Ask Away Wednesday: Microwaving – Workouts And More

Have you ever had one of those days where you just were not on your “A” game?

Today seems like it might be that way. I have a news event for my boot camp this evening, of course I am very excited about! However, I wasn’t so excited to wake up with a zit problem going on. Yup, not one but two little beasts decided to visit on the day of my tv appearance.


Then of course there is the hair factor… as Dan so nicely put it: “You might want to do some sort of braid or something with your hair, it’s kinda all over the place.

Thanks hon’.

In an effort to distress, right after I finish this I am going to try out some yoga therapy. I’ll let you know how it goes!

But for now, I am living in the present and answering some of your awesome questions. If you’re new to LiftingRevolution that is what Ask Away Wednesday is all about: you ask, I answer.

So don’t be a stranger. Post questions below, on Facebook or email me. Whatever works for you. Anything goes.

Okay so let’s move right a long!

Ask Away: The Truth On Microwaving And The Best Workout For The Ladies


Q: I’ve been hearing different reports that microwaving your food removes all nutrients from it and that you’re way better off using a toaster oven to re-heat food.  Should I stop using the microwave all together?  What do you use to re-heat food?  

A: You are so right. There are conflicting reports on this. Here’s what I have found: no matter what way you cook veggies, some nutrients will be lost. The amino acids, antioxidants and even vitamins and minerals can be broken down from the heat and become unusable for the body.

However… according to a study published in 2003, steamed broccoli loses around 11% of it’s antioxidants from steaming and up to 97% from microwaving.

Of course there is also the issue of uneven heating which is why I don’t suggest cooking up meat or dairy in the microwave for sure. But I also feel like that’s a mini “duh” moment (plus it always smells really bad).

Another thing I am not a fan of?

Heating food up in it’s packaging. Many plastic containers include carcinogens and when heated up, can leak into food.

Do I use a microwave? You better believe it. Like you, I use it as a way to heat food up, not to cook it.

I also believe it easy living from time to time. And that means I don’t always have 15 minutes to let my meal cook up in the oven.

This is a VERY debatable issue… and I would love to hear what you think. Do you use a microwave?


Q: What foods do you avoid (a vegan) to avoid when exercising and trying to lose weight? 

A: I am not quite sure if this is what you want, but the answer is, the same foods if you weren’t vegan. Processed meals, high sugar sweets, high salty foods, and white foods (bread; pasta; rolls; bagels). Other than these, there aren’t any foods I suggest avoiding specifically, but rather aim for portion size and moderation.

I do suggest keeping fruit intake to a minimal after 3 pm due to the high sugar content. I do not however, think that it should be avoided all together. Way too many benefits when you chow down on an apple or toss a banana in a smoothie.

The best trick when it comes to eating to lose weight is to keep track of all your food with a diary or a smart phone app like MyFitnessPal.

Even though we are vegan, this doesn’t mean it’s hard to over eat calories. The biggest mistakes I see vegans and vegetarians making is sticking to a diet of pasta and “junk”. Clean, whole foods will deliver results!


Q: Just wondering, is it better to do a full body workout, or one day back, one day legs, one day arms, etc?

A: This is a great question! To be honest it really depends on your overall goals, however, for 90% of women who want to be toned and tight, doing FULL body workouts is the way to go.

Not only do they incorporate larger range of motion exercises, doing full body workouts will burn more calories. (The more of your body being trained at once… the more energy needed to accomplish the move.)

Working the arms one day, legs another means that you’ll be limited in your workouts and they will be made of mostly isolated moves. Isolated moves means working smaller muscle groups.

Doing full body workouts has the opposite affect.

More than that, you’ll have exercises which train parts of your body leading to the possibility of overtraining.

For example, lunges, squats and bench press both work the core pretty heavily. But then you have core day. There is a risk of overtraining when trying to split things up as it can be hard to determine which exercises are best for each day.

Bottom line, stick to full body workouts that include moves like: Burpees, squats, lunges with a curl, step-up to press, etc. You’ll get much more bang for your buck.

Great questions this week! Keep um coming.

Now this girl is off to try her luck with some yoga. Fingers crossed I come back not stuck in a pretzel position!

-Do you do full body workouts or split workouts? 

-What is your take on microwaving food?



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