something that lots of women fall victim too… making excuses. These are little excuses that can keep you from working out like I talk about in this video. But they can also derail your nutrition.

Most of the excuses in the health, fitness, and nutrition realm are actually procrastination. It’s things like,

  • “I’ll get serious and start tomorrow.”
  • “This will be my last week of living it up before I really start next week.”
  • “The weather is horrible today. It’s definitely not a good day to start a workout, I’ll start tomorrow. I promise.”
  • “I’ve been working out consistently, I can eat that cake and get really serious about my diet tomorrow.”

There are a million of these types of excuses. They all deal with putting things off to unspecified time in the future.

I’ve done this too. I think we have all fallen victim to this excuse and procrastination. What you have to really shoot for is keeping yourself honest.

It can be hard and you won’t be perfect, but if you keep thinking about it, you will do pretty good. Plus most of the time when you fight through the procrastination, you come out the other end feeling great about yourself.

Always remember that.

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