Ask Away Vlog: Why Doing Tons Of Stomach Exercises Hasn’t Given You A Flat Belly

How’s your day going? Mine is moving right along. Finally, I am happy to announce that my calves are lose enough to walk without going on tippy toes! Relieve at last.

I know I didn’t do my typical “Ask Away Wednesday” yesterday, it wasn’t because I forgot it was because I wanted to get real with you guys and do it in video format. Plus there are such awesome questions that it was just easier to talk about them then type out the answers.

You didn’t want to read a novel, right? Though if yo do, let me know I’ll get right on that!

Today’s questions go something like this: 

  • What running shoes do I personally wear?
  • How should you handle tight muscles, especially hamstrings?
  • Why is it that you can put so much time and effort into doing stomach exercises, but you’re still left with the “pooch”?

Well, wonder no more!

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Love ya! Off to eat ANOTHER spoonful of sunflower butter.

This week had me thinking…. if it was recalled would I toss it out or take my chances? I’m embarrassed by what I think the answer would be… at least until Dan found out it was recalled then it would be trashed asap. Boo.


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